Woke NFL To Play “Black National Anthem” At All League Events In Coming Season — Including Super Bowl

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The National Football League (NFL) is continuing on with their efforts to be as “woke” as possible.

During the first week of the 2020 season the league featured the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” also referred to as the “black national anthem” but now they have announced that they plan to feature the song as “a prominent part of all big league events.”

That would include the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs, NFL draft, and NFL kickoff game according to Front Office Sports.

The song was already sung by Alicia Keys and the Cleveland All-City Choir before Super Bowl LV and even before the 2021 NFL Draft.

“Starting this May, the NFL began to highlight its quarter-billion-dollar social justice effort via an ‘Inspire Change’ content series,” Front Office Sports noted, adding, “The “Inspire Change Explainer Essay,” for example, takes viewers through the process of why the league and its players are addressing social injustice around the country.”

The “Inspire Change Explainer Essay” states, “The summer of 2020 changed all of us, including the NFL. The murder of George Floyd and the brutality experienced by so many people of color sparked an extraordinary movement across America. That summer, the NFL and its clubs committed $250 million over ten years to social justice causes.”

Apparently, it’s totally fine for organizations like the NFL to peddle complete lies and nonsense in their efforts to be more “woke.” George Floyd was a drug abuser and habitual petty criminal. No, he didn’t deserve to die. He was not a hero, however, and he did nothing to deserve the current sainthood granted to him by the left.

Not only that but where was this “brutality” experienced by “so many people of color?” Was it during the riots that they caused?

I digress.

The NFL has not revealed how much of the contributions to “social justice causes” has gone to the Marxist political organization Black Lives Matter.

All we know about where the NFL sends its money is from an article on their website that explains it sent “$44 million to its social justice programs” which funded “20 national social justice grant partners and made matching contributions to 350 local grassroots organizations identified by players and former players.”

While the NFL is taking their cues from players and donating money to organizations the players suggest, it is still possible that some of the $250 million will end up in the hands of Black Lives Matter.

The NFL has not benefited from their efforts to become advocates for “social justice.”

Front Office Sports reports that, “Average audiences fell 8% to 15.1 million viewers in 2020 as the league embraced social justice messaging on helmets, warm-up gear, fields, and stadiums … The NFL lost $4 billion last year.”

The NFL is certainly shooting themselves in the foot by continuing to push the radical social justice agenda which is based on propaganda and lies.

If alienating major chunks of your audience is good business, the NFL and all other professional sports leagues are knocking it out of the park.

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