SHOCK CLAIM: Trump To Be Indicted… But Here’s When He’ll Appear In Court

( Exclusive) – New reports have come out indicating that former President Donald Trump will be indicted on Wednesday, however, he is not due to show up in court until next week. Folks, this is yet another politically motivated assault on Trump that is designed to try and prevent him from being eligible to run for president in 2024. Clearly, the left-wing is terrified of the possibility of Trump facing off against Joe Biden in a rematch of the 2020 election.

Jack Davis of The Western Journal writes, “The report in the U.K. Daily Mail said that the grand jury convened by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is expected to hand up its indictment Wednesday. Although Trump on Saturday predicted he would be arrested Tuesday, the Daily Mail report quoted a source it did not name as saying, ‘There will be no arraignment this week.'”

“Instead, there will be conversations among the DA’s office, Trump and the Secret Service to work out the logistics ‘for his surrender,'” noted Davis.

“They had their meeting and discussed a whole bunch of stuff about putting extra lighting out there, how they’re going to put more barriers out there, and send their special response teams in,” the Mail then quoted its source as stating.

“The NYPD is going to do what they do when the United Nations comes into town, with stepped-up security. But they don’t even think it’s going to happen this week,” the source went on to say.

As per the Daily Mail, the indictment might end up being delayed, it all depends on potential witnesses.

“The indictment may happen, but they don’t think Trump comes this week,” the unnamed source added. “I’m told there’s an additional witness who is going to testify on Wednesday, so if there’s an indictment, it’s not going to happen until Wednesday or Thursday, so they think he probably comes next week.”

The former president would need to fly from the state of Florida, where his current residence is located, to New York City, where his arraignment would take place, and be fingerprinted, along with having his mugshot taken. In other words, he’d be treated like a common criminal, a humiliating event, which is exactly what the left wants. This is not about justice. It’s about destroying the man they fear the most.

“According to the New York Times, procedures for processing Trump are likely to be different due to security, meaning Trump is not likely to be put in a cell or handcuffed. After his arraignment, Trump would be released on his own recognizance. A trial would not take place for several months, meaning that as he campaigns for the White House next year, Trump could also be facing the charges in court,” Davis writes in his piece.

The Times then speculates that a Trump indictment could come no sooner than Wednesday afternoon.

Local law enforcement have been making preparations for the eventual arraignment of the former president, along with a court appearance, since last week.

NBC News explained that the payment made to porn actress Stormy Daniels was not actually illegal, however, the probe into the matter has been largely focused on how it was recorded in the Trump Organization’s financial records. Daniels has repeatedly made the claim that she had a sexual affair with Trump, though he has denied that ever happened.

“Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen made the payment, then submitted invoices to be paid citing an agreement for legal expenses, according to NBC. As the outlet outlined it, the charge that would be likely under New York law would be the falsification of business records,” the article stated.

Cohen testified before a grand jury on behalf of the prosecution, which led to him receiving a number of attacks from Trump in posts made on Truth Social.

“In the history of our Country there cannot have been a more damaged or less credible witness at trial than fully disbarred lawyer and felon, Michael Cohen. The Southern District of New York (SDNY) wrote a scathing assessment of him, including, ‘Michael Cohen is a lawyer who, rather than setting an example of respect for the law, instead chose to break the law, repeatedly over many years & in a variety of ways…Each of his crimes involved deception,” & deception & lying is what he is doing here!” Trump posted.

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  1. One more comment that goes to the heart of the disgusting nature of the left. They ignore our laws yet feel quite justified to make up the rules as they go along which is the explanation of one democrat about the process which they burdened us with Obama’s so called care.

    So they re-make up the second amendment as they go along. They are a lawless group that demands to rule us with their lawlessness.

    • If we actually had justice the left’s hero’s 0bama would be in a federal women’s prison cleaning toilets instead of living the high life .

      Who said community agitation doesn’t pay well ?

  2. The liberals dream of Trump going to jail and black folks awarded reparations .

    Will they be disappointed folks ?

    • Without a shred of doubt Chop. Keep your swash plate “rotorating”, Bragg won’t be bragging much longer.

    • What’s odd Doc , It’s Joe Biden and his team of criminals including Hunter and the left’s hero 0bama that should be facing our justice system for their very own crimes.

      As James Comey said with Hillary’s crimes , there’s no prosecutor that would take this case . This patriot calls BS Doc !!


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