WATCH: Biden Booed At 9/11 Memorial… Thousands Chant “We Want Trump”

( Exclusive) – The corrupt lying media wants us all to believe that Joe Biden won 81 million votes during the 2020 presidential election. The only problem is that narrative is so far from reality it’s almost comical.

We’d be laughing if the Biden regime wasn’t doing everything in their power to destroy America.

Not only did Biden rarely leave his basement while campaigning to become president of the United States but when he did he couldn’t attract gnats to his “rallies.” His campaign team used COVID as a cover for the complete and total lack of enthusiasm for Biden.

Meanwhile, President Trump was packing thousands upon thousands of freedom-loving Americans into every single venue he spoke at. People camped out, waited in the freezing cold, in rain, and for hours just to be able to get inside the venues.

President Trump is still just as popular and Biden is still just as unpopular. It’s obvious any time the two go anywhere in public.

Biden showed up in New York City over the weekend to attend a 20th anniversary ceremony of 9/11 at Ground Zero. As Biden walked through the crowds on Saturday, he was met with boos and heckles.

“You’re a mutt for what you did to Afghanistan! Terrible! Terrible!” one man is heard yelling just feet from Biden who doesn’t even acknowledge him, probably because he doesn’t even remember what happened in Afghanistan. Biden probably doesn’t even remember he’s president.

In another video the boos were replaced with music.

Meanwhile, President Trump emceed the Holyfield vs Belfort fight in Florida and was met with the usual thunderous applause and chants in support of him. At this particular fight, the crowd chanted “We Want Trump!” and “Speech!”

Not only that but Trump received a warm welcome when he visited police and firefighters in New York City over the 9/11 anniversary weekend while Biden attended the elitist 9/11 event with fellow globalists former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

President Trump is and has always been the people’s president and we all know he actually won the 2020 election in a landslide. The media is despicably dishonest and purposefully cherry-pick only highlights they want Americans to see.

They have managed to convince millions of Americans that Joe Biden is actually really popular and loved despite the real world proving the complete opposite. Don’t expect to see the lying mainstream media outlets report that several college football stadiums broke out into chants of “F*** Joe Biden,” last week but that’s what’s really happening.

That’s how popular Joe Biden really is.

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  1. There is more than an abundant , over flowing volume of indisputable evidence and justification to remove the Biden retread Obama administration.
    There are unfortunately few who have been willing to adhere to the values of our laws and stand against the corrupting flood wickedness flowing from the failed social policies/falsehoods of the left and democrats who have demonstrated that they are weak suckers to go along with ideas promoted from the beginning of time and have failed from the beginning of time. They are suckers because they think it will be different this time and they will benefit.

    The truth is that the ideas they promote will swallow and chew them to pieces eventually. History has proven this is the path of the suckers.

    • Chopperpilot, they DESERVE much more, and would receive much more if we still have an informed, not intentionally greatly mislead society by media with an bankrupt level of honor. But we have a society that is willing to possibly complain, but will enable a questionable president willing to leave Americans behind enemy lines, pay this same enemy billions of our dollars than tell us we have to pay more, while knowingly allow a chief of Staff and a Speaker of the House to openly commit treason and sedition. God help us. We are in a deep moral swamp.

  2. We have received daily requests for support from the republican party. My answer is always the same.

    When you support the American people’s legal vote and legal president Donald Trump then and only then will you be worthy of our support.

  3. Jason Owens wrote in an article about president’s IQ,. . . . . .
    “Regardless of what you think of their politics, their policies, or their personalities, one thing is certain: You don’t become the President of the United States if you’re a total dummy. ”

    Evidently he wrote this before Biden wiggled his way into the presidency. NOTICE I DID NOT SAY ” WAS ELECTED ” into the WH.

  4. So you think a three time loser Presidential candidate and Tara Reid rapist hiding in his basement got over 80 million votes???? Not to mention his family’s money laundering and bribery by China and Ukraine to name a few.
    50 years of enriching himself and his family the backs of taxpayers. You really think he got 80 million votes???? You so called Doc are delusional.

  5. the delusional right wing media would have you believe that a 2 TIME IMPEACHED 1 TERM LOSER serial liar grifter sexual assaulter criminal paper thin skinned ego narcassist who is always crying fraud when he loses (go back as far as 2016 when he whined about Cruz who beat him in the first primary that there was fraud) all adds up to a former president who cant handle reality that he LOST FAIR AND SQUARE!!

    • Dumb and dumber is back … doc … the poster child of life after a lobotomy.
      Not sure here though if doc is the ‘dumb’ one or the ‘dumber’ one? Flunkies, stooges, brainwashed fools, idiots and doc all say the same thing … nothing of merit or logic or rational thought. Simply pure stupid………..

    • Dumb and dumber ‘doc’ the child certainly ignores the true GRIFTER, the son of his hero , Hunter Biden…. But that’s today’s progressive liberal trash for you John .
      Any article concerning President Donald John Trump successes triggers the low iq progressive filth to no end .

    • Someone ought to inform dochead there was NEVER a single crime listed on either of the faux impeachment articles. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE.
      HOWEVER – Both Raskin and Swallows committed FELONIES by introducing FALSE evidence before the Senate. THOSE guys are his heroes!!!
      Let. That. Sink. In.


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