The Whole Thing Was A Set-Up: Pelosi And DC Mayor Bowser Rejected National Guard On Jan. 6; Wray Would Not Tell Trump Admin “There Could Be A Situation”

( Exclusive) – Former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, Kash Patel, recently sat down for an interview with The Epoch Times to talk about the security planning and the protests that turned into a siege of the Capitol building back on January 6.

A new report from the folks over at Gateway Pundit says that during the discussion, Kash went on to admit that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser actually turned down thousands of National Guard troops at the Capitol on the infamous day of the riots, all because of political reasons.

And as if that isn’t enough to get you steaming mad, how about Chris Wray and his FBI refusing to tell the Trump administration and all of his cabinet secretaries that they thought there might be some kind of situation brewing before the riots took place?

Oh, and to top it all off, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also rejected having National Guard troops at the Capitol due to politics. Good to know where our politicians’ priorities are, right?

So why in the world would Pelosi say no to having extra protection there at the protests when she had reason to believe things might get out of hand?

“In a WaPo interview with the Washington DC police chief, Steve Sund, The National Pulse reports the outgoing police chief “believes his efforts to secure the premises were undermined by a lack of concern from House and Senate security officials who answer directly to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Mitch McConnell,” a report from Gateway Pundit says.

Apparently, Pelosi was worried about the optics of having these troops at the event, especially because the deployment of federal resources to deal with civil unrest was unpopular with Democrats and other members of Congress.

Here’s the video of the interview:

The question that needs to be answered now is how much Wray, Bowser, and Pelosi actually know about the potential for rioting and when did they come across this information?

Another report from the folks at GP reveals that Sen. Ron Johnson’s staff examined over 14,000 hours of video footage that was captured on January 6, which showed that 38 percent of 800 protesters were actually waved inside the building at the West Terrace Door by Capitol Police officers.

“We counted up to 309 individuals entering that door. Five police officers met them. There was no violence that we could tell. That is how about 38% of the 800 people entered the Capitol,” Johnson commented on the footage.

Johnson sent a letter out to Attorney General Merrick Garland concerning the ongoing investigation into hundreds of American citizens that were rounded up by the FBI and the DOJ. Why aren’t more Republicans taking this course of action and standing up for the rights of people who are being targeted by the left?

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  1. My first response to the poisonous antics of the democratic so called administration which functions more like a criminal enterprise which has emancipated itself without legal authority from the rule of law and the Constitution is that they are ignorant.

    But that may not be true. There is two sides of this coin. one side has the goal of destroying all that is good in America. They deceive , lie , twist history so it is no longer even closely reflective of the truth, and they function as a kirgistocracy (/kækɪˈstɒkrəsi/, /kækɪsˈtɒkrəsi/) is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens. which means they are so inept that they stumble through the process of governing.

    BUT. . . The actions of this criminal enterprise camouflaged as a government administration has not undermined us by stumbling through. This is a system that has captured the significant positions that leave the rest of us captive in their prison of corruption, mostly unable to stop the progress because they have infiltrated every justice and authority for checks and balances.

    God knows their every move before they make it. God also knows the end game and what will be the greatness of their down fall. God is also their judge. He judges rightly, unlike our judges who refuse, out of fear, to hear the evidence of their wicked actions , in truth, God will judge justly.

    Thus between the two view points I will abide in God’s knowing. They are foolish people who condemn themselves before God and man.

  2. A complete set up by the corrupt Demorats in the House to make MAGA patriots look bad….this is total BS but 2022 is just around the corner and We the Poeple need to clean house!!!

  3. 1st it was BLM or Antifa then it was the FBI now it is Pelosi and the Democrats what is next the Easter Bunny or maybe the Tooth Fairy. All of the people charged so far are MAGA cultists only!!!

    • Did your hero Ohomo tell you that Low iq or because you’re still the same loser you were yesterday today ?

  4. Kudos to Senator Johnson and Mark Levin for speakin the truth about September 6. I’m just one Conservative in GA and even I could tell this thing was a setup. Of course, the MSM amplified and exaggerated the “incident” and will continue to do so.

  5. The article asks the question WHY ARENT MORE REPUBLICANS STANDING UP FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BEING TARGETED BY THE LEFT? THATS BECAUSE OF LACK OF BACKBONE THAT IS WHY. I received today a letter from the RNC asking for a donation i tore it up and threw it in the trash I now consider myself an independent but will never vote for a DEMOCRAT, But i will not continue to send donations to a political party with no courage. We see every day Republican House and Senate members all over the news outlets talking about how bad things are under Biden but not a single one of them has introduced a single piece of legislation trying to stop the destruction of our country they are great at talking points but very weak on any action.Republicans are looking at 2022 in hopes they can take back the House and Senate the problem with that is by the time Mid Terms come around the destruction of our country may be at a point that it cant be repaired. So keep talking Republicans the house is on fire and we dont have a fire department. The Biden administration is breaking our laws through the use of executive orders The border crisis being the best example yet NOT ONE REPUBLICAN MEMBER OF THE HOUSE OR SENATE HAS CHALLENGED HIM, Biden may be the President But he is NOT ENTITLED TO VIOLATE OUR LAWS OR OUR CONSTITUTION.

    • It’s not due to a lack of backbone. It’s because they are FULLY complicit and active actors in this coup. It’s just that simple. Look at the ACTIONS of McConman and McCarnage. They both hate Trump and have done everything to undermine him at every opportunity. THEY WERE ON BOARD, HELPING THIS OCCUR. Don’t kid yourself otherwise

  6. If this investigation into Capital Hill is serious? I suggest you look at film foot-age of Portland, Minnesota, and other riot places, where you will find BLM, Antifa, & MS 13 gang members. Then at Capital Hill trouble spots you will probably be able to find some of the gang people mentioned above. Plus, the F.B.I. hired 24 people to coerce the public into going inside the Capital Bldg. were the F.B.I., and N.S.A. started arresting all of them. Plus, the police were waving for the people to come in?? (What a Set-Up)!!!


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