Top Doc: Pull COVID-19 Vaccines Off The Market

( Exclusive) – Being an expert used to mean an individual was well-established and proven to have a fully comprehensive and authoritative knowledge in a particular area. Now, in 21st century woke America, however, experts are no longer measured by their wealth of knowledge in a particular area.

Now the only measurement used to determine the validity of an expert and their opinion is what political party they align with.

Everything is political. Health and medical science included. The entire COVID-19 charade has been political from the start and given the way real experts in epidemiology and medical science are treated, it’s clear the bigger picture is not public health safety.

Dr. Peter McCullough, an outspoken critic of the COVID-19 vaccines, used to be considered to be an expert. He’s a researcher and the editor-in-chief of two medical journals. On top of that, he’s a practicing internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and a professor of medicine at Baylor University School of Medicine in Dallas, Texas.

According to WND:

He has 600 peer-reviewed publications to his name. Many have appeared in top-tier journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet. He is the president of the Cardiorenal Society of America, the co-editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine and associate editor of the American Journal of Cardiology and Cardiorenal Medicine. He has led monitoring safety boards in major drug trials.

By every definition of the word “expert,” Dr. McCullough qualifies to speak on the topic of the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccines yet he is routinely silenced, bullied, censored, and ignored by the mainstream media and government agencies.

Is it any wonder? Dr. McCullough believes the COVID-19 vaccines should be immediately pulled from the market. He gave a 90-minute presentation during which he gave a thorough and clear explanation based on his knowledge of professional opinion as to why these vaccines need to be yanked yet his opinions mean nothing today. At least not to those imposing tyrannical “mandates” on fellow Americans.

Dr. McCullough has come to the conclusion that most deaths attributed to COVID-19 could have been totally prevented using early intervention treatments, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, that have essentially been blacklisted by policymakers.

In a slide for his Aug. 20 presentation he argued the “COVID-19 genetic vaccines have an unfavorable safety profile and are not clinically effective, thus they cannot be generally supported in clinical practice at this time.”

Back in May, he pointed out the fact that the vaccines are just too risky given the fact that the virus itself has a survival rate of 99%. He also testified in front of the US Senate last November, calling out the federal government for politicizing the “pandemic” and blocking the availability of cheap, effective COVID treatments.

The entire COVID-19 pandemic has been one giant charade orchestrated for the sole purpose of injecting every single human on planet earth with these vaccines.

While we may not fully understand the reason for this agenda yet, aside from establishing a one world government, what we do know is that the vaccines are very dangerous. “Side effects” are not rare and many thousands have already died as a result of submitting to government pressure and mandates.

We’re constantly told to listen to the experts but when real experts speak out against all of this lunacy they’re immediately shut down, censored and mocked by the mainstream media and government elites.

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  1. Indifference is the word that allows people , in this case democrats, to set up millions of people for poor health at the best of scenarios and death at the worst. The reason for slowly requiring submission to a shot called a vaccine but is not a vaccine, promoted to protect against the covid-19 virus but we have records that thousands of fully “vaccinated” people have caught the Chinese death and died, so that promotional tout is not true. So what is the reason to malign a valid, on the market and used successfully for curing and preventing covid-19? Could it be the millions that the promoters such as Fauci and the other members on the drug approval board of the FDA are making and they do not want to loose a sale? Is it as the sick in the heart and mind globalist who encourage an epidemic with the goal to reduce the population and save the earth from a fairy tale issue of man made global warming? What ever the sadistic reason we are allowing the democrats to kill us off slowly with this scam . Destroy our economy slowly. All they had to do was steal an election and lie about it, the useful fools in office across the states put there by the father of indifference George Soros, will stand in the way of the truth being told and no one does anything about the fraud.

  2. For the Record… When SARS ( Corona Pathogen) first showed up on the radar screen, ( fm China), the alarm went out to find a treatment or cure for it.
    ( the AMA, FDA, & Rx Drug Corps. Don’t like the word ‘cure’.) Eventually, the research Scientists, lab virologists, found a safe and non-toxic supplement, that DECIMATED the SARS Corona pathogen. It was Nano-particle / Colloidal Silver !. Over 99 Researchers analysis reports ‘confirmed’ it. The kicker here is.. They’ve known this since 2003 !!…I’ll leave the rest up to you…whats going on. Follow the money. Look under their carpets. There, you’ll find the dirt. People are waking up and starting to question perceived authority and there not getting legitimate answers. Even MDs, researchers, biochemists, nurses, cardiologists from around the world, are exposing the fraud and malfeasance surrounding this ‘Plandemic’ and the dangers, that the vaccines can bring and are showing up now. Still, the Snewz media, is trying to hide the truth, using disinfo and misinfo to dumb down and stupify the public. You can always tell their lying…when they move their lips. Stand-by, there’s more to come. Stay safe and Fight the good fight. Your well-being and freedoms may depend on it.
    Semper Paratus/ Semper Fi.

  3. I still refuse to get the “ Vaccinations”, just like I refuse to hand over my gun. I believe in our country’s great constitution, NOT the liberal leftists’ agenda. Folks, there IS a God and in due time he WILL deal with these Satan worshipping charlatans. Count on it. Until the time God chooses to bring these people down, you must resist, resist, resist. Keep the Faith my brothers and sisters.

    • I would like for Bidumb to explain why we should all be forced to be vaccinated yet those illegals crossing our border are given a choice as to whether to get vaccinated. And why are these illegals being sent all across our country without being tested for covid? And why are parents being forced to get their kids vaccinated when they are the least affected? And why a forced vaccine for a virus that has a 99% survival rate? I will not submit to this abuse of my rights and freedom.

  4. Obviously it’s to kill senior citizens and people with disabilities…..Fauci and Gates are depopulators they want to lower the Earths population…..we need to get some of the elite to admit they haven’t gotten the vaccine and were told or paid to take an oath of silence….they evidently don’t believe in God…..

  5. What is also sickening … These entities are EXEMPT from the Nazi death-jab:
    Congress/legislative branch, congressional staff, judicial branch, Whitehouse staff, and the employees of the CDC, FDA, USPS, NIAID, Pfizer, and Moderna.
    WHY IS THAT ???

    • We can either follow the science or the crash test dummy Joe Biden advice Mr.John .

      What do you suggest ?

    • Seems mighty evident to me that anyone at this stage following ‘government’, illegal mandates, and cave to the jab may be weak, and uninformed. I know. I know. There are justifiable individual reasons, lose job, money, etc., that can lead a person to ‘take the jab decision’, but to put the risk of your death or worse above having to change your life venue, and perhaps endure tuff times … for me is not a hard decision. From acquaintances I know that Hydroxychloroquine, the vitamin regimen, and Ivermectin work … after all it is only a respiratory flu bug. The jab is the ONLY DANGER. The real science is good and being censored. The Biden stooges like Fauci and his puppet masters of evil, criminal murderers deserve to be brought down … hard. BTW Chopperpilot, I was a helicopter pilot in Nam.

  6. I find the fact that the democrats can instill such a depth of fear in people with an ineffective vaccine that kills more people than the virus kills and mandate that all have this ineffective shot, then also mandate a mask that is also ineffective , and they know but ignore this fact because it is people management to keep us in fear.

    Then they put us in debt against any reasonable common sense and without our approval.

    They continue to leave Americans in the hands of our enemies along with our arms, as they support a man in the WH who is mentally gone let alone inept continuing to endanger our national security.

    They shut down the energy sources, the pipe line, making us depended on those who are our enemies, give priority to people who enter our country illegally, and they call the citizens that question their stupid administration of our country the danger to national security.

    Yup, when I call mark Warner’ or Tim Kaine’s office and the staff member asks me how can they help us they have no intention to listen to the people they are suppose to help or represent because they are too busy stealing from us and letting illegals into our communities as they betray their oath of office and erase the constitution.

    And they want to know who they can help us.

  7. I live in Florida (thank God)! Every time I go into Publix and see the liberal idiots with their masks on, all lined up to get one or more of the shots, I just want to scream. What in hell is the matter with these people?

  8. If a large group of medical professionals refuse to get one of these vaccines what does that tell you! They are walking off the job in protest and that is why we are having a shortage of nurses and doctors in our hospitals. And the government and liberal news media are saying the hospitals are overwhelmed with Covid patients and the reason is because there are not enough medical professionals not because of an outbreak. With a 99% survival rate something else is going on here! It is all about control and submission by scaring people to death. I for one am not falling for it! Let all the liberals, democrats and socialists get the jab. If you are a conservative and a free thinker wise up and fight against this abuse! Especially now that they are including your children in this vaccine farce!

  9. From insiders at Pharma etc. Pfizer vaccine, which I had is useless now, with under 50% efficacy. The reason? Pfizer knew before election it would get approval and made deal w Biden for max sales. The 30 day dosing period? Useless. Should have been 3 months. I’ve been in immunology for a while and most multidose vaccines are spaced like that…Pfizer won’t admit mistake but rather push useless booster. Moderna better. Fact: Head of Critical care Pulm in major FL Hosp is yet to see firt delta case. CDC is lying or keeping delta data from public…just assumed. Fact: Antibody titers are all over the place and there is no rhym or reason as they don’t measure important cell types involved in immunity. This is a stupid cluster f-ck and Fauci should hand in his immunology credentials. Giant liar.

    • For the amount of human damage the pig-dung has caused …. he should be in front of a judge and jury of the Nuremburg type for crimes against humanity …with his pal, Gates, followed by director and CEO of the big-pharma-toxic-poison pushers.

  10. A fabulously good reason for all the radical, anti-American Trump haters, loud mouth, liberal democrats should be lining up to get the jab!!! Don’t forget to come back for your booster shot … if you make it that long!!

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