WELL, WELL, WELL: AZ Audit Could Not Find The Identity Of 86,391 Voters… 73.8% Are Democrat Or No Party Affiliation

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – One of the findings of the Arizona forensic audit of the 2020 election results was that there was no match for 86,391 people who cast ballots. This information is found on page 56 of the “Results Details” report.

According to Gateway Pundit, these Maricopa County voters cast ballots last November, yet, they don’t actually seem to exist. The ones who are registered as Democrats or who selected no party affiliation represent a stunning 73.8 percent of the unknown voters (screen shot here).

That is 63,757 ballots. Why would they not select an affiliated party? Because not checking that box makes it much more difficult to monitor nefarious registrations.

“Cyber Ninja’s used Melissa Personator which is arguably the best commercial service to validate U.S. or Canadian identities. It scours private and government databases including USPS and Social Security Administration. Cyber Ninja’s oddly concludes most of these “unknowns” might be real people that just have limited public records. Our name, DOB, SS#, and address are in every State and Fed database. If you can’t be found using these credentials, something is definitely wrong,” the report said.

“The Ninja’s didn’t consider Maricopa’s history, it’s registration battles, or issues with non-citizen voters. They make no consideration the database might have been manipulated but know it was hacked Nov. 5th 2020. Had the Senate subpoenaed Maricopa’s VRAS servers and tasked CyFIR to investigate, we might know a whole lot more,” the report continued.

“In March 2017 the new Maricopa Recorder disclosed that tens of thousands of unprocessed voter registration forms were sitting in stacked boxes in their office. Helen Purcell (Republican) had been the Recorder up to this point and was replaced 2 months earlier by Democrat activist Adrian Fontes. These boxes were voter applicants who couldn’t provide proof of U.S. citizenship or identity. They were notified by mail to provide additional documentation and the forms had been held indefinitely. Why?” The report asked.

Back in 2004, Arizona passed a piece of legislation known as Prop 200. In order to be eligible to vote, citizens living in the state would be required to provide proof of their U.S. citizenship and their personal identity. The state registration form was changed in order to accommodate the new law.

As you can already imagine, Democrats were not big fans of this particular law and began to resist it and then began to implement the use of the Federal Voter Registration Form, which doesn’t require voters to provide identification or proof of citizenship.

“In 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that AZ must accept this Federal Form. However, those voters would only receive ballots that list Federal candidates – President and Congress. These are classified as “Federal Only” voters in AZ. It’s bullshit. Democrats exclusively use the Fed Form in AZ to bypass citizenship and other ID issues,” the GP report said.

After the 2018 election took place in Maricopa County, the Board of Supervisors realized that they had some very serious issues with elections and corruption. Investigators discovered that all elections staff answered to County Recorder Fontes and the Board did not have any insight into elections.

In June of 2019, the Board decided to add a second “Director of Elections” position. One of the directors now answers to the Supervisor Board while the other answers to the County Recorder.

“Fontes provided no resistance to the changes because he retained unaccountable control of VRAS, the voter registration system for Maricopa. These are the keys to the kingdom. Fontes then coordinated with Democrat SOS Katie Hobbs to process those boxes of non-citizen applications and get them into the AZ voter rolls,” the report explained.

From the time of the 2018 midterm election, all the way to the November 2020 presidential election, Maricopa County ended up adding a stunning 340,676 new voter registrations.

That’s a 13.1 percent increase in only two years time. The “Deputy Registrar” initiative that was created by Fontes gave 638 liberal volunteers access to VRAS and processing of registration forms.

There’s a lot of shady business that has gone down with this past election, and it’s all coming to the surface now. So what are we going to do with all of this proof of fraud?

According to Infowars, since the audit has discovered that Trump won the election by a fairly large margin, the results need to be immediately decertified. And these results should also spur other states on to conducting their own audits so that they can see for themselves whether or not fraud altered the results of their elections.

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  1. Yep! It is time to do the right thing and tell the world Trump won! let the Democrats spend some money trying to come up with a good lie! Even though Basement Joe will pardon them all! I only hope the people get to know their names! Maybe the people would like to talk to them! This will be the second time the Democrat has been caught cheating with their machines! We need to not let them count anything ever again! And the big guy that thought this up needs to be in jail!

  2. Well folks, I admit that i was skeptical at first, But now its clear that there were procedures followed and not followed that CLEARLY indicate that there was a problem all across the country, UNFORUNATELY there seems to be nothing we can do about it, Our Judicial system is broken and Biased, The Democrats are completely corrupt and power hungry, Our Republican Party has NO BACKBONE, We have a President in office that is destroying our country, Our only hope now will be the MID-TERM ELECTIONS we must remove from office those that are supporting this President sadly that includes SEVERAL RINOS AS WELL. Its long past time for some of these lifetime politicians to be sent home they have been there FAR TOO LONG, and there in lies the problem they have ignored their voters and our country far too long its has become all about POWER AND CONTROL RATHER THAN COUNTRY AND THE VOTERS, They dont believe any longer that they work for us and we can FIRE THEM and we should. We cant get BIDEN out of office, But we can most certainly stop his RADICAL AGENDA by removing his support from Congress.


  4. There is no point in auditing other states when the machines are tampered with, prior to handing them over.
    The cheats and liars are well ensconced in an office they stole.
    Doing what they do best.
    To ensure it does not happen again there must be equal participation of both party workers to make sure the cheating is not repeated in the next election.

  5. Allegedly this is all nonsense according to a “well-informed other site” Biden lover. Yeah, Brain Dead Biden, the illegal, worthless, incompetent, lying pig got even more votes than originally tallied! Right. Not only is the AZ governor a major loser, no doubt on the take or he’s just stupid like Biden.

  6. This will never amount to anything. Nothing at all will be done about it. The Democrats will see to that. The whole damn country is one big cesspool of corruption.


    • You using GODS name as a cuss word is perfectly aligned with how the evil left would have you. When we lost our reverence for GOD and starting teaching evolution/ Darwinism which are both leftist lies taught as truth America began it slippery slope into what we have today. Leftist have a god and it’s name is government.


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