Busted! Biden’s Homes Appear To Contain The Kitchen Appliance His Admin May Ban

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The Biden administration is once again proving they are the very epitome of elitist left-wing buffoons as they are considering a ban on gas stoves, which, by the way, both of President Joe Biden’s homes have in their kitchens. How many times do we as Americans need to see the blatant hypocrisy of the Democratic Party before we say enough is enough and stop supporting these folks? With everything we have experienced over the last two years, there should never be another Democrat elected to the White House again.

Richard Trumka Jr., a top Consumer Product Safety Commission official who Biden nominated to the position, recently spoke with Bloomberg at the start of the week and revealed that banning the manufacture and import of gas stoves was “on the table” if they “can’t be made safe.” But the president’s home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has a very upscale kitchen “any gourmet chef would die for” that also seemingly has a gas-powered stove, according to Long & Foster Real Estate. The home was purchased by the Biden family for $2.74 million back in 2017, reports Jack McEvoy of the Daily Caller.

“Back in September 2020, first lady Jill Biden shared a picture of herself cooking spinach on a gas stovetop at what appears to be the Bidens’ family home in Wilmington, Delaware. Months earlier, Mrs. Biden posted photos of herself and her husband coloring Easter eggs in that same kitchen. The Bidens’ gas stovetop features prominently in one of the photos,” McEvoy wrote.

“Trumka told Bloomberg that gas stoves, which are present in 35% of American households, represent a ‘hidden hazard’ to families in the wake of recent studies, one of which attributed about 12.7% of childhood asthma cases to the appliance. Trumka stated in December that a complete ban on gas stoves was ‘a real possibility,’ The Hill reported,” McEvoy shared.

Industry officials, along with public health experts, have disputed the claims made in the studies linking asthma and gas stoves. Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, highlighted the fact that the Bidens’ own a gas stove at their Wilmington home.

“Rules for thee, but not for me,” he said in a tweet.

“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization previously declared that the levels of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and soot released by gas stoves are linked to respiratory illnesses and other health concerns, according to a January 2022 study published by the American Chemical Society. At the same time, the EPA has stated that a properly ventilated kitchen equipped with a stovetop fan ‘greatly reduces exposure to pollutants during cooking,'” McEvoy noted.

The thing is, households that have electric stoves have fires 2.6 times more often than residences with gas stoves, as per a report published by the National Fire Protection Association. That kind of flies in the face of the narrative being pushed here, doesn’t it? The house fire death rate in households featuring an electric stove was 3.4 times higher than those that used gas appliances.

Trumka went on to say that the Consumer Product Safety Commission was not “coming for anyone’s gas stoves,” in a tweet published on Jan. 9.

As of this writing, the White House has not responded to requests for comment made by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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  1. The Freedom Caucus doesn’t have the likes of Sam Briton , Rachel Levine , Barney Frank,and Pete Buttigieg for some reason .
    Why is that folks ?

  2. American men are becoming pregnant by swallowing each others’ Jizm? Wow, things have really taken a turn to the bizarre over there. It does explain all the weird behaviour of the freedom caucus I spose. Pregnancy in men places a great strain on their sense of common decency.

    • Today’s American liberal actually believe men can have babies and there are about 26 different sexes .
      Yes , they are fricking crazy stupid indeed !

  3. Then we see Slow Joe sitting next to a very warm fireplace funded by US , the American taxpayer.
    This progressive trash is completely crazy folks !

  4. Rich Trumka…to be clear it is only for new products and not coming after anyone’s gas stove. Well, what if my gas stove needs to be replaced then I won’t be able to replace it with a GAS stove your freakin moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Then you’ll need to have a union electrician to install a 220V supply line for your new “ Electric “ stove , thanks to the Moron in Chief Sleepy Joe Biden .

  5. Folks, I dont know of anyone that does not want clean air clean water and protection from pollution, But the GREEN NEW DEAL PROPONENTS have gone completely insane, This has reached epic proportion in stupidity around the world, Its no longer about Climate Change its now come down to power and control, The policies being pushed and in some cases implemented have not even been thought out and the serious side is that those pushing these policies are not even abiding in them, The knee jerk reaction is a disaster policies being proposed without any consideration of the consequences, The plain and honest truth is fairly simple, Our nation and nations around the world simply are not prepaired for the changes, It will take years more like decades to implement changes that are being pushed around the world, Then we have nations that are not and will never be compliant, Let us not forget the simple and honest truth there are those pushing this agenda that are making millions of dollars embracing this agenda while at the same time ignoring the very policies they are endorsing, Im all for clean water, clean air and reducing emissions but there are proper and scientific methods of achieving those goals and its certainly not by insane ideas and proposals being pushed by those that want us to be compliant while they ignore their own proposals.

  6. Too many folks listen to the wrong news entities. Too many rely on the likes of MSNBC, CNN and other untruthful outlets. These folks need to be educated or at minimum convinced to watch Fox or Newsmax even if only part time for a beginning. At this point I’m thoroughly convinced that these folks aren’t even aware of the fact that their current pres is lying 100% of the time though we ARE seeing many that are beginning to see such.
    I also believe that this year will eventually be a “not so swell” one for the dems and they are going to be dealt some heavy casualities. I also feel that there WILL be repairs made to a lot of the damage that this “wanna be” third world shit hole dictator caused and that the Constitution will remain the “Law of the Land” once again.

    • I apologize for the “at”. I’m completely baffled how that got there. Most likely my haste to post.

  7. The Climate Hoax perpetuated by today’s progressive ignorant trash. Yet their dishonest heroes 0bama and Biden live the good life on the beaches of America.
    Hypocrisy at its finest while the tree huggers whine about clean air . My suggestion for libtrash…stop breathing ..the world would be a better place for all .

    • It’s becoming easier and easier to spot the bots round here. Are any of these posters even real Chop? I sometimes suspect that it’s actually you, posting under different names to make it look like a conversation involving others, rather than one you have with yourself and William Lavoie.

    • Stay in Europe Dopey, they need more losers than ever ya know ?

      BTW Dopey , your gay partner spells his avatar william lavoie while you and the other filth MISSPELL the greatest president’s name ever Donald John Trump correctly.
      Don’t swallow to much , men can become pregnant now ya know ?


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