We Finally Know Who Uvalde Police Chief Was Calling During Shooting

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – While we’re typically big supporters of law enforcement, as they work a tireless job to try and keep law and order in our communities and are often under assault by vicious left-wing socialists who want widespread chaos to ensue so as to justify calls for greater federal authority, the truth of the matter is, the police in Uvalde, Texas completely failed its citizens on May 24, 2022.

This is not up for debate. Officers in this department failed horrifically in their sworn duty to serve and protect, refusing to enter a room in a school building where a crazed gunman was shooting up a bunch of children. A total of 21 people were murdered, almost all of them kids.

According to The Western Journal, a report released over the course of the weekend helped to provide a much better, clearer picture of just how deep the failures by this department go. It’s pretty bad, folks.

“According to the U.K. Daily Mail, rather than send in the dozens of officers who were on standby into classrooms 111 and 112, Robb Elementary School Police Chief Peter Arredondo chose to negotiate with the gunman, begging him to come out,” the Western Journal reported.

Why in the world would you be attempting to negotiate with a man who is already actively shooting and killing people? The time to negotiate was long over by then. At that point, the chief should have had his men charging into the building and the classroom to fill this guy full of lead in order to rescue the children.

CNN recently released exclusive body cam footage from the law enforcement response to the shooting.

The footage that was captured shows Arredondo chatting on the phone, pleading with the shooter to surrender.

“Let me know if there’s any kids in there or anything,” Arredondo went on to say, according to a report from the Daily Mail. “This could be peaceful.”

The gunman did not respond, however, Arredondo continue to pursue negotiations.

“Can you tell me your name, anything that can help, please?” the police chief stated. Still no answer.

In the footage provided by CNN Arredondo is heard begging the shooter to drop his weapons. Why would he do that when he clearly understood these officers weren’t going to do anything to actually try and stop him.

What’s truly upsetting about the whole situation is that even after learning kids were in the classroom, the police still did nothing at all to resolve the situation and rescue the children.

“The officers present, including Arredondo, then heard a series of gunshots,” the Western Journal reported. “Despite this, they can be seen holding their positions and standing around.”

Another six minutes passed before the officers breached the room, according to the report from CNN.

The question everyone wants to see answered now is why in the world would you be trying to negotiate with someone with guns on the kids, especially when you have plenty of officers at your disposal?

The people of Uvalde deserve answers as to why this occurred.

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  1. And then there’s Matthew McConoughey who doesn’t even consider that the police stood off as long as they could so this p.o.s. animal could kill as many as possible. McConoughey is talking about running for governor in TX and can’t figure out there was more to this shooting than the gun. As far as I can tell, these cops were responsible for as many deaths as the sub human trash that pulled the trigger. You’ll never hear the idiot McConoughey admit to it. No, he’s way to busy pandering to his Hollywood buddies and impressing them with the fact that he can be equally as out of touch and stupid as they are. After all, there the ones who will give him his next award.


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