Twitter Notices Something Strange In Fauci’s Home

( Exclusive) – Dr. Fauci has some serious audacity. When he isn’t sitting on TV or speaking to the media about what free Americans can and can’t do in the name of supposed health safety, he’s apparently sitting in his office worshipping himself.

No, really.

Observant Twitter users noticed Fauci is the owner of prayer candles that feature his own image and they’re sitting in plain sight right in his home office.

No wonder Dr. Fauci will never go away. He likens himself to a god.

In a recent interview he made it very clear that he has no intentions of going anywhere no matter how much Americans distrust or dislike him.

During a discussion with radio host Hugh Hewitt last week, Fauci made it clear his inflated ego takes precedence over Americans’ opinion of him.

After noting Americans’ deep distrust of Fauci, Hewitt asked him, “Is there a point where you will say, ‘I do more harm than good because people don’t listen to me anymore,’ and step aside?”

“No. Absolutely, unequivocally no, Hugh. Sorry,” Fauci responded.

Saint Fauci isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, he’s made this abundantly clear. It might not even be that Americans don’t trust him as much as it is that Americans just don’t like him.

Imagine having the audacity to sit on TV and tell Americans how their holiday celebrations should look. Imagine telling the free people of America that they have permission to gather for Christmas.

Dr. Fauci has no problem whatsoever telling us how to live our lives and he actually believes that people listen. In his mind, Americans are just waiting on the edge of our seats for his latest edicts and permissions.

Sure, some people actually do listen to what the fraud Fauci has to say and that’s truly unfortunate, but the vast majority of Americans are over it. We’re over the “pandemic” and we’re over the little overlord Fauci pretending he has some kind of authority over our lives.

Meanwhile, Fauci has prayer candles in his office which traditionally feature the images of holy figures like Jesus Christ or Catholic saints.

It’s bad enough that someone actually made these candles and elevated Fauci to some kind of sainthood status but it’s even worse that Fauci owns them and has them sitting out in his office.

Could this guy be any more full of himself? Talk about a classic narcissist.

On Monday night, Tucker Carlson blasted Fauci over the prayer candles during a segment on his Fox News show, calling him “a devout member of the church of Tony Fauci.”

“Now take a look at this still photo from Tony Fauci’s home office. Look in the back, on the bookshelf,” Carlson said.

“Those are Tony Fauci prayer candles, prominently displayed inside Tony Fauci’s home,” Carlson said as he went on to mock Fauci’s shameless self-love, “Oh. At least he’s real. Tony Fauci isn’t just the high priest of Fauci-ism. He’s also a true believer himself.”

Social media users wasted no time ridiculing Fauci for the prayer candles:

The entire so-called pandemic has given way to the birth of “Fauci-ism” and the religion of “public health safety” of which Fauci is the supreme moral authority. These candles are further evidence of this grim reality.

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  1. A former president stated at least once he wanted to ruin /destroy the USA. In Biden he has found his puppet. Everyone knows deep down that Bide is a puppet and Fauci thinks he is God’s right hand in being able to command who lives and who dies. We all, Christians, knew this was going to happen but I was hoping not in my time, but, whatever time, it is being done and now some judge has okayed abortions(murder) right after birth. How can a mother, carrying that baby 9 months, just let the doctor cut the nerves in its neck to kill it, and also, how can a doctor who swore to first DO NO HARM when he became a doctor, do this? Did everyone in the White House get the real vaccine? or were they given water vaccine?

    • These so called scientists are really scary people. Fauci funded the gain of function research with Covid jumping from bats to human so that they can come up with a vaccine that Big Pharma makes billions who then funds his department. These scientists genetically modify Ticks, mosquitos, etc. all the time that cause worse diseases like Lyme disease when they modified the deer tick to get rid of the tick that caused rocky mountain spotted fever. Lyme disease attacks your nervous system and no one knows much about it nor specialists to treat you either. Our government needs to get a handle on these out of control scientist who think they are all geniuses and they are nothing more then money grubbing killers. We are not their guinea pigs and they need to be stopped.

  2. Hey Chopperpilot, and everyone as well, have a watch of this site for a lot of pieces to the puzzle … stopworldcontrol dot com. Start with Monopoly: Who Owns the World.

  3. God said let these bad people do bad things and God will give them more bad things to do so God can kill their soul. God also said to put his letter in your forehead so you will have the armour of God and no demon can touch you. Yes we elect are to hold the line and fight and resist the demons ways and teachings. The locust army is swarming already and will be coming out of the hidden places (masses the muslims) they will be trained to kill Chistains. They have been lead into the U.S. by the democrats by thousands and thousands of locust spoke of in Revelations. They here focks ready
    and waiting for their leaders to call them out at the time and this time is coming as written. So focks get the BIBLE in your forehead know dont waist your time on bad preachers as spoken of in Revelations Jesus said only two churches thought ENOUGH to get in your forehead to get on the right side in heaven. Stay with Gods plan dont be afraid for God Almighty is with his people and we will win this battle from evil in the end. Let these goats alone they are flowing their master the antipas. They all will be bundle up by Gods angles from over the field (earth) thrown into the lake of fire. And the sheep will inter into the new earth to live until end of the Omega. Then their will be only the word as was before God. Where does these teachings come from the King James Bible. AMEN (That’s that)

  4. Fauci, I believe has Napoleon syndrome, wee little man wanting to be big man so he opts to kill by bringing in viruses and then being in command of who goes to the bathroom, or who hugs their kids, makes him feel real real good controlling the world.



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