WATCH: Hardcore Trump Supporter Charlie Kirk Reveals Lt. Michael Byrd As Shooter Of Ashli Babbitt

( Exclusive) – On Sunday morning, Charlie Kirk, who is the founder of Turning Point USA, dropped a huge truth bomb on the Sunday Morning Futures program that will no doubt make Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and all of her fellow minions in the Democratic Party very, very upset.

According to Gateway Pundit, Kirk is actually the first personality to name-drop Lt. Mike Byrd as the person responsible for the murder of US veteran Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol riots on January 6th.

The folks over at the Gateway Pundit were actually the first folks to report the identity of Byrd as the shooter in this horrific incident after Capitol Police have refused to reveal the name of the individual responsible for months.

“We’re still in the allegedly phase but according to Real Clear Politics and Real Clear Investigations it looks that, we’re pretty certain to believe that it’s a man by the name of Lieutenant Byrd, Michael Byrd, and there’s more information that is going to come out around this in the coming weeks,” Kirk said about Babbitt’s killer.

Paul Sperry over at Real Clear Investigations also revealed Lt. Michael Byrd as the killer in the incident back on July 7th.

In a report that was completed a week ago, GP helped put the pieces together concerning the identity of Babbitt’s shooter by confirming that Lt. Byrd was indeed the officer who left his gun in a Capitol building restroom back in 2019.

William Hall sent the publication a video on Gab that also helps provide a lot of evidence that Byrd is indeed the individual who shot Babbitt.

As it turns out Capitol Hill Sergeant At Arms Timothy Blodgett accidentally confirmed the identity of the shooter during testimony he gave.

“We’re in close contact. The situation where you discussed where officer Byrd was at the door when Miss Babbitt was shot. It was our sergeant at arms employee who rendered the aid to her,” Blodgett said.

If you check out these photographs (here, here, here, and here), you’ll clearly see that Byrd is a dangerous individual who is totally incompetent and should not be allowed to carry a firearm as a police officer. In other words, he needs to be removed from active duty as soon as possible.

Byrd violates four critically important rules of safety when handling a firearm.

You always treat every gun as loaded until you’ve thoroughly inspected it and ensured there is no round in the chamber. The gun should always be pointed in a safe direction. You never point the weapon at anything unless you plan on shooting and killing or destroying the target.

Another important rule for gun safety is to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. And finally, always know your target and what is beyond or behind that target.

This man ignores all of these rules. Add that in with the fact he left his weapon unattended in a bathroom and the incompetence becomes rather clear.

Byrd needs to face justice for what he did to Babbitt.

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  1. If you know the novel “The portrait of Dorian Gray” he was a revered handsome gentleman who was really a monster. While he was adored by his peers, his portrait in the attic was rotting. That is why I call Pelosi “Dorianna”!!!!!

  2. So I’ll call out the elephant in the room. A rioting protestor death while in the Capitol building invasion can be spun into an insurrectionist event.
    But an unarmed protestor shot dead by Capitol security unnecessarily,
    The orchestrators of this media event made to promote political persecution, DO NOT WANT THIS TO OCCUR.
    So her poor husband and the Nation, has been kept in the dark by a propogandist mainstream media, for purpose. Journalistic dedication to reporting truth was the farthest concern from mainstream journalisms mind.

    • All talk when will there really be the works?
      Last war was the Civil War in this land that rocked the world and this nation
      Talk is cheap, action is costly
      Freedom comes with a price tag, so does every government in the world, only freedom is EXPENSIVE
      Politicos do not like to share only rule

    • You Dems/Socialists are beyond help. You cannot see the forrest for the trees. How you can support a Communist Government is way beyond the true Americans of this country. 81 million votes for the most unpopular President in U.S. History??? Give me a _______break!!!!!

    • Unfortunately for her Jack she wasn’t one of those George Floyd types today’s progressive liberal trash idolize and honor for their crimes.

      Not being a member of oBama’s tribe certainly doesn’t help.

  3. someone needs to help the people they are holding {TRUMP SUPPORTERS} unlawfully and UN AMERICAN NOW!!!!!!! how is this possible with all the corrupt DEMO RATS GOING UNCHECKED THIS IS NUTS!!!!!

    • You are watching communism from a front seat ticket. The DOJ are communists, the FBI are communists, the judicial creeps in DC are communists …. and they all go by the name of DEMOCRAT.

  4. They say” . . . you’ll clearly see that Byrd is a dangerous individual who is totally incompetent and should not be allowed to carry a firearm as a police.. .”

    I say that the democrats are the dangerous group of individuals who are totally incompetent and should not be allowed to hold office.
    Thus we have a government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state.”the danger is that Democrats have reduced us to a “kakistocracy”,
    a state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens.

  5. Well grandmothers, fathers, mothers and others are in solitary confinement with no charges pending, often enduring physical abuse and permeant injury and denied medical treatment, yet Schumers personal security antifa and BLM members who killed looted and burned communities are FREE with out accountability.

    Justice does not exist here !

  6. Lieutenant Michael Byrd, Chuck Schumer’s private security, is the officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt. Imagine that. Indict him for murder now, and Chucky Schumer for conspiracy to cover up a murder.

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