Voter Fraud: Report Describes In Detail The Total Breakdown Of The GA Election System, Noting Ballots Everywhere, Missing Chain Of Custody, And More

( Exclusive) – An election official from Fulton County, Georgia recently admitted that chain of custody paperwork that is legally required according to state law is missing from the 2020 presidential election.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, the current secretary of state for Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, is the individual who is completely and totally responsible for all of this.

And as if that information alone isn’t enough to raise suspicions, John Solomon, along with Just the News, recently reported that an audit of documents has revealed that there are more than 100 batches of absentee ballots are now missing in Fulton County.

Could this turn out to be the real reason that Fulton County officials have lawyered up with a criminal defense team?

“The 29-page report revealed that an election official was caught double-counting ballots at the State Farm Center in Atlanta, Georgia. This follows news first reported by The Gateway Pundit that election operative Ruby Freeman was also caught tripe counting stacks of votes late at night at the counting center after GOP observers were sent home,” the report says.

“The author of the 29-page November Fulton County report, Carter Jones, also released a 14 page report in January on the election irregularities in Fulton County Georgia,” the report adds.

“This 14 page document also details several instances of voter fraud and a complete breakdown of the system,” it continues.

If you take a look at the second page of the report, you’ll see that Jones describes the counting center as being in total chaos and lacking proper control. The chain of custody rules were ignored at the State Farm Center.

Keep in mind this was the largest ballot processing area in the whole state.

Back on December 4th, the Gateway Pundit published a report that contained a video of Ruby Freeman working alone in a private cube with trays of ballots, going right past open boxes of ballots, with no election observers anywhere to be found.

Of course, Twitter removed the tweet containing the video, but it can also be found on YouTube.

On her own page, Ruby goes on to brag about her “Shaye” being her supervisor. Apparently, from the footage in the video, Shaye and Ruby are pretty tight with each other. Check out a few posts from Ruby’s Facebook page.

The election workers were each given a private, secret cube. Ruby then goes to her desk and pulls out a tray of ballots and places them on her desk. No supervisor or GOP observer is anywhere in the area.

After that, Ruby leaves the ballots on her desk as she goes to take a break. Pretty shady, right?

Almost 24 percent of the ballots in the state of Georgia were missing chain of custody documentation. That’s a whole lot of ballots, folks. How can anyone look at all of this information and not see the obvious voter fraud?

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  1. Think it’s time for the real president to step forward and take back the presidency. It’s a shame what happened and time to make it right. God is in control and if the cheaters think there going to heaven I’ll bet that Hid has different plans for them. They hurt themselves and our country. Trump is GODS man. Hod put him in office out of the 16 and he’ll do it again. If I were the cheaters bbn I would be shaking in my boots as Hod will take care of them besides ruining there standing in America.

  2. I once had a friend that sorted through ideas and made a pretend god, constructed out of all the ideas that suited her and the life that she wanted to live. She thought it quite reasonable to create a god quite different from the God of heaven, and her creator. She has since had her eyes opened and now knows that the God who formed the human race cannot be made by His creation.

    The fact that the democrats live in a similar pretend world, made up in their minds to suit their priorities by many who are proclaimed to be well informed and educated people. The list of their pretends is long and apparently growing with the passing of each day. They pretend that an unborn human being is not a human being . The pretend that climate which has been changing periodically for thousands of years without mans help is now changing, and man has to knuckle under and stop the changing.They pretend that the outward appearance of a person is the element by which to judges a person as valuable or to be discarded as unworthy. They pretend that laws are options and not necessarily to be obeyed by them, but they can on their own volition modify the laws to manage your life or alter the outcome of an election. They pretend that they have no responsibility to protect and secure our borders or that American citizens should have first consideration. They pretend that our earnings are theirs to use as they want and that crimes of democrats are not to be identified as crimes, but they can create crimes to enable them to prosecute the innocent. They pretend that they are masters and we are unworthy of protection under our laws. They pretend that just a wish or thought can change a person’s DNA. They have so many pretends, but the worst part is that these bullies are working to pass legislation to force and require us to accept their pretends as real.

  3. What should happen is those ballots be thrown out. Those people that name shows up on the voter registration as having voted should be allowed to vote again. Everything should be handled as required. We might find out that Trump and Perdue won the election

  4. The real shame is that voters trusted the Democrats and accepted these counts as fact.
    Unfortunately, for many, it reduces to: which candidate will keep the freebiesò coming.

  5. You may not be able to see this but God saw all the corruption and now all the crooks will have to answer when God asks them about their crooked behavior and they will have to answer to God. If these people think they are getting away with what they have done well they are saddle mistaken. God sees all and all will be judged by God the father.9

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