Bill Clinton’s Worst Fear Is Coming True, As Elon Musk Unlocked The One Account That Should Scare Him

( Exclusive) – Without a doubt, one of the top five news stories of the week is former President Donald Trump finally having his Twitter account restored by the social media company’s new owner, billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Conservatives all over the country have been celebrating the occasion, despite Trump not posting a tweet as of this writing. This is likely due to his starting a social media company of his own, Truth Social. Still, it’s encouraging to see Musk keep his word about turning this platform from censorship to focused on free speech.

However, there’s currently another former president who just got word of another account that’s been reinstated and he’s probably not too happy about it. In fact, he might be shaking in his boots with pure terror. Any idea who we might be talking about?

The Western Journal reports, Twitter has officially restored the account of Juanita Broaddrick as of Tuesday. Broaddrick is the nursing home administrator who accused former President Bill Clinton of rape while he was serving as the attorney general of Arkansas.

“According to Fox News, Broaddrick had her account locked in April after the company sent her an email accusing her of ‘violating the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19,’” C. Douglas Golden wrote for the Western Journal.

The reason Broaddrick was booted from Twitter in the first place was because she dared to say something critical of the COVID-19 vaccine, stating that it could “alter DNA,” which the company then promptly labeled as misinformation.

“When will this vaccine crap be over? Big Pharma has profited enough for the next hundred years. Stop pushing vaccines that don’t work and alter DNA,” she remarked in her tweet.

“We understand that during times of crisis and instability, it is difficult to know what to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Under this policy, we require the removal of content that may pose a risk to people’s health, including content that goes directly against guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information,” the social media platform explained in its email.

Unfortunately for Clinton — but oh so fortunate for the rest of us — Broaddrick is back in business.

Broaddrick posted a big thank you to Musk, along with another popular Twitter user who might just have the most unusual — and hilarious — account name of all time: Catturd.

It didn’t take long for Broaddrick to become a trending topic on Twitter.

She then said that her follower count went back to where it was originally, with the addition of 35,000 new ones.

And while there are tons of folks who are happy to see Broaddrick return to Twitter, you can guarantee she didn’t receive any sort of warm welcome from the Clinton family.

“Broaddrick first came to prominence in 1999, after Clinton’s impeachment trial, in which the reluctant former nursing home administrator gave a sworn statement accusing Clinton of rape in 1978,” the Western Journal noted.

“It was a horrible, horrible experience and I just wanted it to go away,” she said in an interview conducted at the time and published by The Washington Post.

However, over the course of time Broaddrick has become more bold about speaking of the incident.

“You know, the man is absolutely despicable in everything that he has done,” she went on to say in a 2018 radio interview before Clinton went out on a book tour.

“And you know the people that love him and believe him, I honestly feel … that they are brainwashed. There is no other answer. Because it has been written and proven that this man is a sexual predator,” Broaddrick continued.

Broaddrick could not be more right about Clinton and the rest of his twisted, corrupt family. We’ve been bombarded by messaging from the left that tells us we are to believe all women, yet how many in progressive circles have trashed Broaddrick and the claims she made about the former president? Why hasn’t the #MeToo gang gathered around to help encourage her and to stand up for her in her fight against a sex offender?

One word.


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  1. Bill wore the blue dress just for his dear friend Jeffrey Epstein multiple times thru out their close friendship . Facts only matter to the responsible Americans folks .
    Being married to a hag like Hillary can make any man look elsewhere .

  2. William Jefferson Clinton lost a civil lawsuit for sexual harassment to Ms.Paula Jones Corbin for $ 850,000 .
    Shame his other victims never received a dime , Isn’t folks ?

  3. Elon’s cat , william lavoie and Sam Briton are cut from the same cloth ..rainbow cultists with Trump Derangement Syndrome…God bless these fools and derelicts.

    • And to think this troll thinks his hero obama,the first gay potus would have any contact with Epstein is beyond me .
      Only people his hero raped was millions of taxpaying Americans (2genders) for 8 very long years. This hero’s husband Michael would absolutely agree Elon’s cat is just another ignorant worshipper .

    • You’ll most likely find these three stealing women’s luggage from an airport carousel because they can .

    • Looks like I’ll be putting away the trump derangement syndrome in favour of the all new Ron Desantis derangement syndrome. Now that Ron’s taking over I mean. How do you all feel about that? About Ron taking over trump in the polls and all? He’s just as conservative, he’s younger than trump, fairly scandal free so far and hasn’t got the paedophile stories always floating around in the background like trump has. Looks like you’ll be getting onboard the Ron Express soon right?

    • They’re jealous of Clinton cuz he had women in his life , not so with william lavoie types . They love gerbils and hamsters and other men .

    • Hi Chop. Us libs are fast losing interest in trump as he’s clearly in the way out. It’s all about Rocket Ron Desantis now. Trump is last years news.

    • Hi loser , you libs are always losing cuz you’re losers with Trump Derangement Syndrome gayboy.
      You outta change your avatar to 0bamasVagina , if certainly fits you better than using a responsible man’s name gayboy.

  4. Clinton, trump, Maxwell, all of these paedophiles who partied and flew with Epstein should face the death penalty. Throw in Obama and Marjorie Taylor Green as well for all the children they’ve murdered and we might start to get somewhere. Trump has raped so many people he’s forgotten most of them. Him and Bill probably laugh about it with each other when the fans aren’t watching.

    • Can we all guess you were personally there too gAyBoY ? Nah, just more TDS vomit from some ignorant troll associated with william lavoie and the other whiny losers in life .

      BTW gayboy..Elon’s cat has to be way more SMARTER than you’s not thriving on welfare and food stamps .

  5. WILLIAM LAVOLE, The only time TRUMP was around EPSTEIN was when he kicked him out of his country club thats fact not speculation, If there were evidence of Trump ever being associated with EPSTEIN the news MEDIA and your favorite party of losers would have been all over that,GET YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU POST.

    • His hero Obama was never reported to be with Epstein..we all know why that is . Don’t we little william lavoie?
      Former governor Bill Richardson , former potus Slick Willy Clinton , Bill Gates , Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew , Robert Kennedy Jr. , US Senator John Glenn ,and former senate leader George Mitchell…all democrats have been to Epstein’s island and flown on the “ Lolita Express “on several occasions.

      Facts don’t matter with lavoies cult of losers , they want their hero back .

    • obviously you missed tRUMp dancing at 1 of Epsteins parties with Epstein beside him!! so check your FACTS!!

    • Its painfully obvious little queer man william lovehole suffers from Trump derangement syndrome Lins . Look how this loser spells Trump.
      Pitiful, just pitiful.

  6. If trump had ANY real ties to Epstein that would have been the first stone the democrats/socialists would have thrown. Let’s get real – there is no connection to Epstein with trump but there is proof thst the Clinton’s were 100% connected to Epstein. Why don’t you look up a man named Alex Houston- he’s a country singer that knows the Clinton’s VERY WELL. You might be surprised lol

    • The progressive trash know damn well President Trump rebuked Epstein years ago , yet they cling to misinformation like a duck to water .
      Unfortunately The “ duck “ has more common sense than all progressive trash combined.
      See lavoie’s and leftieleft’s ignorant comments for a perfect example.

  7. Nothing will ever happen to the Clintons. They control the media,fbi and DC. They are a crime family with a massive amount of money and power that the democrats/socialists gave to them over decades. Clintons/Obama/Biden got away with robbing hundreds of millions of American taxpayer money and nothing will ever happen to any of them. Had enough yet?????

    • Sure…and that’s why Hillary won so many times and never lost an election. Are you just that dense? LOL Of course you are!

    • Love how you resort to the Clinton’s as running our country…so why hasn’t she won any of her elections? Or is that just a thing to make you look as silly as you sound?

    • It’s Bill Clinton you leftist fool ! Can’t you read Fool ?oh ,that’s RIGHT , you’re a leftie …that explains EVERYTHING Fool !

    • Karma will have its part
      Whether we see it or not
      Billy could be infected with a disease ..??
      Look at his face…
      Hillabeast is going in the same direction
      Look at her as well…
      Boomerang Era is starting soon

  8. We have been waiting for years for SLICK WILLY and the CLINTONS to face judgement and at this point its not ever going to happen, The problem with WASHINGTON is most of them are part of the D.C. swamp and they simply cant afford to go after one of their own, If one goes down they all go down they have been swimming in the same cesspool for decades, IT will only change when the the American voters wake up and its looking very doubtful they ever will happen.
    We live in the greatest and most blessed nation in the world and those of us that have served this nation and have seen the misery of other countries are well aware just how blessed we are as a nation see exactly what is happening to America. We are being destroyed and yet we stand on the sidelines and keep sending the same corrupt incompetent irresponsible people back to elected office expecting a different result, These politicians are never going to change WHY SHOULD THEY? When the American voters keep reelecting them in their minds they know they have the support of the voters, If we want change in this country then its up to we the people to force change, We cant stand on the sidelines any longer and trust Washington to do the right thing these elected officials no longer represent us they are only looking out for themselves and gaining more POWER and CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES.
    Its past time to wake up. Think about the damage that has been done to our nation in just two years by this present administration with complete approval of those serving in Congress.

    • Think about today’s progressive liberal trash (william lavoie) type of ignorant lemmings with TDS .. they love big govmint, food stamps AND your income.

  9. When will we see Epstein’s black book folks ? Surely former president Clinton would gladly share his vast experiences with Mr.Epstein and Co. . They were best of friends !

    • Poor little queer man william lavoie actually believes william Jefferson Clinton is honest as his fellow queer hero Hussein Obama folks.
      Is that not a reach into reality folks?
      Most queers have some difficulty spelling the greatest president ever Donald John Trump’s name for some reason.

      TDS or stupidity is my guess.


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