VIDEO: Giuliani Assaulted… Says Attack Felt Like He Was Shot

( Exclusive) – On Sunday, Giuliani was out campaigning for his son at a Staten Island Supermarket when he alleges that a man came up from behind him and slapped him so hard on the back that it felt like “somebody shot me.”

You can imagine what that might look like. A slap so hard it felt like a gunshot. Well, the entire incident was caught on camera. Take a look and judge for yourself. Did this slap really feel like a gunshot?

In the video, recorded by security cameras, Giuliani can be seen chatting with a small group of supporters when the unknown assailant comes up from behind and hits him on the back.

To the naked eye, the hit may even just look like a tap but it was apparently so violent Giuliani thought he had been shot.

When viewed on tape it sure is hard to imagine that level of physical contact could actually feel like a gunshot, nonetheless, Giuliani is sticking to his guns.

“All of a sudden, I feel this ‘Bam!’ on my back,” Giuliani said, according to the New York Post. “I don’t know if they helped me not fall down, but I just about fell down, but I didn’t.”

“I feel this tremendous pain in my back, and I’m thinking, what the — I didn’t even know what it was.”

According to Giuliani, the unknown individual said, “You’re a f**king scumbag,” as he walked away, which appears to be supported by the video as it looks like the man stops to say something to the ex-Mayor just before walking away.

Giuliani revealed the man was motivated to slap him by the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v Wade that put the issue of abortion back into the hands of the states.

“And he says, ‘You, you’re one of the people that’s gonna kill women. You’re gonna kill women,’” Giuliani said, quoting the individual.

“‘You and your f**king friend are gonna kill women.’ Then he starts yelling out all kinds of, just curses, and every once in a while, he puts in that woman thing.”

“‘You guys think you’re saving babies, but you’re gonna kill women,’” the alleged perpetrator continued.

The New York Post is reporting that the unnamed individual now faces assault charges.

“The Supreme Court made a decision,” Giuliani said. “You don’t go around attacking people because of it. I mean, go get it changed.”

Once again, another example of violence from the left.

Someone ought to tell that guy that abortion isn’t going anywhere in New York state anytime soon.

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