Yes, The 2020 Election Was Stolen And The Shocking Evidence Is Already Public – See It Here

( Exclusive) – Every day, more and more evidence is coming to light proving the 2020 US presidential election was stolen.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of the War Room, Owen Shroyer pointed out that what Mark Zuckerburg was doing prior to the election was essentially canvassing major Democratic strongholds to get an idea of the margins and advantages held by Joe Biden.

He was doing this for the sole purpose of ensuring the schemes to double and triple count ballots in these areas would push Biden’s advantage far enough for him to actually get the win.

It seems that scheme paid off in several counties around the US and has just recently been exposed in Fulton County, Georgia.

Also on Tuesday’s episode of War Room, Shroyer showed a video that was posted online by Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington that shows undeniable proof of ballots being double-counted in Fulton County.

The left cannot possibly deny what that video proves. Ballots that are clearly identical were being counted as separate ballots therefore being double or triple counted in favor of Joe Biden.

Despite the fact that the radical Democrats in Congress and their media lapdog sycophants have insisted there has been “no evidence” of fraud, it appears that there, in fact, is.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik pointed this out in a Twitter post in which he also shared the video of the double-counted ballots.

“Ladies and gentlemen, and to the mainstream media, this is called evidence! Evidence that @BrianKempGA and @GaSecofState ignored as they certified the 2020 election taking the win away from President Donald Trump.”

This is clear and undeniable evidence that there was a concerted effort in Fulton County, Georgia to steal the election from the American people and from President Trump.

Before you think that maybe these were just honest mistakes, Harrington also provided proof that audit tally sheets were fabricated as well.

President Trump issued a statement in regards to the audit revelations out of Fulton County, on Wednesday, saying, “The news out of Georgia is beyond incredible. The hand recount in Fulton County was a total fraud! They stuffed the ballot box–and got caught.”

He further contended that we will lose America if nothing is done about this criminal activity and subversion of our democratic processes. He noted that the Fulton County hand recount was off by 60%.

To wrap up his statement he asked if Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr will finally make a move and wondered how Georgia Governor Brian Kemp allowed this fraud to happen in the first place.

“This is corruption at the highest level,” he asserted. “Our nation is at stake!”

Trump also pointed out that many batches of absentee ballots had been incorrectly tallied as 100-0 in Biden’s favor when in reality the batches initially had more realistic numbers like 78-22, for example, in Biden’s favor.

Will the lying mainstream media finally admit that there was, in fact, fraud in the 2020 election and that the audits are necessary? Don’t hold your breath. It does, however, feel good to finally see the evidence millions of us knew was out there all along.

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Overturn The Election

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  1. Civil War of the Hearts and Minds. When people think and feel the truth, goodness will win, and the Constitution will hold for all Civilians.

  2. No way Biden got more votes than any candidate in history. More than Obama,? Trump got more than Obama but the elite ruling communist are telling us Biden got over 82 million votes . As Biden always says ” I’m not jokin” we know !!, you are a lying dog. Democrats cannot win a fair election, so Republicans need to have as many people in the precincts as Democrats. I don’t care how many laws and rules are made to stop the steal. If they didn’t obey laws in other elections why do we think they will obey any law?. Worse thing is , all the immigrants, shutting down pipelines and all the crazy Biden is doing should not be happening. All the communist policies would not be put if democrats had not stolen the election. They are following Marx communist manifesto. Biden lecturing us on fair elections, Hillary and her no one is above the law. Biden asked if we had no shame!! They want a shooting war. Still dividing us and prosecution of innocent people is enough. Then the bastards call us extremists.

  3. “Report: Biden Nominee Edited Radical Ecoterrorist Newsletter Advocating Violence Against Government Officials”

    “A shooting outside the Nationals-Padres game in Washington, DC, led to a chaotic situation inside the ballpark as fans and players scrambled for cover.”



    “Many ‘End Up Pretending to Agree’ with Certain Opinions on Race So They Don’t Get Embarrassed on Twitter”


    Welcome to the world that Biden and the democrats are makingis making!

  4. Showing these messages on twitter is not a good idea as i am not on twitter and refuse to sign on to the corrupt liars running twitter who are complete liars and dishonest. Remember you wanted my opinion so don’t get all jumpy about my comments. Have a nice day America and may God Bless all.

  5. another election some time ago was stolen and the repercussions keep showing up.

    “Ellison fights to keep secret his deal that added 2 lawyers to his office
    Private money being used to pay for agenda-driven campaigns
    Bob Unruh By Bob Unruh
    Published July 17, 2021 at 12:52pm

    Ex-Rep. Keith Ellison

    Billionaires have lots of money and do with it what they want.

    That’s how Michael Bloomberg came to give $6 million to a State Energy and Environmental Impact Center at the New York University School of Law.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    Its plan is to pursue the global warming – or as it’s now known the climate change – agenda.

    It does that by paying to install environmental lawyers in the offices of attorneys general across the country.

    One of those who applied for the private assistance was Minnesota’s AG, Keith Ellison, and he was given funding estimated to cost up to $260,000 a year for two new attorneys in his office.

    But Ellison, as a public official, desperately has been trying to keep those transaction provisions and contingencies private.”

    This coordination is at best questionable and is considered illegal for a special interest to have paid representatives working in the AG office as government agents.


  7. The four ignorant, commie trolls here on TP are now barricaded in their pansy safe-spaces today … eyes closed with their fingers pushed into their ears going La, La, La, la…….

  8. so is the military gonna stand up for America, the oath they took to protect the Constitution and not treasonous politicians who pay off the generals that tell you to just blindly follow their orders while they sit in a 1000.00 chair smoking cuban cigars

  9. We keep seeing and reading about the corruption being uncovered but the problem is that this evidence has NOT BEEN REVEALED TO THE PUBLIC, WHEN IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN? I personally do not believe JOE BIDEN received 80 million plus votes but we the people have not seen any evidence to the contrary, I recently read that the RNC raised over 200 million dollars to investigate this election THEY have done NOTHING where did all this money go? Its well past time to reveal the evidence if it exists, IF not then its time to concentrate on the MID-TERM ELECTIONS and ensure that BIDEN SUPPORTERS are removed from Congress that includes DEMOCRATS AND RINOS.
    It does seem very strange that the Democrats are trying their best to stop the AUDITS across the country it seems logicial to me if the election was fair WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO BLOCK THE AUDITS? ANY REASONABLE PERSON IF THEY WERE CONVINCED EVERY THING WAS FAIR ABOUT THE ELECTION THEY WOULD WELCOME AN AUDIT, The Democrats didnt have any problem contesting the election in Florida when they thought their CLIMATE CHANGE HUSKSTER GORE WON, BUT NOW THIER OPINION HAS CHANGED(COULDNT POSSIBLY BE BECAUSE THEY WON). The point needs to be made its time to reveal the evidence or its time to move on to MID-TERMS, This speculation is only dividing the country even more, I personally would enjoy seeing HARRIS and BIDEN removed from office, along with their entire incompetent ADMINISTRATION, But its going to take more than just wishful thinking its going to take evidence and thus far nothing has been revealed, Something really smells but it takes proof.

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