Vogue Gives Jill Biden Cover Of Magazine After Ignoring Actual Supermodel Melania Trump For Five Years

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Vogue Magazine is just like any other trashy left-wing print rag. It put politics ahead of the quality of its content, opting to ignore supermodel First Lady Melania Trump, simply because she was married to former President Donald Trump. It was a slight against her, no doubt about it.

And now that Joe Biden is president, they are slobbering all over themselves to acknowledge his wife Jill, going so far as to give her the cover of the magazine for their August issue.

A new report from Gateway Pundit says that Vogue put out a rather gross puff piece on the current first lady, but of course, failed to note that this woman cheated on her first husband with Joe Biden, our current commander-in-chief. Gee, what a great example to other married couples, right?

These are the same folks who got in a tizzy over things former President Trump said or allegedly did concerning other women, who are now ignoring the indiscretions of their own guy in a shocking display of hypocrisy.

The story of Joe and Jill claims they met on a blind date, but that’s not true. Reports by Bill Stevenson, Jill’s ex-husband, say the two of them had an affair and then made up a story about how they met back in the 1970s.

Melania was graceful and elegant, while Jill Biden is awkward as all get out. Just watch this video and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

During a Christmas event that took place during the Trump administration, a child actually said Melania looked like an angel. And yet Vogue ignored her out of spite.


What’s really ridiculous is how Jill Biden tried to toss a little shade in Melania Trump’s direction with a silly and immature message on the back of her jacket.

The jacket was worn during a trip to Cornwall.

“Can you explain the message on the back of your jacket?” a reporter went on to ask Jill.

“Oh, the love? I think that we’re bringing love from America,” Jill responded.

Boy, isn’t that the cheesiest thing you’ve ever heard?

No class, folks. No class at all.

But what did you expect from a person who met her second husband by cheating on the first?

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  2. John cHOPPER it must really chafe you that a successful intelligent lady is now on Vogue as opposed to the call girl soft core porn “actress” who slept her way into tRUMPS bed in order to her US citizenship which BTW she LIED about her qualifications to get!!!. So no matter what irrational hate you have for her the truth is she is class and Malaria is TRASH!!!

    • Does China have a magazine like Vogue to put her on the cover? That’s the Country the Biden crime family represents. They sold America out for the past 40 years to line their own pockets.

  3. This previous spouse of Bite-me’s first campaign manager wouldn’t make a pimple on Melanias Butt!…and that’s a fact!

    • supermodel lol thats a good one calling that classless former call girl soft core porn “actress” who has no idea of what class is!!! up to you now with your usual denial insult and hate filled response cHOPPER

    • “because” has his poor little head in the sand again … I suppose you missed the nasty, tasteless nude pictures of Obama’s mum/slut displaying her pudgy self for the Marxist Frank Marshall Davis, and other Subud cult members, eh?


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