Candace Owens Responds To Trump’s Vaccine Comments, Points Out Something HUGE Critics Are Forgetting

( Exclusive) – President Trump did an interview with conservative personality Candace Owens on Tuesday and during part of the interview, Trump explained to Owens that he believes the vaccines are both safe and effective.

“Oh no, the vaccines work,” Trump said. “The ones who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take the vaccine. But it’s still their choice. And if you take the vaccine, you’re protected.”

“Look, the results of the vaccine are very good, and if you do get it, it’s a very minor form. People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine,” he told Owens.

Trump is either bold-faced lying or he’s completely and totally oblivious to the real facts and data regarding the vaccines. It’s not true that only unvaccinated people are ending up in the hospital from COVID and then there’s the tens of thousands of adverse reactions and deaths being reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

The mainstream media, of course, has been ignoring any stories involving the negative aspects of the vaccines.

The reality is, these vaccines just aren’t what Trump or Biden have made them out to be and the American people seem to see it more clearly than either of them.

RINO Meghan McCain took great delight in watching Trump “school” Owens on the vaccines and took to Twitter to express it.

“Trump schooling Candace Owens with facts and logic regarding getting the vaccine is really a sight to behold. Credit where credit is due and I hate the guy.”

Naturally, Owens didn’t take too kindly to McCain’s post and responded with real facts and a thorough Instagram video (watch here).

Owens slammed McCain over the fact that she clearly isn’t all that concerned about health issues considering McCain is clinically obese.

Ouch. Owens isn’t wrong though.

In her Instagram video, she also defended Trump’s support of the vaccine, citing the fact that he’s just from a different generation as to why he trusts the vaccines are working.

“People oftentimes forget, like, how old Trump is,” she told her Instagram followers. “They came from a time before TV, before internet, before being able to conduct their independent research.”

“Everything that [Trump’s generation] read in a newspaper, that was pitched to them, that they believed that that was a reality,” Owens said. “And one of those things was, you know, this push for vaccines and believing that people were going to die without vaccines. And so, I believe that his support of the vaccine is genuine, and it’s not based on any corruption at all.”

Owens also asserted that Trump gets his news from the mainstream media rather than alternative sources of information.

“Believe it or not, I do not believe that Trump reads or partakes in any other news sources. I don’t believe that Trump is on the internet or that he necessarily uses the web to try to find obscure websites. I think that he just relies on typical mainstream sources. So, I don’t think that there’s anything evil going on there.”

“But he needs to have a larger conversation to really understand what’s going on and why so many people are just horrified.”

There may be some truth to Owens theory but while Trump does watch and read mainstream media he also reads conservative news outlets and has even discussed stories from alternative sources on social media.

President Trump is likely just not willing to throw the vaccines that were a result of his efforts under the bus just yet. Let’s keep in mind, Trump was the only Republican candidate in the 2016 election to be brave enough to question the current vaccines and discuss their link to autism.

President Trump is no stranger to the potential harm vaccines can cause.

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  1. Truly, no one here really understood WHY Trump supports the pseudovaccine.
    Not even optimistic Owens.
    Trump is the antichrist incarnation of satan, and the satanists are afraid of the STORM which satan/Trump mentions, which is going to come. The satanists are who gave the Christians false names for the Most High so they can kill them off. This, and the genocide by “vaccine” and religious persecutions and gun-owner pogroms will serve the satanists to do their HOLOCAUST of christians and non-satanists (middle) as a sacrificial offering to satan/Trump.
    So how can satan/Trump, the lord of death (baal-zebub), disapprove of their offerings? He even godsped it with warp-speed. (god means demon in hebrew)

    COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey is a masterwork. It exposes the predators’ use of science, medicine, psychology, ideology, government, economics, globalism (World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset/United Nations Agenda 2030) and possibly transhumanism to defeat the rest of humanity, their prey. We must join our brave, freedom-loving heroes, like Dr. and Mrs. Breggin. (Go to to order the book, 651 pages with 1,107 endnotes and index.)

  3. Vaccine manufacturers have no liability. That is a problem considering that tyrants want to own us again. We are at War. So what is this Jab? Does it undermine your bodies ability to resist cancer? Does it contain graphene that slices tissue, causing micro-clots? Does it coagulate the blood, causing heart failure? You don’t know.

  4. I’ll give President Trump a pass on this one. Fauci and his Chinese cohorts fooled every one of the world leaders. Other than that slip up, he did a great job of running this country and put us back on track to being successful and a true super power. People like Sen Teacher attack Trump and his supporters while ignoring Biden’s screwups and his close ties to communist China.

    • All three Melanie, his Son and he got covid, technically he didn’t need the vaccine as he was immune due to getting covid. If he took the vaccine he did the same as a lot of people who got covid and got the vaccine too. We still don’t know how to actually kill covid because China hasn’t still given us all the information or DNA or biological makeup of the virus and of course biden is not forcing China in any way to make them to finish giving us the makeup of the virus. As for Trump lying where is you proof he did or did not get the vaccine and why do you care when he is no longer president and we get to now listen to biden everyday doing all the lying a person can do everyday and night.

    • Why does today’s progressive liberal trash continually lie and expect reasonable folks to believe them mSDgp5 ?

    • They all took it. They are sociopaths who only look out for themselves. Of course they got jabbed, why wouldn’t they? All the negative stuff is for internet’s gullible ‘researchers’. All medical procedures have potential side effects including vaccines of course but statistically there are very few with the Covid jabs. I know literally hundreds of people who’ve had them and not one death or serious illness has occurred, so why would I believe some website created by someone I don’t know and will never meet over my own personal lived experience? It used to be called common sense, then the internet got involved and removed peoples’ capacity to think for themselves. Trump was vaccinated as soon as he could get it, because even he is not prepared to risk his life just to please you guys.

    • Listen to fake teacher .. it knows everything about nothing and an expert at running its mouth about nothing of value .
      A friend of william lovehole too !

  5. No excuses for President Trump. I do not trust him — at all. He was complicit in setting the stage for January 6th “rioting.” He is part of the vaccine push. He installed many of the “speed bumps” he encountered in his office who prevented him from accomplishing “efforts.” Since the turn of the Century, he follows the pattern of catastrophe happening during Republican leadership leading to further diminishing of individual human rights (Patriot Act, mail-in balloting, and COVID mandates) followed by Democrat leadership to drive the nails home. His use of social media to make himself appear less presidential is willful and intentional compared to his austere and sober presentations in Home Alone, The Men Who Built America, and The Apprentice. Too many “mistakes” are present to be considered coincidental or accidental.

    • Lots coming out about Jan 6. Twice Trump’s offer on National Guard rejected. The Epps character seen exhorting the crowd was an FBI informant. He was arrested and unlike the other arrestees was released the next day. Whistleblower officer guardsman say the Generals involved lied about the whole incident. This witch hunt is dead.

    • PhinAl: Don’t care if you don’t trust, Trump nobody has to. He did his job as president despite all the rinos and democrats lying and accusing him and using our law system of stuff Trump never did. The democrats and rinos were doing exactly what they were accusing Trump of. As for his social media or Twitter, I loved actually knowing just what our president was doing every day. In the past we never knew what the president was actually doing unless a war broke out and than Japan had to attack Pearl Harbor to make the president say that our govt knew war was coming. With Trump we knew what was going on. That is what democracy is about, the public knowing what is going on and the president being responsible for assuring the public this and that are being handled. Why do you think the president is the president, it’s about his/her relationship with citizens not parking themselves in the WH and not letting us knowing what is going on in our own country or letting us know only what the president wants us to know llike biden is doing.

    • This is fantastic news. The former faithful are finally seeing Trump for what everyone else saw straight away. That he can’t be trusted, and will betray everyone eventually when it helps or suits him to do so. We in Europe know how dictatorships happen, when millions of people lose faith in their systems and up pops some convenient former nobody to tell them what they want to hear. Before you know it they consolidate control by doing away with the tools of democracy, as very nearly happened at the Capitol in the 6th. Notice how trump wasn’t there? Of course he wasn’t. Dictators get grunts to do the actual fighting then pop up and reap the rewards.

    • Uh fake teacher…it’s today’s progressive liberal trash in our society that CANNOT be trusted . But you keep thinking the same BS doesn’t make true you know ?

      Have you ever thought about having your TDS treated ? Get a job maybe ?

    • Lin Roberts : even today’s ignorant progressive trash have buyer’s remorse with the “Crash test” dummy Joe Biden . Their Trump Derangement Syndrome has overloaded their tiny brains .
      See fake teacher’s misguided rants for examples .

    • Is that you Pelosi? Why don’t you use your real name? Maybe because you’re barking at the moon and you’re trying to hide your true identity. Go back to your basement PhinAI and feed your TDS some more Crack.


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