Trump Says He Made Up His Mind About Running In 2024 During ‘Hannity’ Exclusive (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – After President Trump took a tour of the US southern border on Wednesday, he sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity for a brief discussion about the border and Trump’s future plans.

During the interview, Hannity asked the crowd if they want to see him run again in 2024 and the crowd responded enthusiastically in the affirmative, cheering and applauding.

Hannity then asked Trump if he had made up his mind on whether or not he would run again in 2024 and Trump, without skipping a beat, said “Yes.”

Earlier during the day, Trump met with Texas Governor Greg Abbott after the governor invited him down to South Texas to tour the border and see the historic crisis firsthand.

After Trump accepted Abbott’s invitation, Kamala Harris quickly made plans to get to the southern border also, before Trump, for a photo-op. Naturally, Harris continued to excuse the border mess, blame global warming, and act generally indignant with even having to be there.

Harris was met mostly by protesters when she arrived in El Paso while President Trump was greeted by hundreds of cheering and excited supporters upon his arrival way south, around Weslaco, Texas, where the crisis is actually unfolding.

Trump and Abbott both spoke during a press conference that took place in front of an incomplete section of the wall where illegal aliens, feeling welcomed by Joe Biden, have been making unprecedented entries into the US.

Gov. Abbott reiterated his pledge to use state funds to get the border wall completed.

After the press conference along the border wall, the two visited the US-Mexico border facility in Weslaco.

The border crisis continues to rage on as the Biden regime continues to turn a blind eye and pretend that everything is just fine and well.

They continue to act as though President Trump somehow created this crisis and that they are doing the best they can to handle it in a “humane” way. Nevermind the fact that children are being literally trafficked by dangerous Central and South American cartels.

The left doesn’t want you to focus too much on the inhumane “housing” of unaccompanied minors and other illegal aliens. That’s why Harris went to El Paso instead of a place along the border where these things are actually happening.

The Biden regime has no intentions to stop the flood of illegal migrants into the US anytime soon.

Not only does it move the US closer to a socialist society but it ensures that Democrats have millions and millions more votes for future elections. Now that Americans are onto their schemes from the 2020 election they have to do everything they can to ensure the system is rigged moving forward.

We can only hope that the 2022 midterm elections provide some relief from this fraudulent regime and that there is still an America left in 2024 when President Trump can run again.

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  1. FOLKS we are in serious trouble I have sincere concerns going forward
    We have a U.S. SENATE AND A HOUSE OF REPRESENTITIVES that are completely disfunctional, We have a JUDICIAL SYSTEM all across the country that is completely ignoring the laws of our country, We have a SOUTHERN BORDER CRISIS created by JOE BIDEN, Our freedoms are being taken away every single day The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are being ignored and a very large number of our citizens are not even aware of the crisis we are facing as a nation, Our great Military is slowly being destroyed by some of the most incompetent irresponsible leadership its ever had, We are uncertain of any future elections going forward, We have members of Congress that were not even born in our country openly condeming America yet they are being paid by the very country they are trashing. I personally believe we have ONE LAST CHANCE TO RID OUR COUNTRY of those that are trying their best to divide us and destroy our way of life 2022 MID TERMS are more important now than they have ever been. We know whom the dividers are we know whom the corrupt and immoral are and its time to wake up and CLEAN HOUSE all across the country that means CITY,COUNTY.STATE and FEDERAL, We must vote these people out of office. Our present elected officials are not even trying to restore our country, So we the people must do it. We must clean up our voting process ensure our votes count and ensure the process is fair and not corrupted, Those of us that care about our country are the ones that will have to clean out the imcompetence and corruption

  2. The Democrats rigged the 2020 election what makes anyone think they won’t rig another one. They are crooked to the core.

    • Precisely why we need election integrity laws that punish cheaters to the maximum. Trash all electronic voting machines. Paper ballots signed with verifiable address, and photo ID.


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