What’s Wrong With Hillary? Clintons Take Depressing Stroll As Hillary Covers Herself From Head To Toe

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – When the Clintons aren’t busy plotting the demise of America with the Deep State radical left cabal, they’re enjoying beach vacations in the Hamptons like regular Americans.

Well, sort of.

In pictures obtained by the Daily Mail, the Clintons can be seen taking a stroll down the beach while on their annual Hamptons trip to Amagansett. Everything sounds normal until you see the pictures.

Hillary Clinton, 73, is completely covered from head to toe (screen shots here and here), even her hands, from the sun as she walks with her husband, former president Bill Clinton, 75. The two reportedly didn’t have much to say to each other and Hillary needed a break after walking just a half a mile.

As the Daily Mail noted, the couple looked like “glum and glummer” as they strolled along the sand flanked by Secret Service while other beachgoers basked in the sun and enjoyed the water.

Could the “glum” appearance be because of an upcoming drama on FX by Ryan Murphy titled, “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” in which the Monica Lewinsky scandal will come roaring back to haunt them?

It certainly seems possible.

The Daily Mail reported that just before the depressing stroll down the beach, Bill Clinton seemed to be in high spirits as he took part in the 73rd East Hampton Artist and Writers Annual Softball Game where he “sported a flamboyant Hawaiian shirt tucked into red pants.”

The show will chronicle the events that led to Clinton’s impeachment on December 19, 1998 after the “national crisis” that ensued as a result of his sexual affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.

Bill is being played by Clive Own, Hillary by Edie Falco, Linda Tripp by Sarah Paulson and the infamous Monica Lewinsky is being played by Beanie Feldstein. The multi-part series will take place over ten hour-long episodes.

The most graphic the series goes is a kiss between Clinton and Lewinsky and the reason for that, according to show writer Sarah Burgess, is that “everybody already knows the ‘graphic sexual detail’ of the 90’s scandal that made Monica’s blue dress as notorious as the White House intern herself.”

This could explain why the Clintons strolled along the beach essentially incognito and barely speaking.

It’s sure hard to feel any kind of compassion for these two, especially the twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary.

She has said truly appalling things about American citizens who don’t agree ideologically with her and has been a vocal proponent of the radical agenda currently overtaking and destroying America.

She’s about as likeable as Kamala Harris and that isn’t likeable at all.

It would be great if the Clintons would just fade away into the obscurity of history but that doesn’t appear to be likely. Hillary Clinton loves to hear herself talk and she mistakenly believes she is still very relevant in politics.

We’re not sure what it will take to make the Clintons go away but one thing seems to be clear from their sullen day on the beach: you reap what you sow and the Clintons have sown a lot of bad seeds.

No wonder they look so miserable on the beach, in the summer.

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  1. Who ? gives a “D” about the Clintons health when there has been 50+ people die from so call suicide that were associated with them!

  2. Hey, doc, Trump accomplished 65 goals that benefited this nation, including reducing taxes for EVERYONE, reducing unnecessary federal regulations, which helped ALL businesses, both small and large, controlled immigration, and gave us a strong armed forces! What have brainless joe, traitor obama, and slick willy and other so-called presidents done that benefited this nation? The Afganistan fiasco can be laid at the doorstep of you commicrats and so can our business ills! And so can our weak borders!

  3. there goes the neighborhood, first obummer and moochelle, now slick willie and hitlery. black trash/white trash. what was that carvell said about dragging a dollar bill through a trailer park. omg.

  4. What’s wrong with Hillary…. She’s probably suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome as most of today’s progressive loons .

    What a pity there’s no vaccine for that .

    • TDS=tRUMP DENIAL SYNDROME is what your cult has i can at lest admit that the Democrats are not perfect but can you say the same about tRUMP???

  5. This so called documentary is nothing anyone will want to watch. We all know that these people are evil! Most, not all, democrats are evil. Hillary is a really good example. The documentary should be called a 10 long hours, instead of 10 hours long!

  6. It proves MONEY CANT BUY HAPPINESS, These two have all the money they could steal and in the end they look like two very miserable people.

  7. That woman is so evil ! I can only hope she is suffering. Looks like Bill is still chasing the younger gal in the photo! And Hillary like Michelle Obama has gain a hundred pounds of pure lard! Absolutely loved the title DRAGGIN THE HAG! Really fits Hillary. But still would like to see her in jail!

  8. I would suggest that she is now “the incredible shrinking woman”. She is inches shorter than Bill than she was 2 decades or more ago. Much more than suggesting that osteoporosis could cause. She does not even carry herself like someone who suffers with osteoporosis has to due to the loss of muscles and bone. She is standing straight upright in the picture above. This is not Hillary at all.

  9. Haha, these pics must b pretty bad they won’t come up on my server, they (big tech supporters of Clintons) must b trying to protect her but I seen one of Killary the night b 4 on a rumble comment. Yeah she looks awful

  10. They look more than miserable …. they look like death warmed over. In lieu of all their lies, treachery, and deceiving these two dirt bag scum bags … still roam free.

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