WATCH: Explosive Senate Hearing On Election Audit In Maricopa County, AZ — Audit Team Escorted From Building

( Exclusive) – This week has definitely been a rough one for individuals on the radical left who have been working around the clock over the course of the last few months to block a forensic audit that was conducted in the state of Arizona. Obviously, these folks feel super threatened that whatever measures they took to cheat on the election will be revealed to the world.

Which is why, according to Infowars, a recent Senate hearing about the work being done in the audit has no doubt left them panicking, particularly after it was revealed that 74,000 more votes were counted and included in the 2020 presidential election than were actually mailed out.

Arizona Senate Karen Fann presided over the hearing, which she made sure to clarify was nothing more than an update and a briefing, and not “the appropriate time for any testifying.”

Tucker Carlson, a popular Fox News host, also provided some coverage of the shocking revelations that were discussed during the hearing on his Wednesday evening broadcast, stating that some of the conduct performed during the election sounded like “flat out criminal fraud.”

A report from Gateway Pundit revealed that the audit team was actually escorted from the Senate hearing following their testimony. Apparently, the team has received a few threats from individuals on the left who are angry about the audit.

Fann allowed them to exit the room first before the meeting was officially adjourned. Folks, these individuals are heroes. They are doing their best to uncover the corruption of the radical left and ensure those who were involved in the plot to steal the election are held accountable for their actions.

Our voting system must be protected at all costs. Without free and fair elections, our whole system of government and way of life disappears, replaced by a big government nanny state that wants to control every aspect of their lives.

Patriots have to take a bold stand and put pressure on their representatives to audit election results in every key battleground state. Otherwise, justice in this matter will never be served.

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  1. This will not go away. The news is slowly being broadcast to the world for all to witness the corrupt, and criminal democrat party managed by TRAITORS. They will pay for this immorality, crime and fraud … with time behind bars.

    • No it’s not, your still living in a fantasy land , go back to bed old man and take your meds

    • Andy , John doesn’t ask nor take advice from progressive liberal trash.

      On a side note , where’s your blow buddy Low iq .. in jail again ?

  2. Let’s be real. The Demo’s started their plan to take over in 2020 before Trump was sworn in. All the investigations, impeachment’s, etc. etc. were all BS and part of the plan for Pelosi and Cryin’ Chuck to play president behind the scene without the risks. Bumblin’ Biden is the perfect patsy. As long as they provide
    BB the right flash cards their covered.

  3. I agree WILLIAM,But until all this information is made public and criminal charges are filed we the people are left wandering. As of now all we are hearing are just reports no actual evidence has been presented to backup what we know happened. The longer this drags out the more hopeless it is looking, And the longer it drags out the more damage is being done to our country. I read just recently that the RNC raised over 200 million dollars to investigate the election thus far they HAVE DONE NOTHING WHERE DID ALL THIS MONEY GO? Its time to present the final report and the evidence at least in ARIZONA. This entire scheme was organized and carried out months before the election and the PANDEMIC was just what they needed to carry out this scheme, And again the RNC was asleep while the corruption was being carried out.I no longer donate to the RNC I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT CANDIDATES THAT I BELIEVE IN BUT IM DONE WITH THE RNC.

  4. If the American people stand for this, our country is lost to crooks and we no longer have a democracy. It’s time to imprison a lot of Democrats.

    • You can be sure that Obama and the Clintons are in the wings orchestrating the coup of America to follow Venezuela to become a socialist country!

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