State AG Drops Bad News For Pro-Abortion Mobs Looking To Target Churches

( Exclusive) – Leftists have become enraged over the news that the Supreme Court could overturn Roe v Wade, which made abortion legal on a federal level. Should this happen, the issue of abortion legality would go back to individual states.

Naturally, leftists are losing their minds over the idea of restricted or banned baby murder. They’re doing what they always do. Screaming and screeching and threatening religious organizations such as the Catholic church.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, however, has a warning for these zealous infanticide enthusiasts.

Apparently, by the left’s logic, you’re allowed to believe that unborn babies’ lives are insignificant and that abortion is nothing more than a “woman’s choice” but you’re not allowed to believe that life starts at conception and is sacred.

Unhinged activist group Ruth Sent Us, along with other radical groups, called for Catholic churches to be targeted on Mother’s Day because how dare women actually choose to give birth and love being mothers.

On Saturday there were protests outside of a New York City church and police prepared for more. Last week, a Catholic church in Boulder, Colorado was vandalized and defaced, as reported by KCNC-TV.

Miyares says that these leftist activists are out of line and that Americans have the right to worship and to live their lives according to their beliefs. He warned he will come down hard on anyone who tries to rob Americans of their rights.

“I deeply respect the First Amendment rights of speech and assembly. But no one has the right to interfere with the fundamental and natural right of all Virginians to practice their religion in peace,” he said in a statement.

“Virginia’s long tradition of protecting religious liberty dates back to the founding of our Commonwealth, when Thomas Jefferson penned the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom that is now enshrined in our Commonwealth’s Constitution. As Attorney General, I am charged with protecting this sacred right for all Virginians,” he said.

Miyares pointed out that the law is on the side of those who seek to worship and practice their religions. After all, religious freedom is what America was founded on and the whole reason that separation of church and state exists.

“Federal law makes it a felony to intimidate, interfere with or obstruct any person who is seeking to exercise his or her First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship. Similarly, Virginia criminal law prohibits obstructing the free movement of other persons, trespassing on church property or obstructing proper ingress to and egress from a church. My office will be monitoring protest activities directed at houses of worship and will refer alleged criminal violations to the United States Department of Justice or to the appropriate Commonwealth’s Attorney,” he said.

“Furthermore, federal law authorizes states to bring civil suits to protect their citizens’ free exercise of religion. If protest activities directed at houses of worship cross the line to illegal obstruction, intimidation or interference, I will not hesitate to bring suit to protect the religious freedom of the citizens of this Commonwealth.”

On Saturday, protesters attempted to intimidate Supreme Court justices John Roberts, who was not even named as one of the justices supporting the overturning of Roe v Wade, and Brett Kavanaugh, who is listed as a supporter, by marching outside of their private homes.

“The time for civility is over, man,” protest organizer Lacie Wooten-Holway said, “Being polite doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Constitutional expert and legal scholar Jonathan Turley noted in an Op-Ed for The Hill, that after the SCOTUS leak, “a virtual flash-mob formed around the court and its members demanding retributive justice.”

“This included renewed calls for court ‘packing,’ as well as the potential targeting of individual justices at their homes. Like the leaking of the opinion itself, the doxing of justices and their families is being treated as fair game in our age of rage.”

Despite Biden claiming that Americans must unite and come together after usurping the White House, Turley pointed out that the Biden regime has only further stoked the rage instead of attempting to calm it.

“When asked for a response to the leaking of a justice’s draft opinion, White House press secretary Jen Psaki declined to condemn the leaker and said the real issue was the opinion itself. Then she was asked about the potential targeting of justices and their families at their homes, and whether that might be considered extreme. It should have been another easy question; few Americans would approve of such doxing, particularly since some of the justices have young children at home. Yet Psaki declared that ‘I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest,’ adding that ‘peaceful protest is not extreme,’” he wrote.

“In reality, not having an official position on doxing and harassing Supreme Court justices and their families is a policy,” he wrote.

“In this case, the Biden administration and the Justice Department have condemned the court’s leaked draft — but not the threatened protests at justices’ homes, even though those arguably could be treated as a crime.”

It’s truly disgusting to imagine the lengths unhinged radical left Americans are willing to go to “fight” for women’s so-called “right” to kill their unborn babies. The level of anger is truly frightening and that’s exactly what they want. They want the SCOTUS justices to be afraid and unsure of what the consequences might be should they move forward and support overturning Roe v Wade.

The federal government should not be allowing this blatant lawlessness and yet they only encourage it.

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  1. Laws have become meaningless to the democrats and It is amazing that the republican governor of Virginia is going along with the idea that laws are not to be enforced. It is no secret that what the so called “protestors” who are really threatening those who do their job but get in the way of the willful petulant mob ARE VIOLATING THE LAW but there is NO ENFORCEMENT of the law making having a law a mute point. That is a major encourager of the petulant mentally childish mind of the immature protestors who have no concern for anyone or any thing other than their wants. Now this is not the way to have a secure country which is why we DO NOT have a safe and secure country.

    Welcome to the world of Biden.

  2. This is where we are at in America today, If you believe anything different than the Radical left then you are considered a threat to Democracy and Freedom and they will use any means and break any law to ensure that you are shut out and shut down, And we have an administration that is contributing to their cause, Along with a Judicial System that refuses to prosecute those breaking our laws. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights means absolutely nothing to our elected leaders and those on the left and our Judicial System ignores it as well. Our country is in serious trouble, Our President and his administration that were supposed to be the great uniter have become the great divider refusing to speak out but in effect supporting those that break our laws and ignore our Constitution
    There is nothing this administration has done since taking office that has been positive or uniting instead it has been dividing our country, Our only hope now rests in our MID-TERM elections we must remove from office those that continue to divide our country with their radical agenda those that are doing their best to divide us and trying to transform our country into a third world nation. They have no understanding of freedom they believe the Government should control every aspect of our country, Our forefathers had a much different vision for our country they believed in individual freedom and limited government, They understood that the more government control we have the less freedom we have
    We must wake up in this country we are VERY CLOSE to losing it. The RADICALS, SOCIALIST, PROGRESSIVES,COMMUNIST can not be allowed to destroy what some many have given their lives to protect, We have to start demanding that our elected leaders protect out country and our freed or must vote them and send them home and replace them with those that understand we are not interested in transforming our country into something dont even recognize. WAKE UP AMERICA.


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