STAGED: Biden Pretends To Run Country From Movie Set AGAIN

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden recently held a chit-chat with bankers and other business leaders over failure to increase the debt ceiling at the false looking White House stage that was set up for him when he allegedly took the coronavirus vaccine booster shot.

According to the folks over at Infowars, Biden held conversations with Treasure Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday at the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building where he supposedly received his booster shot on live TV last week.

However, this time, it seems the fake White House stage was expanded a bit.

Gotta make it look authentic, right? Biden’s going Hollywood.

It’s currently not clear why the Biden administration thinks it is somehow easier to construct a fake looking White House set across the street from the actual residence than it is to just broadcast events right from the actual building.

And speaking of Joe Biden taking the booster shot, according to BizPacReview, mega popular podcaster Joe Rogan recently implied that Biden might not be fully telling the truth about what it means to actually be fully vaccinated.

On a recent episode of Rogan’s super popular podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, the host cast a bit of doubt on whether Biden might have actually received the COVID booster shot on live television last week.

“I think if they were gonna give him a booster shot, the last thing they would do is give it to him live on television,” Rogan went on to speculate.

“What if he dies? What if he blacks out? What if he, like, gets it and faints? Like, because people have had very bad reactions like in the moment for whatever reason,” he said, going on to discuss a wide range of immediate responses that could have happened directly after taking the third dose.

“Unless Kamala Harris talked him into it. She’s like, ‘go ahead, take it. Give him a double!,’” the UFC analyst joked.

Rogan’s guest on the program, Mike Baker, a man who formerly worked as a CIA officer, seemingly agreed with the thought, describing the event as “performance art.”

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  1. Fraud and phony from the start. Throughout his entire life, Biden has been a low life parasite sucking off the American taxpayer. After all the disasters, the corruption and lying … I heartily cheer for his demise.

    • Americans need an executive with executive experience John , Biden ,other than funneling campaign funds for decades has Zero experience as an executive. Somewhat similar to his hero Hussein Obama .

      Incompetence rears it ugly head once again and the progressive filth defend this crash test dummy Joe Biden.

    • I’m with you 1001% my friend. He needs to be thrown, ALIVE, into the primary receiving tank in the water treatment plant of a big city. I’m quite aware that’s mighty gross demise but I believe it’s a fitting demise.

    • I agree here … both the fraud-queer Obama, who most likely is pulling dirt-bag Biden’s strings, can both be tossed into the same sewer without a blink of the eye. That will raise a commotion with the resident rats I’m sure … all of them vying for relevance!


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