Video Footage Shows Capitol Police Fired Flash Grenade Into Crowd During Jan. 6 Capitol Riot; It Exploded In Crowd Of Men, Women, And Children

( Exclusive) – A report from Gateway Pundit has revealed that video footage captured on January 6 during the Capitol riot shows Capitol police firing off flash grenades and a cascade of rubber bullets into a crowd of peaceful protestors with U.S. and MAGA flags and containing men, women, and children.

If you watch the video closely you can see that this particular group of protestors aren’t on the steps of the Capitol building and were safely behind barriers. What makes this whole thing even more egregious is that there were children, veterans, and seniors mixed into this group of people.

All of the protesters were packed tightly together when Capitol Police opened fire on them.

Julie Kelly of American Greatness released a video last week that was taken on Jan. 6 and showed the protests happening in Washington. Police began firing on the protestors on the west side of the Capitol building.

“In the video at American Greatness you can see Kash Kelly, a former gang member and founder of the Streetlights Unity Movement and Foundation, a group he launched in 2020 in opposition to Black Lives Matters to help at-risk people in inner-cities, outraged that police were firing on this crowd of patriots with American flags and MAGA gear,” the report said.

If you look at the video clip that was sent to GP in slow motion, you can see the flash grenade being fired out over the crowd. These folks were packed so tight they had nowhere they could go.

Then the flash grenade explodes in the crowd. When flash grenades go boom in close range, it causes all kinds of nasty issues. Things like hearing loss, eye damage, and other such injuries.

In this particular moment, the government actually declared war on its own people. It’s sad and tragic to see so many folks join with Democrats in attempts to use physical force to make people submit themselves to party rule.

“In a clip obtained by American Greatness, peaceful protestors on the west side of the Capitol building on January 6 are shown confronted by U.S. Capitol Police reportedly using flashbangs—a type of stun grenade used to disorient a target’s senses—and rubber bullets. The approximate time of the confrontation was around 1:36 p.m,” a piece from American Greatness reported.

“The man speaking in the video is Kash Kelly, a former gang member and founder of the Streetlights Unity Movement and Foundation, a group he launched in 2020 in opposition to Black Lives Matters to help at-risk people in inner-cities, Kelly told me during a brief interview from a Washington, D.C. jail Thursday afternoon. He was an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump,” the report continued.

“The police started shooting at people,” Kelly said to her. “There were kids in the crowd.”


And that’s really understating things.

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  1. They started it under the speaker of the House, piggilosi
    She refused the call when Trump asked for a hand in National Guard
    SHE abused the American Taxpayers BIG TIME
    Piggilosi should be in jail suit with a matching face mask to cover the ugli parts…
    Not Trump
    He mentioned during that time on TV….there is a flash bomb going in the back
    HE said it on TV
    Anyone listened??

  2. There’s really nothing to add that the other’s haven’t. What amazes. Me is that there are people who don’t know the facts because they won’t consider every piece of information. These people have been possessed by demons. All common sense is gone! What I’ve determined, based on all of the information I’ve read or viewed. The Left set this up to put a halt to the election challenge evidence. There is/was absolutely no reason that the audience attending the rally, protest and prayer meeting wanted to interrupt the first opportunity to present evidence to Congress.

  3. These people who branded Christians and patriotic Americans who gathered to pray for our nation as domestic terrorists will look just as foolish and blind as the people in America who denied the Holocaust in time.

    • And you’ve accurately described today’s Obama’s worshipping progressive liberal trash in our society..thank you .

  4. But it was okay for capitol police to fire flash bang bombs into the crowd right? The crowd where they flash banged was a peaceful crowd and didn’t deserve that crap. I think January 6 th was a warning to the left that this is nothing compared to what is going to happen if they take away our rights, especially the first and second amendments. Congress and the Senate will have to look over their shoulders the rest of their lives. This is America not Nazi Germany or Russia nor China. They are not going to put up with a Venezuelan style government.


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