Virginia Restaurant Refuses To Serve Customers BECAUSE They’re Pro-Life, Pro-Family

( Exclusive) – Apparently, the progressives believe that the best way to get rid of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance is by employing the use of all three against people they disagree with, truly not seeming to grasp that any attempt to fight fire with fire only ends with everything burned to the ground. Not to mention it is just flagrant hypocrisy to claim to be tolerant while not allowing others the freedom to hold their own opinions.

Christians are one of the left’s favorite targets for the use of these vile weapons, with the latest victims of their war on traditional values being the Family Foundation of Virginia. The FFV just happens to be one of the oldest pro-family advocacy organizations in the state, so they have had a presence in the area for quite a while. However, according to The Federalist, a team of individuals belonging to the group, along with some of their supporters, were actually denied a meal due to their beliefs at Metzger’s Bar and Butchery, in the city of Richmond, Virginia, despite being pre-reserved at the restaurant, leaving them scrambling to find a replacement just moments before an event.

Victoria Cobb, the author of the piece, then said, “For weeks, we had planned a gathering in a private room to fellowship and update supporters on our work. About an hour and a half before the event was set to take place, one of the restaurant’s owners called our team to cancel. An employee had looked up our organization, and their wait staff refused to serve us.”

Cobb continued, “Their official explanation was that our pro-life and pro-traditional-marriage positions violated the ‘basic human rights’ of women and LGBT individuals. What human right is more basic than the right to life? What family structure is more foundational than marriage between a man and a woman, the bedrock of Western civilization for thousands of years? Lest we forget, it wasn’t so long ago that, when running for president, Barack Obama declared that ‘marriage is between a man and a woman.’”

She then added, “This is the gospel of woke — the new intolerant religion controlling the left. Anyone who refuses to bow before their altar must be subdued, discriminated against, and punished. It’s a godless religion without mercy and without hope.”

Cobb goes on to make an excellent point when she wrote that in today’s world, people consider themselves to be “progressive” and forward-thinking by claiming to preach tolerance while demanding a forced “acceptance” and “celebration” of ideals, beliefs, and a way of life that goes contrary to that which has been established by God since the creation of the universe.

These individuals don’t seem to understand what the word “tolerance” actually means. You see, a person who is tolerant will admit that there are others out there who they disagree with, but you “tolerate” in order to co-exist peacefully in a civilized society. You most definitely don’t attempt to forcefully assimilate all people into your way of thinking or belief, nor do you trash them or attack them in order to make them change their minds.

“Welcome to the double standard of the left, where Jack Phillips must be forced to create a wedding cake as part of the celebration of a same-sex ceremony, to take an action that violates his beliefs, but any business should be able to deny a basic meal to a paying customer who holds traditional views about marriage. The double standard is sickening and reeks of this intolerant, unyielding doctrine wokeness preaches,” Cobb noted.

“At The Family Foundation, we believe individuals in private business should not have to violate their convictions, which for some, means not celebrating what God has declared sin. However, most, if not all, faiths not only allow for the provision of services, such as food, to those whom they tolerate, but they also encourage it,” Cobb passionately explained.

Given the fact we live in the era of cancel culture, Cobb pointed out, it’s time for conservatives and people of faith to expect they will be denied services. It’s likely these groups will also end up paying more for goods and services and the options available to them will become fewer in number. And while many may not have experienced this kind of discrimination as of yet, that could change at any moment.

Cobb stated that the reason the left hates Christians so much is because they uphold traditional, godly values, such as marriage being between one man and one woman only. These, she wrote, are what the left is seeking to destroy. And the metaphorical shots fired at this group is just the start of things to come.

“Already, our database provider was purchased by a larger company called Every Action, which immediately informed us we were being discontinued as a client. That forced shift cost us tens of thousands of dollars, as it is not as easy as pivoting to another restaurant to hold an event. Most Americans are not interested in a marketplace that divides along political or religious lines,” Cobb said.

“Not even 24 hours before our event was canceled, the U.S. Senate passed the wrongfully named ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ with the help of 12 Republicans who assured the public that, even with this federal codification of same-sex marriage, the language in the act asserting that beliefs on marriage between a man and a woman are ‘based on decent and honorable religious or philosophical premises’ and those that hold such beliefs ‘are due proper respect’ would preserve, not diminish, religious liberty. Less than a day later and before the legislation is even signed into law, we already see how worthless that empty rhetoric is,” the author stated.

Cobb then offered some strong, fiery resistance to the woke mob attempting to silence her and the group she belongs to, writing, “While the left aims to silence those with traditional viewpoints, we will not be silenced. We will speak out when we see viewpoint discrimination occurring in Virginia. And we encourage all Americans who value freedom of thought and expression to stand up and speak up in their communities.”

It’s time to get ready for a fight, ladies and gentlemen. Not a physical one, but a spiritual one. The forces of darkness are working overtime. It’s going to take much wisdom, prayer, and the exercise of our God-given rights to ensure this kind of discrimination does not become commonplace.

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      lib trash like gimp don’t know that yet.

      Their god is 0bama, the greatest liar in America!

  1. It’s jus democracy I’m afraid. If there were more Christians you could vote to get your prejudices enshrined in law. As there aren’t enough of you and the number is shrinking every year you’ll just have to chill and let people be people.

    • You’re spot on , the queers ,derelicts, transsexuals and all the other dredges in society shall inherit the earth ..and men can birth babies too . Democracy indeed .

  2. More proof that liberals are mentally insane. Any MAN (and yes there is a difference between man and a woman) that thinks it’s ok to run around in a dress is mentally ill and needs help. I don’t think that giving a man in a dress Q clearance is a safe or good idea. Just because Obama is married to a man in a dress doesn’t make it right to allow a mentally ill MAN to work in the White House.

    • You’ll never convince today’s progressive liberal trash otherwise , they actually believe men can have babies and women can be MEN foolish are today’s progressive trash ..? Just ask william lavoie and the other fools (0bamasVagina) surely can explain their nonsensical liberal orders.

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  3. This restaurant is in the heart of the cesspool ( Richmond Va. ) ..NUFF said ! 14% meals tax , horrible parking, dangerous neighborhood.. what else do libtrash want ?

    • The entire staff are gay 0bama worshippers , other than progressive trash , who wants the aids infected serving meals ?

  4. Next time we visit VA or any woke places
    We will have a list of “do-not-spend-money-there”
    We support what is open to us
    We will spend our money …hum???
    Last word:
    Go Woke will definitely go broke
    Watch and see

  5. The tolerate LEFT isnt so tolerate after all. They are only tolerate when your view point agrees with theirs. We had better wake up its really almost too late to save what is remaining of our country.

    • The tolerate left that hates Christians and conservatives yet they supported Reverend Warnock, a supposedly Christian preacher who supports killing children in the womb as their next senator.
      They cannot tolerate one another much less real Americans.

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