SHOCKING: Biden State Dept. Sent Out BLANK US Visas, Which Were Printed And Filled Out By Everyone In Kabul — Including Taliban

( Exclusive) – The 2020 election was stolen and now we are dealing with the consequences. Unfortunately, they have been grave and incredibly detrimental to our country. Now things are only getting worse. Much, much worse.

Now that the Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan, trapping tens of thousands of Americans within the country, millions of Afghans are attempting to flee too. Nobody wants to live under Taliban-control.

The Biden regime is more than happy to fly out thousands upon thousands of Afghans while making virtually no effort to help the stranded Americans in the country.

However, David Fox, an American trapped in Kabul, has revealed during an interview with ABC News that things are actually much worse.

As it turns out, Biden’s State Department sent out blank US visas in an email, which were then printed and filled out by anyone and everyone who could get their hands on one, including the Taliban.

Now all of these unvetted Afghans have been flown here to the US and are still being flown here. We don’t know who these people are but they’re showing up in our country with papers. They’re getting the red carpet treatment.

During the interview, Fox explained, “For me, as a father, I have to weigh the risks of these different options… The airport is very dangerous.”

He then held up a US visa form from the State Department which was emailed to tens of thousands of people, including Afghans.

He pointed out that the forms were blank and had no name, no serial number, no barcode, nothing and that Afghans were able to print the document.

Here’s the full ABC interview with David Fox:

It’s bad enough that tens of thousands of Americans have been left behind in Kabul and that the Biden regime has essentially told them they are on their own. Now our own military is bringing droves of unvetted Afghans to the US and many of them may already have what look to be American visas.

This is absolutely outrageous.

First Biden destroyed the southern border and created a crisis unlike one we have ever seen in the US. Millions of illegal immigrants have come through our southern border since his administration took control in January.

Once across the border, the US military has been involved in flying these illegals all around the interior of America. Now, Afghans are being flown directly from Afghanistan by our own military.

They don’t even have to make any effort to come here. Our own military is bringing them right on over.

This is such a dangerous time for America. If something isn’t done, and fast, our economy will collapse and China will have nothing standing in their way from invading and taking over. That is, if the Taliban doesn’t destroy us first.

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  1. Describing words are of benefit in communication and there is one word that over and over again describes the host of shallow thinking people who are relishing in the temporary power that is now in their hand in our government and the world.

    Satan is always looking for suckers. Satan offered the Son of his Creator the kingdoms of the world to rule which is a chuckle because, as Jesus said in Matthew, All power and authority in heaven and earth is given to Him. The kingdoms of heaven and earth were already His.

    Now there are suckers, as they say born every day, who think they are in power, but they are like a cut blade of grass , here for only a short season. There have been others in history in every generation who thought they would take up such a demonic offer to rule and where are they now. Where is their socialist or communist kingdoms? There are gone and they who were the suckers to think that they could rule civilizations are dead and so is their so called masterpiece revealed to be the result of shallow thought and revealed to be a disaster both to the sucker who conceived it and the society on which it was forced .

    So these words are for the suckers of this generation in Washington, in universities, state governments, educational system espousing to raise up more suckers. You are just a blade of grass that will wilt in the sun and be cast aside. You are just the next group of suckers who do not think beyond the shallows.

  2. Bidden has assisted our enemies to perpetrate a greater tragedy, worse than 9/11. We need to send Obama a thank you card for the death of America.

    • In any sane environment he would be arrested and charged with “aiding and abetting” the enemy. As it is he’s created the 26th largest army in the world, and equipped them with $85 billion worth of state of the art military equipment. He has quite literally put the entire world in danger. Qudos. He will go down in history as the man that destroyed the world.


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