The Case Against Jan. 6 Protesters Falls Apart As Capitol Hill Investigators Ask For 60-Day Delay To Build Their Prosecution Amid Imploding FBI Conspiracy Theories

( Exclusive) – We were told at deafening volume for weeks after the January 6th breach of the U.S. Capitol Building that the event was a “riot,” an “armed insurrection,” an “attack on the citadel of Democracy.”

Yet…the prosecution’s case against the Capitol Hill protesters is falling apart as we speak.

The mainstream media’s narrative about the events of that day seem to have fueled initial law enforcement theories about whether it had been pre-planned and what, precisely, took place.

In reality, none of the facts needed to build their narrative—or case—hold up.

As The Gateway Pundit points out:

·The protesters were not actually armed

·No firearms were confiscated from protesters at the Capitol

·The only gun fired was by a Capitol Hill Police Lieutenant who killed an unarmed civilian

·There is no evidence of any coordinated effort to take over the building or murder lawmakers

·President Trump openly and firmly called for peaceful protest

·The Oath Keepers did not plan an armed insurgency

·The total estimated damages of around $100K-$1M pale in comparison to the $2 BILLION in damages caused by the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots of the summer

· Hundreds of the protesters who entered the Capitol were waved in by members of the Capitol Hill Police

Now, the outlet continues, federal prosecutors are in a bind as the case seems to be falling down around them.

On Friday, the feds requested 60 more days to build their case against the protesters.

Who thinks that they actually have anything substantial against anyone? They simply don’t have the evidence they need to build a case, it is clear.

Axios reported that on Friday morning, federal prosecutors submitted a filing on Friday morning requesting a 60-day delay for a series of cases linked to the January 6th riot which they described as “likely the most complex investigation ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”

Why, because they’re trying to feather up evidence against law-abiding Americans who weren’t involved in any type of coordinated attack, whatsoever?

Over 300 people have been charged in connection with the attack, which FBI Director Christopher Wray had described as “domestic terrorism”—although he denies Antifa had anything to do with the attack despite a known organizer of Antifa having been arrested and charged with his involvement.

Defendants have been charged with crimes ranging from assault, trespassing, and destruction of government property to “conspiratorial activity” beginning prior to January 6th.

“The Justice Department expects that at least 100 more individuals will be charged, according to the filing,” Axios noted.

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  1. These dems lie and lie and nothing is done to them. I am even throwing in a lot of stupid Republicans also. We need a purging of both houses as they are nothing but a bunch of greedy and corrupt bastards you are on someone else’s payroll!

  2. Its kind of like the elections…Its hard to fool a whole nation while they are all watching whats happening on live TV. They continually amaze me how dumb they are…and the right afterwards just going along with it live on camera. How can we ever believe even the republicans ever again?

  3. I have to say that I was wrong when I committed that we are being govern by idiots. That is apparently not true. What is becoming obviously revealed is that our government is BRAIN DEAD, without any recognizable brain function, when our military is transformed into a political action organization against the wide awake conservative voice that recognized the stench of this administration. We have become chump change for the Chinese, while the military and Biden lay down and perform the function of a tattered rug for the Chinese’s muddy boots. What the hell argument about woman’s uniforms while we are being militarily dominated by China. BRAIN DEAD is the quality of governance going forward since jan.20, 2021.

  4. Just like they created fake evidence against Trump. They’re going to use the same playbook, put fake evidence out in the news, try to trap someone in a lie like they did with Gen.Flynn. They are the new Gestapo.

  5. This is the same scenario as the Russian investigation and the two impeachment trials. No evidence of a crime so the dems work hard to creat the illusion of a crime. What happened to the Sullivan Antifa guy who was filmed leading people into the capital, and the BLM people who were caught on camera changing into Trump Supporters garb etc.?


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