VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway Takes On Turncoat Trump WH Official On ‘The View’

( Exclusive) – On Tuesday, sparks flew on The View when two former Trump administration officials clashed, one being Kellyanne Conway, former presidential adviser, and the other Alyssa Farah Griffin, the former director of strategic communications.

Kellyanne Conway has never apologized for her role in the Trump administration or her role in his 2016 presidential campaign.

Griffin on the other hand, has all but prostrated herself before the establishment mainstream media in an effort to be embraced by them so as not to become irrelevant.

Her abandonment of Trump and conservatives began on Jan. 8, 2021, when she asserted during a CNN interview that President Trump should resign in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

Griffin has now been “re-educated” enough by the left to be able to work as an analyst on CNN and as a co-host on The View. Pretty amazing how she was able to totally switch sides that quickly.

Of course, the producers of The View couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to have Griffin and Conway square off so she was co-hosting on Tuesday when Conway made an appearance to promote her new book.

Griffin couldn’t help but reinforce her loyalty to the left, and their narratives, by explaining when and why she turned on President Trump as part of her lead up to a question for Conway.

“I broke with the president ahead of January 6 when the big lie started being shared. I spoke out about January 6 when I saw a violent mob assault the Capitol,” she said.

Griffin went on for some time before Conway interrupted: “Is there a question in here?” she asked.

“How do you still defend him, do you still think he could be a good president after he tried to overturn our democracy?” Griffin asked.

Conway noted she’d left several months before Griffin did; “I think you stayed a whole month after the election that you were having a problem with,” she said.

She added she hadn’t seen Griffin since she had “changed.”

“I didn’t change, just to be clear I didn’t change,” Griffin shot back, smugly adding, “I swore an oath to the Constitution, not to Donald Trump,” to which the crowd applauded.

To be fair, Griffin probably didn’t change. She was probably always a radical leftist. It was well-known that Trump had many, many people within his administration working against him.

“As we all did,” Conway responded.

“But I appreciate that, I think there was a lot wrong with the 2020 campaign and I think in addition to that, afterwards. Your former boss, Mark Meadows, who was a terrible chief of staff, the man did not match the moment for a global pandemic or an election campaign,” Conway said.

“Neither did Donald Trump,” Griffin interrupted.

Conway disagreed, pointing to the fact Meadows’ response to the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 “did not match the moment.”

“But do you think that Donald Trump matched the moment?” Griffin asked.

After being badgered by the other co-hosts of the show to “answer” Griffin’s “question,” Conway shifted gears and pointed out what she was doing on Jan. 6.

“I was on ABC live on January 6. With George Stephanopoulos,” she said.

“And I said, people have to get out of the Capitol, what are you doing there? Why have you breached the Capitol?”

“But you’re still supporting Donald Trump now,” Griffin said in an effort to back Conway up against a wall.

Conway then noted the felicitous timing of Griffin’s choice to defect:

“Alyssa, if you’re saying that somehow you think we’re supposed to think that you’ve seen the light and not just seen your name in lights, that’s not fair,” she said.

“That’s such a cheap shot,” Griffin replied, with the defensiveness common to turncoats throughout time. “You’re not answering the question,” which was never really a question at all but rather a test for Conway.

The two continued to go back and forth, talking over each other, and discussing the fact that Conway said she hadn’t ruled out supporting President Trump for another term.

Finally, Whoopi Goldberg intervened and said if they didn’t knock off the back and forth they would have to end the segment.

It’s pretty clear Griffin abandoned Trump and the MAGA movement when she felt the heat and saw the opportunity to break through in the mainstream media. Obviously, Conway was not lacking fame and didn’t need to sell her soul out to the left.

Griffin might have the sycophantic audience of The View to cheer her on but Conway has the majority of Americans on her side. The winner in this dispute could not be more clear.

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  1. Typical, Griffin has no problem selling out. These people have no substance. They lean whichever way the wind blows if it’s to their benefit. They soon find they’ve run out of option and become just what Griffin has become…Irrelevant!

  2. I do not think Griffin swore to the constitution if she is willing to support a party ideology that ignores the constitution and is lawless in all their activities.

    She has sold herself to the CNN crap!. . .”“I broke with the president ahead of January 6 when the big lie started being shared. I spoke out about January 6 when I saw a violent mob assault the Capitol,” she said.”

    Apparently this . . . former communications director. . . “cannot see past the crap and is unable to see the truth of the mob activity or who was initiating it and it WAS NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP! the evidence that is apparent to the observant mind bears that out. This Kangaroo committee wasting our taxes on another witch hunt are looking for a crime that they are specifically responsible for and ignoring the crimes against citizens whose business and lives were lost at the hands of antifa and BLM, Obama’s army.

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