You Won’t Believe Who The U.S. Military Is Making Its Poster Boy For ‘Pride Month’

( Exclusive) – It’s “Pride Month” and that means the hijacked rainbow is being shoved into every crevice in society to remind us that the LGBT movement is taking over America and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, just look at what’s going on in the US military. A US Air Force insider has leaked a “Pride Month” memo sent out to its entire workforce which gives a completely inaccurate account of “gay” history.

The memo is clearly partisan in nature and even includes a tribute to anti-Christian, gay activist Harvey Milk who engaged in a predatory “marriage” with a teenage boy when he was in his 30’s.

The memo, obtained by WND, was sent out “for widest dissemination” at an Air Force base in the US on June 1, which kicked off “Pride Month.” The month of June has been taken with force by LGBT activists and is dedicated to celebrating homosexuality, transgenderism, and all things depraved and unnatural. The alphabet mafia has to be aggressive with their efforts to normalize their lifestyles since millions of Americans believe the behavior to be sinful and immoral.

The Air Force memo asserts, “Pride Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ+) community, spanning over the entire month of June each year.”

“President Bill Clinton officially declared June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month on 2 June 2000. President Barack Obama expanded the observance to National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month on 1 June 2009,” the memo continues.

“Pride celebrations are held in cities throughout the country celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Celebrations range from picnics, festivals, parades, parties, workshops, and concerts.”

You might be wondering what this has to do with national security and the answer is: absolutely nothing, yet, the Air Force felt the need to make this the focus of the month. This is a particularly head-scratching move considering the timing. Americans are by and large expressing outrage and disgust over the promotion of LGBT “pride” merchandise, events, and sentiment by corporations and once-respected institutions.

Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated with the efforts to bombard children with LGBT messaging, often with an emphasis on gender confusion.

Conservatives have mounted very successful boycotts of major brands like Bud Light and Target and even Chick-fil-A. Target came under fire after stocking their stores with “pride” apparel for little children.

The American people have clearly spoken but that means nothing to the US government, including the military. The military is maintaining its wokeness even as recruitment rates plummet year after year. The military just doesn’t seem to get it, however. Those in the upper echelons believe (whether earnestly or not) that “diversity” is the solution to expanding its ranks, rather than the hurdles keeping patriotic Americans away.

The memo states:

“Members of the LGBTQI+ community serve their country, fully contribute to the DoD mission, and deserve a welcoming environment which enables them to reach their full potential. As the largest employer in the world, DoD’s reputation as a diverse and inclusive organization is essential to attracting and retaining the highly qualified talent necessary to execute our national security mission. To remain the world’s preeminent military force, we need to ensure DoD provides a professional, innovative, and globally competitive work environment where all qualified Americans can serve their country.”

The only thing the DoD is doing with their efforts to be “inclusive” is destroying the reputation of the US military and making it look weak in the eyes of our adversaries.

Corporate America nor the US military seem to care about their base audience. You really have to wonder why that is.

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  1. It’s a crime against all of mankind. Every religion says it is morally wrong and anyone with an ounce of common sense would agree but we have raised a sick society over the last thirty years and now we are harvesting degenerates as though they were roses in our gardens. They will destroy mankind if we don’t step up and quell the filth that they are spreading.

  2. I served in the Air Force from 1965 to 1969 and I am totally ashamed of what has happening tp not only The Air Force, but every branch of our military. This is just sick and totally beyond my comprehension. Our Military Leadership has lost their minds,

    • You can thank the queers queer and the lefts hero 0bama for the demise in our military.
      When were freaks like admiral Rachel Levine and william lavoie actually accepted as military types ?
      Gomer Pyle was fictional, these queers surely are not.

  3. Let’s see— Mark Milley, Austin and Blinken—-all submitted very high expense reports for the purchase of designer dresses for them to dress up and celebrate Pride month with the Rear Admiral— hopefully, they also bought condoms.

  4. Sam Briton , william lavoie and Admiral Rachel Levine are NOT military suitable unless they are seeking more freaks and queers .

  5. 0bama and william lavoie would make a great couple during pride month folks .

    They both admire today’s progressive misfits in our society.

    • I can envision those two in a bathhouse together… that’s today’s progressive men folks.


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