Tweet Shared By Top AZ State Senator Says Audit Will Show “Significant Discrepancies Between Ballots Audited And Original Count”

( Exclusive) – The recount of ballots involved in the forensic audit of the 2020 election in the state of Arizona wrapped up last week in Maricopa County. Citizens of the state and folks around the nation are now awaiting the final report and results of the audit.

According to Gateway Pundit, there are all sorts of rumblings concerning what this final report is going to reveal about the ballots that were cast last November.

State Sen. Wendy Rogers stated on Saturday that State Sen. Sonny Borrelli had shared a retweet concerning what we all might expect to hear from the audit team.

Apparently this audit is going to show “significant discrepancies between the ballots audited and the original ballot count.”

Borrelli isn’t the only person who thinks there’s going to be something huge coming out of this audit, something that could change the current course of our nation and blow the lid off the corruption of the Democratic Party.

Another report from GP discusses how Steve Bannon, who used to serve in the Trump administration in a high ranking position, stated that he too believes we’re about to have a huge revelation come through this audit.

Bannon recently invited attorney Sidney Powell, a powerful voice in support of President Donald Trump in the fight against voter fraud, on his War Room program where he said that this big revelation would be coming in just a matter of days.

Bannon himself has been pushing for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election results in every major battleground state, a sentiment that Powell agreed with.

“We must audit the vote. American people are entitled to the truth. I don’t care how far back it goes. We have got to find out, we have to protect our sacred vote,” Powell shared.

Powell actually made an appearance on Newsmax way back in November of 2020 where she discussed developments that were being made in investigations concerning the results of the election.

During the interview Powell stated that 35,000 votes had been added to every single Democrat candidate in the state of Arizona.

“We have other testimonial evidence that appears to be coming in now that indicates the Democrats literally added 35,000 votes to every Democrat candidate to begin with… Definitely, all over one state and I’d be willing to bet it happened everywhere,” she said.

Just to show you how shady the happenings are in other battleground states, the New York City Board of Elections actually admitted they had left 135,000 test ballots on the machines prior to the 2020 election. These votes were then tallied up with the rest of the results counted on election night.

We need answers in every single one of these states. Let’s hope that after the truth from Arizona comes out, the movement for a forensic audit continues to spread and the dark deeds of the Democrats are exposed.

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  1. “No, no there isn’t any voter fraud, there isn’t any evidence proving election fraud…” said the brain dead, communist, morons, and the SJW ‘wokies’.

  2. When is the report going to be released? Everybody wants to know. Please give us an update. Bannon said last Monday. Give us something. Big news might be in the cards.

  3. Only the corrupt hide what they do. Interesting, their actions and the motives of their heart along with their thoughts are an open book to God. The evidence is seen by Him.

  4. The people in these states knew the first week after the election that they had their votes stolen from them.
    The state legislatures knew on January 6 that the numbers were incorrect and wanted the Constitutional 10 days to investigate, but the thieves always had a game plan to divert the truth and the rights of the people, thus the disturbance at the capital took place and the left have spent the past 6 months denying the citizens their civil rights and protecting the left and government operators that orchestrated the disturbance upgraded to a”armed insurrection” as they coverup the evidence of the corrupt under cover leftists that just happen to work for the government agencies.

    Constitutional civila rights? What constitution? The left has only an agenda.


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