Tucker Carlson: Here Is What Biden’s Relatives Told Me About His Cognitive Decline (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A recent poll that was conducted revealed that there is a growing number of Americans who are becoming very worried about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities, which is something President Donald Trump and many other conservatives tried to warn the general public about all through the 2020 election, but nobody listened.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is familiar with some members of Biden’s family and he went on to reveal what they said to him about this particular issue.

The comments made by Carlson came during a conversation he had with conservative commentator Guy Benson.

“Fox News host Tucker Carlson joined my radio program this week, and he had a lot to say on an array of subjects. We discussed the ratings success of his show and his methodology for preparing each episode (he shuts out social media, but is in touch with a large network of friends and sources via text),” a report from Townhall said.

“The topic of Carlson’s self-identified flaws arose in the context of how he feels about his haters, especially those who toil endlessly to get him fired or forced off the air. In response to an outrageous anti-Fox smear from a progressive MSNBC opinion host, Carlson dropped the hammer,” Benson stated.

“I also asked him about a new poll showing that a plurality of Americans do not believe President Biden has the mental fitness for the job. What Carlson revealed in response is noteworthy,” Benson continued.

“I know a bunch of members of his family and some a couple of them very well. And I knew for a fact that certain members of the family were very concerned about his cognitive ability. They didn’t expect him to get the nomination. Nobody did. And he got it and they were freaked out about it. That’s…I’m not speculating. I know that for a fact. So I knew that the family believed he was in cognitive decline. So there’s that and that’s news. That’s news,” Carlson said.

The whole interview is highly interesting, but if you just want to hear the part that pertains to this particular tidbit, just go to the 10 minute mark.

Folks, we have a man in the White House who is “leading” this country without all of his marbles being in the same bag. It should go without saying, but this is incredibly dangerous for a whole lot of reasons.

For one, it means we have a commander-in-chief who is in charge of making important decisions for our national security who is not up to the task of making those kind of calls in a high pressure situation.

Secondly, it could potentially mean that he’s not the person who is really making decisions and coming up with policy. That means someone the people did not vote for (then again, we didn’t vote for Biden either, but that didn’t stop the left from stealing the election) is calling the shots.

Biden needs to take a cognitive test and the results need to be revealed to the general public.

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  1. MAGGIE IN FL. You are correct someone or some group is calling the shots, and OLE JOE is in LOCK STEP with them, As for KAMALA HARRIS
    she is a total train wreck and the scary part being she could very well end up being President if OLE JOE falters before his term is up, This woman has failed miserably as VP. I think she is being shut out anyway by this administration I think even Democrats realize just how disliked and incompetent she is. Dont forget our MID-TERM ELECTIONS, We must remove FROM THE halls of congress those that are supporting BIDEN and HARRIS and the crazy left, And that includes members of both political parties. We can only hope that the damage being done to our country can be corrected before its too late.

  2. Any one who seriously believes that Biden was elected with legal votes of lagal voters lives with Alice in Wonderland and is mentally incompetent.

    • William lavole comes to mind 0 , been wondering where that loser has been . Probably doing time in the county jail .

  3. There is NO DOUBT that if any reasonable person thinks about the policies coming out of this administration realizes that there is something really dangerously wrong and dangerous for our country
    I dont know who or whom is giving BIDEN advice, I do know that it is very BAD ADVICE and he seems to fall in line with them, This administration is doing tremendous damage to our country and in just a year in office we the people realize the damage they are doing and it will take years to undo that damage. No one in this Administration seems to have any ability to perform the duties of the office they were appointed to its just total incompetence at all levels every decision this administration makes is a total mess. Our concern now is can we as a nation survive another three years of this mass incompetence? Our MID-TERM ELECTIONS are more important now than ever before we must remove from the HALLS of CONGRESS those that are supporting this incompetent administration and that includes members of both political parties.We have to get back to common sense in this country or we are not going to survive, Our freedoms are being taken away our elected leaders are bankrupting our country and trying to force us down the pathaway of SOCIALISM and Government control of our lives and if we value our freedom we must stop them by removing them from office.

  4. If you want to know who Biden’s puppet master is, you may watch the screens in back of him and see someone scoot across, or you can listen to other Presidents’ speeches and figure which one sounds like Biden’s speech and you will probably have the puppet master. The fact that he is either being told via headset or written notes just shows who the probable person is giving him the speeches. You know it is not Kamala the VP.


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