Chris Christie Breaks From GOP Pack… Goes For Mutilating Kids

( Exclusive) – Say, folks, did you know that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie threw his hat in the ring for the GOP presidential nomination? Most people probably had no idea, so don’t feel bad if you weren’t in the know. There doesn’t seem to be much of a media presence for Christie at the moment. Well, until now. However, the kind of attention he’s getting might come back to bite him as he’s alienating a huge portion of the Republican Party voter base.

According to The Epoch Times, Christie recently stated that he believes transgender surgeries designed to mutilate the genitals of minors in order to help them “transition” to the gender they identify as, along with hormone blockers, should be allowed as long as the child’s parent consents. That’s a pretty huge break from the vast majority of other Republican Party candidates.

“While governor of New Jersey, Christie signed into law a measure that allows self-identifying transgender minors to use the bathroom that accords with their professed gender identity. That proposal advanced amid national debate over whether transgender people should use opposite-sex bathrooms, particularly biological males using female bathrooms,” the report said.

A number of states in the U.S. have already passed bills that restrict access to these kinds of surgical procedures for minors as the number of underage individuals in the country who have started to question their gender identity continues to climb. This could be indicative of a sort of social contagion, meaning that kids who are impressionable are seeing all of this propaganda about being transgender and think it’s trendy so they too become trans and decide to get these procedures. However, once the procedure is done, years down the road, they regret the decision.

Unfortunately, at that point, there’s nothing that can be done to reverse it.

“States with laws that limit transgender procedures include Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. Similar legislation is pending, having been approved by at least one state legislative chamber, in Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, and Wyoming. In total, 33 states have at least a pending bill addressing the topic,” The Epoch Times noted.

Many who have slammed these surgeries for minors say those who are underage aren’t developmentally equipped to make a huge decision like this, making the case that the procedures that are commonly used, such as double mastectomies and chemical or physical castration, coupled with hormone blockers, are permanent, thus they don’t take into account the potential that later on a child might become comfortable with their actual, biological gender.

However, those who are in favor of transgender sex reassignment surgeries say that this particular procedure is the best way to treat the mental condition known as gender dysphoria, which is the subjective feeling that your “true” gender doesn’t align with what you were “assigned” at the time of your birth.

Christie attempted to take a squishy, middle-of-the-road kind of approach to the issue, suggesting that he would allow such procedures for minors so long as parents were okay with it, stressing the critical role that parental involvement should play in making this sort of life-altering decision.

“Many Republican governors across the country have been banning hormone therapy and puberty blockers for transgender people under 18 years old,” anchor Jake Tapper remarked during an episode of CNN’s “State of the Union.” “As governor of New Jersey, you signed into law some legal protections for trans people, including students. What do you make of your fellow Republican governors and candidates going in the opposite direction?”

Christie answered, “Jake, what I believe we should be focused on most importantly in these issues, is making sure there’s parental involvement and every step along the way. I don’t think that the government should ever be stepping into the place of the parents in helping to move their children through a process where those children are confused or concerned about their gender. And I just would say the parents are the people who are best positioned to make these judgments. And so what I’d like to make sure each state does is require that parents be involved in these decisions.”

“The fact is, that folks who are under the age of 18 should have parental support and guidance and love as they make all of the key decisions of their life. And this should not be one that’s excluded by the government in any way,” Christie asserted.

Christie’s position on this hot button topic has put him at odds with a few of the top dogs in the current GOP primary race.

Former President Donald Trump, who as per almost every poll taken at this point, is far, far ahead of everyone else in the field, has promised to “defeat the cult of gender ideology” as a critical component of his platform. He would also “protect children from left-wing gender insanity,” remarking that he would attempt to punish doctors who perform these surgeries on underage people.

“No serious country should be telling its children that they were born with the wrong gender,” Trump boldly declared. “Under my leadership, this madness will end.”

The only person even a little close to Trump is Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis who has been taking on gender insanity in his state for some time now, having signed a piece of legislation into law that would prevent teachers in school from talking about controversial topics related to sexuality and gender in the classroom with students younger than 10.

“More recently, DeSantis signed into law a comprehensive package that limits access to transgender procedures and opposite-sex bathrooms. That bill sought to define biological sex, describing a female as ‘a person belonging, at birth, to the biological sex which has the specific reproductive role of producing eggs’ and a male as ‘a person belonging, at birth, to the biological sex which has the specific reproductive role of producing sperm,'” The Epoch Times explained.

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