BREAKING: Headlines Now Call For Investigation Of Bidens

( Exclusive) – For the second time this year, Democrats have managed to orchestrate an indictment against former President Donald Trump, which will have him making a court appearance related to his alleged handling of classified government documents. Meanwhile, there is an increasing number of editorials popping up all over the media asking why President Joe Biden is not the focal point of a similar investigation, along with other members of his family?

It’s a really good question. Especially since more and more evidence is presenting itself to prove that Biden and his troubled son, Hunter, were potentially involved in an influence peddling scheme while our current commander-in-chief was serving as vice president in the Obama administration.

Bob Unruh from WND pointed out a headline from the Washington Examiner that was written by Elizabeth Stauffer, which read, “Let’s apply the Jack Smith standard to Biden and Hillary Clinton.” Smith, of course, is the special counsel who was picked by the very partisan attorney general, Merrick Garland, to help cook up some sort of charges against Trump in order to remove him from the 2024 playing field. It’s the weaponization of federal law enforcement, right out in the open, before the eyes of the American public.

And don’t be fooled. They have done this out in the open for a purpose: intimidation. Leftists want their opposition to be silenced.

Stauffer went on to say, “I read the Department of Justice’s indictment this weekend, and yes, it was a mess. Frankly, one can easily imagine former President Donald Trump ordering the movement of storage boxes from one location to another (and back again) and even waving a ‘senior military officials” attack plan in front of a writer for dramatic effect. Reckless? Yes. A violation of the law? Maybe. As corrupt as Hillary Clinton’s mishandling and destruction of classified material? Or the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling operation? Not by a long shot.”

“One need not defend Trump’s behavior as outlined in the indictment to point out that the Justice Department’s charges in this case are the result of selective prosecution. Consider, for example, the many cases of rule-bending and breaking that the DOJ has turned a blind eye to at Trump’s expense,” the author’s commentary continued.

She then wrote, “In March 2019, Fox News obtained a copy of an internal FBI chart created during its ‘Midyear Exam’ investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server when she was secretary of state. The following comment appeared next to 18 U.S. Code 793 (f), the section of the statute most applicable to Clinton’s case: ‘NOTE: DOJ not willing to charge this; only known cases are Military, cases when accused lost the information (e.g. thumb drive sent to unknown recipient at wrong address.)'”

“Call me crazy, but Clinton’s use of a private server, her subsequent deletion of more than 33,000 emails that were under subpoena with BleachBit, and the destruction of her personal cellphones with hammers sure sound like violations of 18 U.S.C. These measures go well beyond ‘gross negligence,’ which was how then-FBI Director James Comey described Clinton’s actions in the first draft of his exoneration memo,” Stauffer added.

The Washington Examiner writer then cited the briefing that was given to former President Barack Obama concerning the complete and total fabrications back in 2016 invented by Deep State Democrats to create a false narrative about Trump colluding with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton, a now twice-failed presidential candidate.

And, of course, there’s the FBI document that allegedly contains details about then-Vice President Joe Biden receiving a $5 million bribe from a foreign national from Ukraine in order to use his political power and influence to remove a prosecutor investigating an energy company in the country known as Burisma. Oh and Hunter Biden, his drug addicted, womanizing son, just happened to be on the board.

She then noted, “In other words, a corruption case against the Biden family is on the verge of exploding. These are serious, damning allegations that, if proven, could cost the president much more than reelection.”

Unruh then pointed to another headline that declared, “Biden family business needs its own special counsel.”

That particular story, which said “Washington Examiner” for the byline, stated, “Perhaps the worst argument against indicting former President Donald Trump is that the Justice Department failed to pursue strong cases against the Clinton and Biden presidential families. The right answer isn’t to let Trump skate free but, without ignoring political realities, to hold serious presidential corruption to account. This certainly applies to the obvious malfeasance of the Bidens.”

The article cites the “significant credibility to claims of corruption involving President Joe Biden himself.” In fact, it then goes on to explain “that Mykola Zlochevsky, the Ukrainian owner of the Burisma energy company that hired then-vice presidential son Hunter Biden to a lucrative board position, reportedly called Joe Biden ‘the big guy’ during discussions of what reputable sources call a $5 million bribery scheme.”

Other “reports are significant because they more directly link Joe Biden himself to what can only be described as massive influence-peddling — whether legal or illegal is to be determined — by multiple members of his family,” it added.

The piece then provided a quote from Andrew C. McCarthy, who formerly worked as a very high-ranking federal prosecutor who remarked, “The telltale signs of illegitimate business are reticulated payment arrangements featuring shell companies, complex banking channels, and money transfers to people with no clear — and sometimes no plausible — connection to the provision of goods and services. Such practices are strongly suggestive of money-laundering. … This is what one sees with the Biden-family transactions. So far, House Republicans have shown the use of 20 limited-liability companies for transferring funds — 15 of them established by Hunter while his father was vice president.”

The outlet divulged, “The obvious common thread is that none of it makes any sense for the foreign officials unless Joe Biden himself was lending a hand on desired policy outcomes.”

It seems pretty clear, at this point, that Democrats are going to great lengths to try and protect President Biden. They have weaponized various federal agencies to use against the American people to ensure that Biden gets another four years in office and that they win as many political offices as possible in order to push forward the dismantling of our republic.

Meanwhile, Biden, who might or might not be a true believer in Marx like many of today’s younger Democrats, continues to make himself rich by abusing the power he’s been entrusted with as the commander-in-chief. Deplorable.

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  1. Progressive liberal trash with Trump Derangement Syndrome investigating the greatest potus ever #45 Donald J Trump while ignoring the “true” criminal family sponsored by the left’s hero Hussein 0bama ..the Biden Scum .

    Today’s progressive liberal filth will defend the indefensible with their corrupt media.. count on it folks !

    • We can always count on todays dumb downed progressive losers to defend 0bamas corrupt vice potus “sleepy Joe Biden “ .

      Yea ,president Donald John Trump is guilty and their 0bama is as honest as George Washington too.

      Loons / democrats / progressives/liberal trash!


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