WHITE HOUSE IN FULL PANIC MODE! Joe Biden To Travel To Pennsylvania In Response To News Of Upcoming Forensic Audit

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The fraudulent Biden regime is in a full-blown panic after Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano announced on Wednesday that he has enough support in the Senate and on his committee to launch an audit into the November election and the 2021 primaries with subpoena power.

The focus of Mastriano’s audit will, as of now, be Philadelphia, Tioga, and York counties though Mastriano has indicated he would ideally prefer a statewide audit.

Nonetheless, this is bad news for the Biden regime.

Mastriano says the audit will be similar to the Maricopa County audit in Arizona but that he plans to go much deeper.

On Wednesday he released an official announcement and put corrupt Democrats in the state, like Governor Tom Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro, on notice.


Senator Mastriano gave the three PA counties three weeks to comply or face potential subpoenas and told Steve Bannon on Bannon’s podcast War Room that he might expand the audit to include other counties.

The left is now in panic mode and on Friday Joe Biden announced his plans to travel to the corrupt city of Philadelphia next week (screen shot here) in order to support Democrats in the state and their efforts to stop any audits or investigations.

The Conservative Treehouse reported that Biden and his regime have recognized that “all prior corrupt activity must be protected and maintained.”

Despite it taking months for Kamala Harris to actually visit the border, and then massively missing the mark, it only took days for Joe Biden’s handlers to arrange for him to visit the election crisis in Pennsylvania.

PA voters have been feeling completely disenfranchised and have lost faith in the system. The only way to restore their trust is through an audit and millions of Pennsylvanians have been calling for it and are in support of it.

Nonetheless, Joe Biden and his regime don’t care much for the will of the people and, as Conservative Treehouse put it, are planning to wage “war against Pennsylvania voters.”

The scale of fraud in Pennsylvania will make Arizona and Georgia look like child’s play. There is no doubt in the minds of PA voters that fraud and corruption have been running the state for years, maybe even decades, now.

Philadelphia County is as corrupt as any county in the US could possibly be and Democrats there will do anything to protect their power and control of the state.

The fraudulent activity during the 2020 election resulted in President Trump losing a massive 700,000 vote lead in the Keystone state, which eventually ended with a Biden “victory.”

Democrats know the other shoe is about to drop in PA and that’s why they’re sending in Joe Biden.

Things are about to get interesting.

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  1. The corrupt courts are the problem! You could have video evidence of them making and counting ballots! But if the corrupt court won’t let your case be heard ! You got nothing! Time to start exposing the corruption in the courts before the shooting starts! As when America gets fed up with corrupt government . They will clean out the entire whore house! And sticking your hand out could get it chopped off! That would go double for a corrupt judge!

  2. Biden is nothing more than an empty suit coward . he will not stand up for the constitution he hates it and lies about everything he says . of course behind the scenes he is being told what to say. socialism is not for this country and people that have been sitting back enjoying the free unemployment benefits will see that down the road when the government cuts it off and tells you ,” do as i say or ? ” he should take hunter with him to hell

  3. How come they don’t prosecute from the bottom up you’ll start to see the rat’s run if they did put one of the little guys in jail he’ll scream bloody murder about who told them to do stuff the ballet box, and then you go get them then you put them in jail until they tell you who told them to do that pretty soon you’ll have the big guy. Pretty soon you’ll be able to follow the money after that. The top down approach you’re fighting Power, the bottom-up approach their less likely to pay any attention to, but you put enough of them in jail they will point the finger.

  4. OK so lets think about what could happen if there is unambiguous proof
    of voter fraud so strong even democrat politicians are forced to agree, of course denying they had any part in it. What then? Impeachment? Removal from office of both Biden and Harris? Who would be president? Pelosi would be next in line. The prospect of swearing in Trump would force every democrat to vote against impeachment. The Supreme court would punt and I can understand that afterall they live in DC and want to continue living, period. Imagine the violence of the Marxists should Trump be re-installed in the Oval Office. Even CNN would have difficulty calling it a peaceful protest. I honestly dont know what a resolution could be should sufficient fraud be proven to change the election results.

    • The answer is the truth will set you free. Doing nothing will spiral you’re so called Wonderful Life in the chaos anyway. Look around that’s what’s happening now.

  5. Joke Biden the commie … the people controlling this illegal regime are a shady group of treasonous pigs called … WestExec Advisors, founded in 2017 by Tony Blinkin … of witch Jen Psaki is one of. These plus a few others of the Obama ilk tell brain-dead Joke the commie what to do, or what is left of his corrupt, dementia mush for brains.

  6. We praise and give thanks to God for those who He stands up for the rule of our country’s laws, and may God protect them from the arrows of the wicked who illegitimately hold the power of our country and use that power for evil.

  7. “. . . on Friday Joe Biden announced his plans to travel to the corrupt city of Philadelphia next week in order to support Democrats in the state and their efforts to stop any audits or investigations.” The only reason
    Biden goes to Philadelphia is to cover his wicked voter fraud and his evil butt.

    Psalms 7:9 Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, but establish the (uncompromisingly) righteous ( those upright and in harmony with You) for You, Who try the hearts and emotions and thinking powers, are a righteous God. . . . verse 16 His (the wicked) mischief shall fall back in return upon his own head, and his violence com down upon his own scalp. Verse 17 I will give to the Lord the thanks due to His rightness and justice, and I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.”

  8. Silly question tho. WHY would you send in BileDump? You’re sending in a guy that can’t remember why he ordered chocolate chip ice cream to help keep your treason under wraps? Wow, good plan ! Remember, this is the SAME guy that actually said “we have the largest fraud in history in place” or something along those lines. Talk about shooting urself in the junk.

    • He said we have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in American history. He for once in his life was telling the truth.


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