WATCH — Families Cheer Doctor Suing Hospital For Ivermectin Ban

( Exclusive) – The radical left is doing everything in their power to ensure the COVID “pandemic” doesn’t go away anytime soon, at least not until everybody on planet earth submits and receives the COVID-19 shots.

These globalist psychopaths have even gone as far as to demonize and outright ban safe and effective drugs used to treat COVID like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

These powerful medications have been and are being used all over the world to safely treat COVID. Yet, hospitals here in America have been banning them for no other reason than they are safe, effective and cheap.

Dr. Paul Marik, a physician and medical professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School, is suing Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, where he is the director of the ICU over the hospital banning him from using ivermectin to treat COVID patients.

He arrived at a Norfolk, Virginia, courthouse on Thursday where he was greeted by supporters holding signs, cheering him on and chanting his name.

On the signs were stories of loved ones who have been or are currently being denied ivermectin. One sign told of a husband now in the ICU being denied the drug and another told of a husband who had died.

In a display of gratitude, Dr. Marik held his right hand on his heart while supporters shouted “God bless you Dr. Marik” and “God bless you St. Paul, you go!”

His court appearance on Thursday was to ask for a temporary order that would allow him to dispense the drug while the case moves on.

“I think it’s criminal,” Marik said of the ban, reported WTKR-TV in Norfolk. “It’s immoral, and it’s illegal.

“Can you understand the toll that that takes, that I have young patients – young patients in the 30s and 40s, who I had to watch die – while the hospital prevented me from giving them the treatment I thought was in their best interest?”

It absolutely is criminal. Doctors should have full discretion to treat patients the way they see fit especially if that treatment involves a medication that has won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, as ivermectin has.

In his lawsuit, he argues Virginia’s Advanced Directive statute gives hospitalized patients the right to determine how they are treated as long as a doctor determines that the treatment is appropriate.

He points out in the complaint that the statute does not say “as determined by the hospital.” It specifically says “as determined by (their) attending physician.”

Marik told local WAVY-TV that the issue is much bigger than just one particular drug.

“This is not about ivermectin. This is about the bedside doctor being able to do what doctors have been doing for decades, and what doctors do across the world,” he said. “Doctors decide what is the best treatment for their patients, and they alone are responsible for the patient and the treatment of the patient.”

He said ivermectin is among other “safe off-label drugs that they are prohibiting me from using.”

Meanwhile, Sentara Healthcare, claimed in an email to the TV station, that it “follows evidenced-based protocols as recommended by trusted agencies including CDC, NIH, and FDA.”

“All of these agencies currently do not recommend the use of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 due to a lack of evidence regarding its safety and efficacy.”

The truth is, as Marik has pointed out, the evidence and data supporting ivermectin as a safe and highly effective drug to fight COVID-19 is overwhelming and hospitals are killing patients by banning the drug.

Hospitals have no right to get in between a doctor and their patients. This COVID lunacy has gone way too far.

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  1. 60 BILLION doses prescribed worldwide, very few side effects. Pulitzer prize in 2015. WHY are they blocking it?
    Because the NWO is hell bent on decimating the population with this bio weapon. In order to control the population, and get rid of any control group, they must do everything they can to ensure every last human is infected.
    And, Ivermectin is cheap, effective, and goes against their global plan of decimating the population and/or sterilizing a generation…. or two.


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