BOMBSHELL: Proud Boys Infiltrated By Over A Dozen FBI Informants On Jan. 6

( Exclusive) – If you were to take the narrative pushed by the Democrats concerning the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol building seriously, then you’d have to believe that the whole thing was a cleverly planned “insurrection” put together by a number of far-right groups led by the Proud Boys. Of course, that would not be accurate, but since when have facts ever been a genuine concern for the radical left? All that matters is discrediting and silencing the opposition.

Writing for The Western Journal, C. Douglas Golden points out that the Proud Boys were the brainchild of Gavin McInnes, which eventually transformed into something that is a mix between a far-right fraternity and a street gang notorious for picking fights with leftist groups. Enrique Tarrio, who is one of five members of the group currently awaiting trial for seditious conspiracy concerning the riot, became the head of the organization back in 2018, as per a report from Splinter News.

What’s strange is that Tarrio is claiming that he was actually an FBI informant. And it seems that he wasn’t alone, as there are claims of FBI agents being embedded in the Proud Boys that day.

“According to a Friday report from CNN, while an FBI agent has testified that she only knew of two informants with the group during the incursion, evidence presented by prosecutors indicates that there were over a dozen FBI informants in the group on Jan. 6, 2021,” Golden wrote. “The five Proud Boys being charged with seditious conspiracy — Tarrio, Zachary Rehl, Ethan Nordean, Dominic Pezzola and Joseph Biggs — have all pleaded not guilty.”

“In CNN’s Friday piece, they talked to a woman named Jen Loh who has been in touch with several Proud Boys now on trial for seditious conspiracy, talking with the members of the far-right group and their defense counsel about the case and suggesting possible witnesses and attorneys who could help,” he continued.

“All the while, Loh was also a paid FBI informant,” CNN went on to say.

Loh, who is a former member of the Latinos for Trump organization, spoke with the network saying she had “mostly” communicated with the FBI about the Proud Boys’ antifa opponents and walked away from the agency after it was determined that her testimony at the trial would only complicate things.

The communications she made with the FBI started in 2018 and the government states that she was an informant from April of 2020 to January of 2023. However, Loh says she only received one payment from the FBI. The payment in question was for security footage of her being harassed outside her home by individuals she said were “antifa types.”

CNN then declared that Loh had “participated in Proud Boys text chats and had extensive communications with one of the defendants in prison. She also suggested starting prayer groups with the defendants’ family members, according to defense counsel.”

“The role of confidential human sources, or CHS, on Jan. 6 has become a central focus in right-wing circles, where conspiracy theorists assert that Jan. 6 was a trap to make supporters of the former president look bad,” CNN noted in its article.

Golden then penned, “Yes, those wacky conspiracy theorists — who have taken note of the fact that there seem to have been an awful lot of FBI agents inside the group at the time, and yet the FBI had no inkling that there was a seditious conspiracy afoot on Jan. 6, 2021, which is what the government is alleging.”

“It’s clear from the exhibits and testimony that prosecutors have shown during the trial that law enforcement had several people within the organization reporting back information. One exhibit in the case suggested that there were more than a dozen FBI informants in the Proud Boys around the time of Jan. 6,” CNN continued.

Golden stated that it’s not clear whether Tarrio who claims to have been working with the FBI was one of them. During testimony given earlier by FBI Agent Nicole Miller, it was revealed that she was only aware of two informants with the group while the incursion at the Capitol was happening. One had gone to the Capitol and reported back to their handler. The other was staying with Tarrio outside of Washington.

However, during the actual trial, defense lawyers asserted the FBI is concealing the identities of the other informants who can confirm that the incursion or “insurrection” as the left likes to call it, was not planned.

“Not a single CHS told the government that there was a plan for Jan. 6 that Proud Boys planned to storm the Capitol,” Sabino Jauregui, Tarrio’s lawyer, went on to state.

“If this is true, we’re left with a quandary: Either the FBI had thoroughly infiltrated the Proud Boys and were too incompetent to gather intelligence about an ‘insurrection,’ or the Proud Boys — awful though they may be — were simply among the many who marched to the Capitol after then-President Trump’s speech to find it inadequately secured with law enforcement forces willing to get out of the way as if they were matadors faced with a bull,” Golden divulged.

“Furthermore, how many of these Proud Boys were encouraged by other assumed compatriots who were actually government informants? The government isn’t going to say — and yet, when determining intent in matters of seditious conspiracy, this is of paramount importance,” he added.

It should go without saying, but it’s very, very troubling to hear the government itself suggest there were dozens of human assets mingled within this group during the time the incursion at the Capitol occurred. Could the whole thing have been the result of FBI agents purposefully stirring things up in order to cause chaos and make Trump and his followers look like domestic terrorists?

Well, we’ve seen the weaponization of the FBI on numerous occasions over the last few years so it seems like a possibility.

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  1. It’s amazing how stupid people like mushroom dummy, william lavoie and the other liberal filth have become folks .

    Explains their hero 0bama and 0bidens criminal behavior being swept under the carpet so to speak .

    Then , we have the fake ELon Musk ,a real loser indeed, whose spent more time in jail than the greatest potus ever #45 Donald John Trump .. facts folks !

  2. Soon sleepy joe biden and his hero hussien 0bama will be joining their followers to prison for their multiple crimes against the United States of America.
    As if we need more democrat followers in our prisons. Just imagine their hero ,0homo attempting to break rocks with a sledgehammer with those female wrists …

  3. Soon trump will be joining his followers in jail. The world can see his blatant criminality for what it is, and he is deservedly heading for a prison cell. As a wealthy member of the elite he’ll get easy time though, when natural justice demands either the death penalty or the rest of his life breaking rocks. Shame.

    • Sure and Joe Biden is honest as George Washington too . Can’t hide that Trump Derangement Syndrome can ya loser ?

    • What exactly is his “blatant criminality”? Define, please. This reminds me of some man-on-the-street segment I saw many months ago on TV where a reporter asked some guy if Trump should go to jail and his answer was “Absolutely… for all his crimes, blah blah.” Then when the reporter asked him to name some of the crimes, the guy literally was speechless, as he could not name one thing, then got super flustered and ended with “”I’m not talkin about this anymore, I’m outta here”. Elon needs to answer, but he won’t of course.

    • Karyn: this fake elon is just another loser with Trump Derangement Syndrome and a lousy attitude towards Americans in general .we call them progressive liberal trash here in Virginia . You know , real losers that whine constantly ,and of course pretend to be someone important such as the real Mr. ELon Musk .

  4. James Comey , Peter Strzok , Lisa Page , and Andy McCabe proved years ago the FBI was corrupted .
    Should they not be in a federal prison by now folks ?

    Why does the media treat these criminal traitors as celebrities folks ?

  5. It’s not surprising that the feds infiltrate a terrorist group like the proud boys. In Ireland the peace process came about in part because the British secret services had infiltrated the IRA and the various Unionist terror groups to the point where they could barely function. They’ll have operatives in BLM, Qanon, anti fascist groups and the Southern Baptist pedophile rings. They have to be able to monitor the various extremists so they can neutralise the threats these groups pose to ordinary hard working Americans.


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