Supreme Court Considers Case Challenging American Election Results

( Exclusive) – Ever since the 2020 presidential election, Americans have been demanding that a court take seriously the charges of voter fraud and the evidence that supports the claims, launching some kind of investigation into these matters to ensure the integrity of our voting system. Unfortunately, most courts and legal professionals have simply waved it all away, ignoring the facts that have been presented which strongly suggest some form of fraud happened during the election that helped Joe Biden become the next president.

Well, Bob Unruh of WND is now saying a lawsuit that makes the allegation American election results were tampered with and could potentially overturn them is on its way to a conference in the U.S. Supreme Court in a matter of weeks. It’s important to point out that the lawsuit does not allege the 2020 election was stolen.

It claims, “that a large majority of Congress, by failing to investigate such serious allegations of election rigging and breaches of national security, violated their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” according to a piece from the Gateway Pundit.

“A guest report at the website by Tim Canova explains the little-known case, Brunson v. Adams, was filed by four brothers from Utah, acting as their own counsel, and it actually seeks the ‘removal of President Biden and Vice President Harris, along with 291 U.S. Representatives and 94 U.S. Senators who voted to certify the Electors to the Electoral College on January 6, 2021 without first investigating serious allegations of election fraud in half a dozen states and foreign election interference and breach of national security in the 2020 presidential election,'” Unruh wrote.

It declared, “The outcome of such relief would presumably be to restore Donald Trump to the presidency.”

The report then went on to explain that the “national security interests” implicated the allegations allowed it to get passed the appeals court and move right up to the Supreme Court, “which has now scheduled a hearing for January 6, 2023.”

It then revealed that only four justices are needed to move the Petition for a Writ of Certiorari forward.

Canova stated, “It seems astounding that the court would wade into such waters two years to the day after the congressional vote to install Joe Biden as President. But these are not normal times. Democrats may well push legislation in this month’s lame duck session of Congress to impose term limits and a mandatory retirement age for justices, and thereby open the door to packing the court. Such a course would seem to be clear violations of Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution which provides that Justices ‘shall hold their Offices during good Behavior.'”

His piece also pointed out the threats might be providing additional incentive for the justices to review the cases as a “shield to deter any efforts by the lame duck Congress to infringe on the court’s independence.”

“The issue is a serious one for America’s democracy, being the violation by public officials of their constitutional oath of office ‘by rubber-stamping electors on Jan. 6th without first conducting any investigation of serious allegations of election fraud and foreign election interference,'” Unruh said.

Unruh noted in the story that the FBI was colluding with several major social media companies at the time to help bury headlines about the Biden family just a few days prior to the election. It referred to that as “a most egregious First Amendment violation intended to rig the election outcome and perhaps to install an unaccountable and criminal puppet government.”

“Supreme Court Justices may well see these approaching storm clouds and conclude that the Court’s intervention is necessary to prevent larger civil unrest resulting from constitutional violations that are undermining public trust and confidence in the outcomes of both the 2020 and 2022 elections. When criminals break the law — state and federal statutes — to rig an election, we are dependent on prosecutions by law enforcement agencies that have sadly become politicized and complicit. When they break the Constitution — the supreme law of the land — to rig an election, the only recourse may be the Supreme Court or military tribunals,” the report stated.

It then points out that Congress was placed on notice before the Jan. 6, 2021 vote by “more than a hundred of its own members detailing serious allegations of election frauds and calling for creation of an electoral commission to investigate the allegations.”

All the American people care about is being told the truth. We just want to know if the election was impacted by fraud. If it was, we want measures to be taken to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening in the future. The survival of our republic is dependent upon whether or not folks are allowed to vote for the candidate of their choice and to know their voice matters. Hopefully that’s what the Supreme Court will do in this instance.

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    His son Hunter just might be your next hero too . A real lib warrior living the life off of others, a liberal’s dream come true !

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    • Don’t worry Lib Warrior, there are STILL a lot of us here that have been posting since this site began. When we have something viable to post, WE WILL,,,,, Dig?????

  3. Trump just keeps on losing it seems. Is it not simply the case that a majority of Americans find him to be not to their tastes? Isn’t this self evident fact a more likely reason for his defeat than some massive conspiracy involving thousands of people that they would all have to keep silent about for the rest of their lives? Republicans really need to get over this nonsense and start coming up with some popular policies if they want any chance of winning back the presidency. As Lins Roberts points out what’s done is done and looking backwards will only lead to more defeats, whoever is heading the party trump or otherwise.

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  4. As my dad used to say to me whendid something i was not supposed to do or tried to correct it, YOU ARE A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT, MEANING ITS A LITTLE LATE NOW, The damage is already done, I dont know if the election was rigged there certainly were questions that should have been answered and contrary to what some have said about every claim of election interference has been investigated is a flat out LIE, But the truth is it wont matter now, BIDEN IS THERE and the damage he is doing is tremendous and some of it will take years to correct even if it can be corrected, If there is anything good at all coming out of the BIDEN administration it is just how corrupt the left is and has exposed their desire to destroy America, We can only hope the American people remember this destruction in 2024 and ensure this corrupt and incompetent administration is removed from office. We need to move on from what we think happened and ensure there is NO POSSIBLE questions in future elections. The question now DID THE AMERICAN PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY VOTED FOR? If they did in fact vote for this incompetent administration they got exactly what they voted for and i have talked to many of the BIDEN supporters and they DO HAVE BUYERS REMORSE. The news media is partly responsible and uniformed voters are responsible the this TRAIN WRECK we now have in the Oval Office.

    • Hi Lins. Which fraud claims are you referring to that you think haven’t been investigated? As far as am able to work out (just from reading online at least) all the main accusations and theories have been lost ones into repeatedly. If you know of any that haven’t please let us know so we can see for ourselves.

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    These lawsuits will go the same way as all the others. Every claim of fraud has been investigated and found to be nothing but the empty, desperate attempts by power hungry losers to disenfranchise the American people of their votes.

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