WATCH: Fauci Slips, Praises Collaboration With Chinese Communist Party

( Exclusive) – National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci made a pretty huge slip about his agency and their collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party concerning coronavirus research, which shouldn’t surprise anyone as this guy is pretty much the epitome of evil.

When you have the kind of ego that Fauci has, with an appetite for attention that is insatiable, you’re bound and determined to do one too many interviews and end up popping your gums off about things you aren’t supposed to talk about in public.

According to Infowars, Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser basically admitted in a recent interview to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s accusation that the National Institute of Health worked closely with the Chinese Communist Party on gain-of-function research, which is something he’s denied vehemently over the course of the last year.

“In a very minor collaboration, as part of a subcontract of a grant, we had a collaboration with some Chinese commu…uh, Chinese scientists,” Fauci went on to say during his chat with PolitiFact.

Fauci then said that Paul “conflated that” during an earlier Senate hearing, going on to claim that “we were involved in creating the virus, which is the most ridiculous, majestic leap I’ve ever heard of.”

“In the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions from earlier that morning, Paul accused Fauci of ‘juicing up’ the coronavirus by funding the Wuhan Virology Institute’s ‘gain of function research” through the NIH,'” the report said.

“Three million people have died from this pandemic, and that should cause us to explore all possibilities. Instead, government authorities, self-interested in continuing gain-of-function research, say there’s nothing to see here,” Sen. Rand Paul remarked.

“For years, Dr. Ralph Baric, a virologist in the US, has been collaborating with Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Virology Institute, sharing his discoveries about how to create super-viruses. This gain-of-function research has been funded by the NIH,” he continued.

Sen. Rand Paul isn’t the only person who has come after Fauci over many of the lies and half truths he’s told since taking the spotlight at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, one of the leading voices in the conservative movement, Hugh Hewitt, had an interview with Fauci himself not long ago where he ripped into him, asking him to step down from his current position.

According to this report, Hewitt went on to say during the interview, “I’ve lost confidence in the CDC and FDA. And I actually believe a lot of Americans, a significant part of America now has lost confidence in you, Doctor. is there a point where you will say I do more harm than good because people don’t listen to me anymore and step aside?”

Fauci responded by stating, “No. Absolutely and unequivocally no.”

Yes, Fauci should resign. But it needs to go further than that.

This man has been wrong in his approach to this pandemic every step of the way. His suggestions for how to handle this have damaged our economy and cost lives. Not to mention all of the lies about working with China on the gain-of-function research, and the horrific experiments on animals and children that have been done under his leadership.

Add this all up and it’s clear his remaining years should be spent in prison.

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  1. While all of your theories on how and where FauxChi should be punished, ALL of them are far to gentle. I shall now share my idea on how this psychotic serial killer should be dealt with. I find it hard to imagine anyone will be disagreeable

    1- acquire salt gun
    2 – load salt gun
    3 – aim salt gun
    4 – fire salt gun
    5 – IMPACT
    6 – strap mr fauxchi to top of red ant hill
    7 – watch ants devour mr fauxchi from point of impact onward
    8 – notice, point of impact, is left nugget
    9 – enjoy the live stream on CNN

  2. Once again, I call for a citizens arrest. If no one else can bring charges against this guy than it seems “we the people” will once again have to step into the abyss and end this farce that has become more of a menace than the disease. Along with his communist sidekicks in Washington DC, Biden, Pelosi, Sanders, and their progressive army in the congress, who have spent the last year trying to end everything else, “American”, we had better act soon or their will be little left to do except drive them out by force.
    I’m beginning to believe that the Constitution is deficient in not outlining precisely how “we the people” should end such a disastrous president and his subordinates like Fauci. I’m pretty sure that’s what the 2nd Amendment is for, but it’s going to be extremely messy in it’s application. We may be left with little choice. A lot hinges on the elections this year which the democrats are threatening to rig in their favor by eliminating the filibuster to pass their, “for the people act”, which is anything but, “for the people”. If it was for the people, they would have no trouble passing it, but it is for, “the party”. I mean the Communist Party USA. If you voted for Biden, you voted for these guys and the rest of us should never forgive you.
    Their plan is to keep all of us separated and individuals, but we need to unite. All Biden has to do is call on the military to fight his battles. We need to organize and prepare to take these guys on because they will be sent to take out the individuals. That is the plan. Like the Jan6 protestors they keep in solitary confinement against the laws of the America I grew up in. Scary to think people might be plotting against them, they say. But why wouldn’t they be planning to take back their country from these traitors? It can’t be sedition to take back what was stolen from you. We hold that truth to be as self evident as the others in the Constitution. Traitors have forfeited any rights they may have had. Trying to create a Marxist, socialist, state in America is just about as traitorous as it gets.

  3. I think these experiments that doctor fauci doctor patchy has done on these biggles and monkeys and monkeys should be done on him and his family and the president Biden for allowing it

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