BREAKING: Trump Makes Huge NRA Announcement

( Exclusive) – While the country is still in shock over the senseless massacre that occurred at an Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, the left is shamelessly pushing gun control that will stop exactly zero crime.

Even though we don’t even know the full story of exactly what happened and who exactly the teen is that opened fire on defenseless children is (aside from the fact that he was mentally ill), Democrats are wasting no time turning this tragedy into a political tool.

They know time is ticking on their opportunity to kill the Second Amendment and go after Americans’ guns and they aren’t about to waste a second.

Part of their strategy, of course, involves going after Republicans who support the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to bear arms as if Republicans have caused this tragedy and others like it.

One of the left’s favorite targets is the National Rifle Association, which just so happens to have its annual convention scheduled for this weekend in Houston. Speakers Friday night include a range of high-profile conservatives such as President Trump, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, and Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

Liberals’ heads are literally exploding over the event:

Trump, however, was undeterred by the unhinged whining of the left. On his Truth Social account, Trump asserted that Americans need to talk about guns and that’s why his planned appearance at the NRA event is all the more important.

He announced he planned to keep his commitment to attend the event and said, “America needs real solutions and real leadership in this moment, not politicians and partisanship,” Trump wrote. “That’s why I will keep my longtime commitment to speak in Texas at the NRA Convention and deliver an important address to America. In the meantime, we all continue to pray for the victims, their families, and for our entire nation—we are all in this together!”

It doesn’t make any sense for Trump to cancel his appearance at the NRA event as if the NRA is somehow responsible for this latest devastating mass shooting.

President Trump recognizes the need to be reasonable and the need for civil discourse on the matter. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is dead-set on taking guns from Americans, period.

In an address Tuesday, Biden went the route of righteous indignation to push the radical left’s anti-gun agenda.

Just a reminder, the left does not care at all about “safety,” just like they don’t actually care about “equality.” The only thing the left cares about is disarming the American people under the guise of safety so that they can accomplish their deranged, evil agenda without the threat of patriotic uprising.

Americans will be sitting ducks if the left successfully disarms us and it’s important not to lose sight of that fact.

While Biden attempted to stress the importance of gun control, he botched the delivery, as per usual, and ended up receiving a lot more criticism than praise.

Biden tried to imply that Americans are only armed because of the efforts of the gun lobby rather than it being a God-given right as supported by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson summed up Biden’s speech saying, “Far from advancing the gun control cause, Biden diminished himself again,” and added that he showed he was “unfit for leadership of the country.”

Biden isn’t alone in his calls for gun control. Rabid anti-gun zealot Beto O’Rourke attempted to hijack a news conference being held by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott but was shut down. In the end, he too only proved he is unfit for leadership.

Meanwhile, Trump’s announcement has been the most reasonable and sensible statement made on the matter. America needs “real leadership” and less “politicians and partisanship.” Too bad the Democrats are incapable of either.

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  1. I just read and article ,”Vehicles crashing into Nebraska crowd kill 2, injure 19,” . interesting after several such incidents taking place where people are killed when vehicles are driven into a crowd of people I did not hear the democrats screaming bloody murder and demanding that vehicles be banned.

    To go after inanimate objects to be taken away from law abiding people, is like banning all pencils for miss-spelling words. We have really stupid people in congress to go around blaming inanimate objects for what unwise sick people do with them. To abandon God in our schools ,homes and personal lives and accept the or socialist CRT mind set that teaches people ,or set up their attitudes, to be indifferent or hostile to the people around them. Of course there will be terrible outcomes. We have more fights in the schools and I note that the latest killing sprees were done by student age people who had been taught the CRT poison.

    As I have noted, we have the dumbest people running the country in the democratic hate America party.

  2. This article just illustrates how America is the most fu&ked up society in the western world, the country is insane, a country that priorities Guns over children ,
    The problem is Americas dysfunctional and depraved relationship with Guns but nothing fundamentally changes , it’s a sick society, too many politicians are on the payroll of the NRA , this should be a partisan issue, the author of this article is a sick individual with no awareness of the horrors of parents losing children, trying to deflect it to the democrats, the author of this article who ever he is go go and burn in hell

    • The same old, worn out and useless liberal arguments here. Even an electric powered vehicle can be a ‘gun’, Quinn. Remember the lunatic running over people with a car? It is evident that education is necessary for those folks weirded out by the 2nd Amendment who have no clue to why it is part of the Constitution. The ‘sick society’ Quinn speaks of here thrives in the democrat run cities like wonderful Chicago, LA and all the other crime ridden cesspools governed by failed, liberal ideas. From WMD: “Guns didn’t cause this tragedy. But a good guy with a gun sure ended it.” New gun laws will do nothing to stop crime or mass murders. Why don’t we enforce laws already on the books against violent criminals? Crimes are almost always committed by repeat offenders that Democratic district attorneys allowed back on the streets. Instead of useless new laws, why don’t we make mass murder (the killing of two or more) a DEATH PENALTY crime. If convicted of mass murder, there are no appeals, and the convicted mass killer is executed the next day by firing squad. End of story. That’s the way to deter more mass shootings. Education and morals, Quinn, that’s what is lacking in this country ….. education and morals … ever hear of The Ten Commandments?

    • John , you’re always right with your comments. Today’s progressive liberal trash is just that , liberals speak the same garbage over and over , liberals are the last ones to take advice from , particularly on morals !

    • You’re an absolute communist led idiot. Go back to North Korea or China or wherever it is you think is better and be done with it. By the way, if you wake up and identify as a woman in your new choice of dictatorships, be careful not to let the authorities in on your little problem. They may show you what it means to be a freak under their rule.

    • A criminal will use any means necessary to carry out their crimes. It doesn’t matter if guns are banned, the criminal will still be able to find one. Almost all black on black shootings involve stolen guns. Very few black thugs actually legally buy the weapons they use. Average law abiding citizens need their guns to protect themselves and their families from the criminals. Look how things went back during prohibition when they tried to ban alcohol. Didn’t work. People that wanted alcohol still got it. Will be the same with guns.

    • All sick society’s have progressive liberal trash too quinn, can’t deny that NOW. Can ya ?

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