Border Patrol Makes Startling Admission

( Exclusive) – The crisis that has been unfolding along the southern border of the United States where millions of illegal aliens over the course of the last several years have basically just trotted into our country has caused significant issues, including a spike in crime, a mass consumption of resources, and logistical problems.

Well, it looks like things are even worse down there than we originally thought. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is enjoying one vacation after another, relaxing on the beach, soaking up some sun, ticking off wildfire victims in Maui. It’s a hard life, but hey, Joe Cool is on the job, so there’s nothing to worry about, right?

“On Tuesday, the New York Post reported that the U.S. Border Patrol made a shocking admission about the role it has played in this summer’s surge of illegal immigrants into the country,” The Western Journal’s Peter Partoll noted.

It seems the Border Patrol actually, and very much literally, opened the floodgates wide at the border in Arizona as a response to forecasted heavy rains. I know, I know. I’m thinking the same thing. How can people be this incompetent? It’s almost impressive.

Illegal aliens wasted no time whatsoever in taking advantage of the opportunity they had been gifted by streaming across the border without any problems. Embarrassing.

“According to the Post, about 1,400 of them are walking through the open gates every day, making that particular border sector the busiest in the country. The Border Patrol and its parent agency, Customs and Border Protection, initially tried to deflect blame for the fiasco, but now they are taking responsibility,” Partoll stated.

“USBP makes the final decision on opening gates based on operational conditions and forecasted weather,” the agency said in a comment delivered to the Post.

The CBP attempted to explain the situation, going on to say that opening up the gates was just a temporary measure taken to prevent damage from rising flood waters.

“High water flow combined with excessive sediment and debris buildup can stress or comprise the design integrity of the barrier,” the department remarked. “Once the rain or flood event is over and the debris and sediment are removed, the gates can be closed and secured.”

But Brandon Judd, the current president of the National Border Patrol Council is not buying what CBP is selling.

“Those gates should never open up. What would be the reason for it? Why would you do it?” he asked with no shortage of anger.

“Because the cartels are constantly surveilling what we do, the moment something gets left open, it gets exploited,” he continued. “In this particular case, it exploded almost immediately, which shows you how adept the criminal cartels are at exploiting any weakness at any time.”

It is straining credulity to suggest the Border Patrol and CBP did not know that opening these gates would lead to illegals flooding into the country. We might as well send out written invitations and lay out the welcome mats for cartel members at this point.

How about we wait until there actually is a flood and then open the gates? It seems incredibly stupid to just leave them open for weeks at a time and not expect thousands upon thousands of illegals to waltz over the border.

And, true to form, the Border Patrol and CBP have been engaged in pointing fingers at one another like a pair of three-year-old siblings concerning who is to blame for the extremely bad decision. Which basically means we have no idea who is really at fault for the situation and who should take responsibility for fixing it.

One thing we do know for sure is that the gates need to be closed. Now.

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  1. Ronald Reagan once Said “A Nation that Cannot Control our Borders, is NOT a NATION”!!

    Ronald Reagan once said: If we ever forget that we are “ONE NATION UNDER GOD“, then we will be nation gone under!!

    George Washington is RIGHT “It is impossible to Rightly Govern a Nation without GOD and the HOLY BIBLE.”!!

    ( Mark 3:25 KJV ) “And if a house DIVIDED against itself, that house cannot stand.”!! UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL USA and ISRAEL!!

    Please PRAY for out Judeo-Christian Nation USA and Israel and our Christian Earth!! “Pray Without Ceasing.” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/


  2. 81 million Americans voted for this “Vegetable in Chief “ folks ?
    Yeah , right , and 0bama is as honest as George Washington too !

    • And the borders are secure, Joe Biden never ,ever spoke with his son about his business, 0bama never had a scandal and Michael 0bama is a woman .


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