COVERUP: The Mysterious Death Of Obamas’ Chef… Including Unidentified Woman With Him

( Exclusive) – At this point, you have to sort of wonder if former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama are purposefully attempting to create conspiracy theories around the very suspicious and still unclear circumstances surrounding the death of the family’s personal chef, which occurred back in July. The things they continue to do and the evidence that is being uncovered is certainly not doing much to dispel notions that they were somehow involved in the man’s untimely demise.

Now, don’t get my words twisted up. I’m not saying they did for sure, I’m just saying things look really suspect for them and matters continue to look more obfuscated as time goes on, which is not a good look for the former commander-in-chief and his blushing bride.

Joe Saunders, a reporter with The Western Journal, went on to write, “As the Boston Herald reported on Tuesday, the office of the Massachusetts Medical Examiner last week officially ruled the death of Tafari Campbell an accidental drowning, but so little information has been released about the circumstances that First Amendment advocates and conservative critics are engaged in an outcry over what is still being withheld.”

And, as Saunders noted, there’s quite a bit here that would make even the most skeptical, fair-minded observer cock an eye-brow dripping with suspicion.

“Campbell, 45, was found dead July 24, a day after disappearing while paddle boarding in Edgartown Great Pond near the Obama estate on tony Martha’s Vineyard,” the article continued.

What makes the situation even more tragic is that Tafari was married with twin sons, who will now have to grow up without their father and his influence in their lives. That is a devastating, soul crushing loss for young children. However, you might be wondering, don’t drownings happen all the time, even in rich, upper class areas? Of course they do. Being famous and blessed with a fat bank account doesn’t make you impervious to death. There are millions of ways to die after all.

Saunders continued, “The story could be told in day, causing a ripple in the ebb and flow of the news cycle, but then left largely to the friends and family who survived to carry on the important business of living, while the rest of the country moved on. Instead, it appears that a veil of secrecy has dropped over the death, shrouding what should be simply mundane details in an aura of mystery.”

Law enforcement officials investigating Tafari’s death still have not identified the female individual who was seen paddle boarding with the chef. At least not publicly. The Daily Mail reported that she’s known to have been another member of Obama’s staff.

The toxicology report, which would indicate if drugs or alcohol might have played any sort of part in the death of the professional chef, is yet to be released due to laws in Massachusetts.

“If Tafari was inebriated or suffered from some sort of medical condition that made it impossible for him to save his own life, the public hasn’t been informed, and that’s a major question,” the report said. “Even people who can’t swim will struggle mightily to keep themselves alive, and 100 feet, under the calm conditions needed to go paddle boarding in the first place, should have been do-able for a man who knows how.”

It’s that particular mystery that is providing fuel to keep the conspiracy fires burning, as it seemingly indicates what happened to Tafari was more than just an accident. And before you start to accuse me of being a member of the tinfoil hat brigade, hear me out and allow me to explain.

“First Amendment advocates and media representatives told the Daily Mail that the authorities need to come clear — for instance by releasing the 911 call which the Daily Mail reported was made by a Secret Service agent to report the potential drowning,” Saunders wrote in the article.

“The 911 call absolutely should be released,” Robert Bertsche, general counsel of the New England Newspaper and Press Association, remarked during an interview with the Daily Mail in an article that was released last Thursday.

“So should the other details about the now-completed investigation by state or local authorities. That’s not merely the law – it’s a sound public practice …” he continued. “By refusing to disclose the investigation details, the police have spawned a cottage industry of rumor-making and malign speculation.”

“It’s natural for members of the public to ask: ‘What do they have to hide?’” Bertsche added.

One reason so many folks are asking that question is because we all know that if the tables were turned and a drowning of an individual with deep ties to former President Donald Trump took place, the news media would be all over it, never allowing the story to have time to breathe. There would be non-stop think pieces hitting all over the United States.

Federal law enforcement would be weaponized and then sent out to interview family and friends who knew the deceased, hounding them relentlessly until they cracked under the pressure and provided the media with the sound bites they were craving, repeating over and over that what they were revealing was information the public had a right to know.

With the shoe on the other foot, the left is desperate to keep things private and as quiet as possible, a grace they would not afford conservatives.

“The name of Tefari’s companion, in particular, is of public relevance. She apparently witnessed the incident first-hand and apparently tried to reach Tefari to help. A simple accounting for why she was unable to do so shouldn’t be that hard. And before we get into pearl-clutching about stoking rumors about the 45-year-old man paddle boarding with a woman half his age, there’s nothing on its face that suggests impropriety on its face,” Saunders stated.

What reason do the political powers in Massachusetts have for keeping the identity of the woman who was seen with Tafari a secret? What is the federal government afraid of? You can bet if they are trying to keep things “hush, hush” they are up to no-good.

Tom Fitton, the president of conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, asserted that the American people deserve to know the full story, especially as it concerns the identity of the woman who was seen with Tafari and what kind of coordination there’s been between state and local investigators and the Secret Service.

“It’s simple information. What’s the state secret about this other than to protect Obama, to protect him from embarrassment or having to answer questions on this,” Fitton went on to say about the situation, according to a report published by the Daily Mail. “This is why people don’t trust what they’re told about cases such as these.”

“What otherwise looks to be a simple tragic accident becomes something else because the government withholds information improperly to protect a politician,” he continued.

Saunders goes on to point out that Bertsche declared authorities in Massachusetts are notorious for being far too tight-lipped when it comes to providing the general public with information. He revealed that the group known as the Center for Public Integrity gave the state an “F” grade in 2015 when it came to equipping and sharing information with the public. Then, in 2020, the Boston Globe launched a successful lawsuit against the state for failing to obey public records law.

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  1. Not the only covering up Obama has initiated. For the Bidens, selling out America has been a family business since 1973 and he has covered for them.

  2. Hey folks , if you haven’t seen it Tucker Carlson recently interviewed the left’s hero 0bama’s former lover Larry Sinclair on X ( former Twitter) .

    Of course Sinclair has been described as a conman with an extensive criminal record, yet this hero isn’t.

    How many “Larry Sinclairs “ are willing to come forward with their details with this hero 0bama ?

    Little william lavoie should know FOR SURE !

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  3. Reminds me of Ted Kennedy’s lover, 28 year old JoAnne Kopechne who also drowned “accidentally “ in his car.

    It goes without mentioning, the left’s hero Barry 0bama will always claim he wasn’t involved with this “ accidental “ drowning either. Maybe his partner Michael could be involved. Who knows with today’s progressive trash folks ?


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