WHOA! AZ Audit Uncovers 74,000 Ballots Returned And Counted In 2020 Election Without Any Record Of Being Sent Out!

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Doug Logan, an audit expert, recently noted that the auditors working in the state of Arizona have discovered that there were 74,000 more ballots that were received and ultimately included in the results of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County than were actually mailed out.

This is further proof that something wicked was going on during the election and it tipped the scales in Joe Biden’s favor. Pretty obvious that someone plotted this whole thing out. Whoever it is needs to be held accountable.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Logan reported the find, along with some other issues that have been identified during the audit.

So again, let this sink in for a bit. The folks running the forensic audit in Arizona have found 74,243 mail-in ballots that have no clear record of ever having been sent through the mail. Put that together with the fact the state of Arizona was handed over to Biden with only a 10,000 vote victory.

As you can see, something isn’t right here.

Another report from WND revealed that Cyber Ninjas was participating in a Senate hearing where this discovery was announced.

“Officials from Cyber Ninjas also said there were 3,981 people who voted who were registered to vote after an Oct. 15 deadline, there were 11,326 people who voted who were not on the rolls on Nov. 7, but were on Dec. 4, and some 18,000 voted, but were removed from the rolls after the election,” the WND report said.

“As a result, Senate President Karen Fann said the Legislature needs more information from the county to determine exactly what happened in the state, which Joe Biden won by only about 10,000 votes last November,” the report continued.

The fight over all of these discoveries will most likely take place in the courtroom, especially since Democrats have already made an appearance there to demand information about the company, Cyber Ninjas, that is conducting the audit.

The contractor then went on to suggest that there should be plans for folks to go door-to-door to ask about voting left on the table for consideration.

“The plan would be not dissimilar from the just-announced plan from Biden to send teams door-to-door to ask Americans about their health details, specifically their COVID vaccinations,” the report added.

Logan then explained, “Based on the data we’re seeing, I highly recommend we do the canvassing because it’s the one way to know for sure whether the data we’re seeing are real problems.”

Some of the other issues that Logan said his reviewers have discovered include the county providing voters with felt-tipped markers for voting, however the marks from these instruments then bled through to the opposite side of the ballots. It’s not clear as of this writing how the markers might have impacted ballot counts.

And now it all makes sense, right?

We now know why the Democrats have been so desperate to bring this audit to an end. They have a lot of answering to do for the theft of an election and for cheating the American people out of their rightful president.

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  1. >>>The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) must be sweating it right now. They know they blew $100,000 or more on two bogus audits that they knew would give them a clean bill of health in the 2020 Election. They and the Democrats and their lawyers also know that a thorough audit of the 2020 results will uncover massive fraud.<<<
    This is what SEN Teacher just can't get straight … the truth. Silly and feeble attempts to discredit the audits from the recent, new trolls here trying to apply their dim wits.

  2. She’s definitely a Russian plant here absolutely, Agent 0 , all she does with her comments are engineered to undermine and disable American, she’s just seethes with hatred of American, I bet her real name is Irina Polkov or such similar Russian names , yep agent 0 , you have been unmarsked

    • Russia ,Russia , Russia , Russia and Trump the boogie man strikes fear into today’s progressive liberal filth doesn’t it Andy Morgan Roberts ?
      What else are you queers frighten of , other queers like you hero oBama ?

  3. George Soros reportedly is sending in his lame agitators to stir up distrust for the audit. Sounds like the Sen Teacher is confirming that report.

  4. I’m sorry guys, yet again some easily debunked information has been released so that the stolen election hopefuls can get excited because THIS IS IT, UNDENIABLE PROOF!!!
    Except of course it’s no such thing. The 74 000 votes “with no proof of being mIles’ figure Logan used is a combination of Mail votes and early votes, which are counted in the same number of Absentee voters. As Logan hasn’t released any of the tax payers funded data he’s basing his misunderstandings on no one knows what those votes really represent, so it proves zip. Not that the true believers will care, but it’s important that those who still have a vague memory of balance get to see all the info. You can Google it all very easily. This article describes Logan as an ‘Audit Expert’. As far as I know he’s never conducted an audit in his life. His ‘expertise’ seems to lie in the fact that he already believes in Trump’s big lie, that the election was stolen. Another company (Clear Ballot Group)
    with 13 years and 200 successful election audits under their belt applied for the contract but did not receive a reply. Instead it went to Cyberninjas, a company with no experience whatsoever but whose boss was already on board with the plan. It’s so corrupt it’s laughable. Unfortunately the lies and misinformation put out will ring around the conservative echo chamber and cause yet more misplaced anger and resentment. Plus ca change.

    • SEN Teacher … your comments are simply that, comments, NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR OPINION. “As far as I know”, states SEN Teacher, we can see that “your know doesn’t go very far”. Like a low-end, left-wing rag, your monotonous, condescending propaganda illuminates your liberal commie mind set.

    • You got it, Chopperpilot. No doubt the liberal trash ringleaders activated the marching orders of these new trolls that can’t for themselves. Their inadequate and lame rhetoric shows their anti-American, communistic stupidity.

  5. Interesting the legitimately of Obama was a deeply questioned issue of his legality as president that openly he refused to answer issued a DACA action that was praised by those that have ignored the Constitutional guidance is finally decided what the majority of American Citizens knew to be true from the time of issuance BUT the immense level of damage to our country and the welfare of our people has been done, Now again we have a man put in the WH of which his legitimacy is openly being questioned and the defenders of this man are refusing to answer the evidence of his fraudulent election, BUT the level of damage to our country and the welfare of this country’s People is again immense. We are a deeply empty headed and short sighted people to continue to enable the democrats to damage us with the fraud and the policies the fraud produces with their budget and policies.

  6. The democrats doing in this election what they have done in election after election, lying and stealing. Call it what it is. They have stollen our freedom and hide their thievery behind more lies and more thievery.


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