Watch As Biden Shakes And Screams During Speech

( Exclusive) – On Tuesday, Joe Biden showed up to give a speech at the AFL-CIO, the largest confederation of union organizations in the US, but ended up yelling and screaming at the audience in a strange lecture that was completely disconnected from reality.

Biden rattled off excuses for all that troubles Americans and tooted his own horn in his efforts to convince the crowd he and his regime were actually doing a phenomenal job.

He shook his fists and yelled in defiance at the idea that America’s economy is crashing and in the worst state it’s ever been in.

He further demanded that anyone critical of his regime should be silenced and that criticism of the reckless spending under his watch amounted to nothing more than “lies.”

“We’re changing people’s lives!” insisted the mentally declining usurper-in-chief.

He’s not wrong here, it’s just that Americans’ lives are not being changed for the better. Biden’s regime has led the US to the most severe decline in the middle-class quality of life in decades and there doesn’t appear to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

Biden regurgitated his signature lie that all of America’s economic woes are a result of “Putin’s price hike,” and refused to take any responsibility for his regimes’ actions that have actually led to the dismal state of affairs in the US.

Biden claimed he is “doing everything” in his “power” to curb “Putin’s gas price hike.” Of course, we know this is completely untrue as his own regime has declared war on America’s energy industry.

He then went on to falsely claim that Americans are somehow better off now and “carrying less debt” and “have more savings.” Of course this is patently false.

Americans are being utterly crushed by inflation around every corner, the crumbling economy has devastated 401ks and investment savings of the average American and the stock market crashed again on Monday.

Things are not going well. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

In yet another lie, Biden asserted that it’s thanks to his presidency and the “progress” the country has made under his plan that America has been spared the worst of global inflation. Unfortunately, this is just completely untrue.

The US inflation rate is outpacing that of numerous western developed countries. According to Trending Economics, the current inflation rate in the entire European Economic Area is at 8.1% while the most recent queried inflation rate for the US is a staggering 8.6%.

Apparently, the left’s fact-checkers get the day off when Biden speaks.

In his defense, however, Biden is an elderly man suffering from severe cognitive decline. He’s also a puppet president for a radical regime that hides behind a curtain. There’s a very good chance that Joe Biden actually believes the lies he spews. He really might not even fully understand what is actually going on in the US at all.

That certainly doesn’t make anything any better but it could explain why he routinely tells the same exact lies over and over again despite the fact that he can barely remember who his wife is or where he is.

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  1. A real TRUE dementia human being
    Wondering the next time around he might bite someone as some patients do
    Now it is the time for real delegations of what the next step to do with the WHOLE Administration who deem the unrighteousness of the validation of fairness of the votes accumulated during the FAKE ELECTIONS


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