WATCH: Whistleblower Comes Forward To Expose “Dirty” Truth About The COVID-19 Vaccine

( Exclusive) – One of the things you’ll never hear on the mainstream media news coverage concerning the vaccine for the coronavirus is the total number of people who are either dying from it or are experiencing adverse side effects that ruin lives.

Instead, you’ll get bombarded by propaganda as the radical left continues to capitalize on the pandemic as a means of justifying massive power grabs that they are using to then divide the country into factions so they can alter the very fabric of our nation and transform it.

A good example of the kind of stuff you won’t see on CNN or MSNBC is a board certified occupational therapist who recently came forward and claimed that he has seen far more people dying from the vaccine than from COVID.

According to WND, Abrien Aguirre recently spoke to Hawaii Free Speech News, which is a citizen-journalist video channel, where he stated, “I’ve seen 32 elderly people pass away immediately after taking the Moderna vaccine. None of that is being talked about on the news. It doesn’t fit their narrative.”

“I’ve seen more patients die from the vaccine than from COVID,” he went on to say. Aguirre then stated that he works for Oahu’s largest skilled nursing facility and has actually served in three different coronavirus units with geriatric patients, the very people who are at the highest risk of dying from COVID.

“The people moved to the COVID unit, didn’t have COVID. They tested positive with the PCR test, but most of them were asymptomatic and only suffering from their pre-existing conditions,” he went on to say.

Aguirre then came out and stated that people who died from other terminal conditions were then listed officially as coronavirus deaths.

“A billing department in a nursing facility had therapists change its medical diagnosis codes from conditions such as pulmonary disorder to COVID to get higher reimbursements, he said,” the report detailed.

“In some instances, said Aguirre, people that hadn’t even tested positive were listed as having COVID-19,” WND’s report continued.

“It’s just fraud on every level,” he went on to say.

This is what the left doesn’t want you to know, folks. Because COVID has presented them with a golden opportunity to usurp authority, power, and control over the general population that they do not want to let go of.

Unless we the people make it clear to our elected officials that if they don’t stop putting these mandates out there, if the media doesn’t start telling the truth, we are going to boot them from office come election time, nothing will ever change.

These folks are weak. If we just say no and stand firm on that, they will cave.

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  1. “US Drug Regulators Approve Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine” … if you didn’t believe America is falling, this headline will enlighten you. The fascist FDA and ‘her’ Nazi stooge have been and are compromised by big pharma. They can shove their toxic crap right up their collective a—.

    Show us the peer reviewed studies proving the safety of these toxins, please.

  2. Why the hard push for a virus that had a 0.2% morbidity rate? fauci, the cdc, the msm have all repeatedly lied about the virus. the cdc is now usurping power and violating the constitution with the blessing of the obiden administration .
    This is a coordinated effort by the globalists to create chaos so they can start the one world govt. The key is breaking the US.

  3. I agree with the general theme of his claims about the need to reclaim our freedom and to stop the continued government mandates based on fake science. However, his claim that he has seen more people die from the vaccine than from Covid itself is totally baseless and only based on the same assumptions that he is criticizing. He mentions that these are elderly people, a small number (32) amongst the tens of millions vaccinated. He is assuming that they died because of the vaccine without any scientific proof; they might have died from their “natural causes”. I am not saying that these vaccines, like any others, are totally risk-free, but to assert that more people have died from the vaccine than from the disease itself is totally baseless and misguided.

    • He is only telling of his experiences, and is well qualified to determine what someone has died from, but unfortunately he is not the only person reporting these same facts.

      Lately, more doctors are recently saying the same, only after so many millions of people have been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccines, they are saying more people are dying from the vaccines than are now dying from the Covid-19 virus.

      The CDC has said many times, that of the people the liberal media has been reporting to have died from the Covid-19 virus, now above 600,000 people, that only 6% of them actually died from the Covid-19 virus, the others from other causes, like auto accidents, shootings, preexisting morbid conditions, and many other things.

      The recovery rate from the Covid-19 virus has now reached 99.86% of those found to have been infected, with only a 0.14% morbidity rate. Many doctors are treating their Covid-19 virus infected patients successfully with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and zinc, as the “American Front Line Doctors” organization has a cure that has proven to work on 100% of their Covid-19 virus patients that they have treated, in all stages of the infection, from early to late treatment, which consists of a concoction that includes hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D3, and vitamin C.

      All of this is known proven fact and recorded statistics, so why are they wanting to force the American people to take a dangerous Covid-19 vaccine, that doesn’t prevent many vaccinated people from catching the Covid-19 virus, and when they do become infected with the Covid-19 virus, after being fully vaccinated with one of the Covid-19 vaccines, they become super-spreaders of the supposedly new highly resistant Covid-19 variant viruses. What is the ulterior reasons and motives of forcing healthy people to take a vaccine that prevents infection a benign (tremendous recovery rate) Covid-19 virus?

      Bill Gates and George Soros funded Moderna, Phizer, and Johnson & Johnson to use gene therapy, that changes our human DNA, to stop the infection of Covid-19 virus, instead of the usual methods of vaccines made from the infection agent to get our immune systems to prevent infection of said agent. Bill Gates and George Soros are also members of a small billionaire group of “Global Elitists”, who have been demanding that the human population on Earth be reduced by 90% or more, in order to save the planet and it’s ecology.

      So what is the ulterior motive behind these gene therapies, falsely labeled vaccines, to stop the infection of the Covid-19 virus, which we have proof they don’t even nearly work all the time on all the people, but have terrible side affects and have killed supposedly over a hundred thousand Americans, or is it to reduce the human population on the planet Earth? How do we know that these gene therapies actually even work on the millions of people that have been frightened and scared into getting them? Have they ever tried to infect any vaccinated people with the Covid-19 virus, and failed?

    • RIGHT ON .. Randy. The answer to why they are pushing this experimental, gene altering mRNA toxin can only be logically and rationally explained thusly … the UN Agenda 21 to depopulate the planet and establish a global, one world government is their game plan. Nothing more, nothing less.

      The fact that “American Front Line Doctors” and many hundreds more credible professionals attest, and have proven that hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and zinc, and nutrition work should be enough to stop this madness … but the propaganda is strong with fear and censorship.

  4. Thank you for speaking the truth, be very careful because the Radical left has no tolerance for a different view like yours. (they may try to hurt you physically – I am serious)

  5. This would explain the big push to make you take their crap! My friends mom passed the day after taking this crap. If they try to cut off food and other things we need we will just take it! Like their BLM did! And we to will just ignore their corrupt courts! They are trying to start a civil war! And it just may be them that pays for it!

  6. Anybody that uses their brain know that the left is using the Caronavirus as a political tool to enslave America and have the power and government control over the masses. In other words, the Dems want to control every aspect of out lives.

    • They’ll have their sheep walk backwards with masks on one day …. They’re all lemmings with today’s progressive trash .

  7. Congratulations to President Xi and the Chinese people on the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China!

    — Donald J. Trump

    • Congratulations to the Taliban for exposing the left’s hero’s weaknesses .

      XBiden and his wonderful family of criminals .

    • Congratulations to Al Qaeda for Joe Biden’s gift of freedom and American weapons .

      — Corrupt Joe Biden 2021

  8. “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”


    • Have you watched that group of scientists doing autopsies on people dying after receiving the vaccine..under the microscope they found holes in every organ, the circulatory system and brain caused by a protein in the vaccine. The age group studied ranged from early twenties on up!! This nation could face a huge die off—-Pretty scary


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