Donald Trump Is Asked If Ron DeSantis Would Be His VP. The Answer Is Telling

( Exclusive) – Before Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis officially announced he would be running for president, many conservative voters were hoping for a presidential ticket in 2024 that would feature former President Donald Trump with top billing and DeSantis as his right hand man. That hope seemed to be dashed to pieces after the announcement, a reality that Trump has more or less confirmed in a recent interview on the Todd Starnes Show podcast, according to a report from Florida’s Voice.

During the interview, the former president said that DeSantis being his vice president isn’t likely, though it’s not entirely impossible. Personally, I think having both men on the ticket is a fantastic idea and would bridge the gap between voters who are not as keen on voting for Trump a third time, ensuring that we have the ability, without a doubt, to be victorious over Biden or whoever the Democratic Party ends up running.

“I don’t like saying anything is like, impossible, but it’s pretty unlikely, I would think,” the former president stated, The Western Journal noted.

“Trump suggested DeSantis’ decision to challenge him for the Republican nomination may have cost him a chance to receive a vice presidential nod,” WJ writer Richard Moorhead penned.

“I was very surprised that he did,” Trump responded, per Florida’s Voice, to the governor’s decision to run for the Oval Office. “Without that, it would have been a distinct possibility.”

The former president has not at all been shy about pointing out that he played a significant role in helping DeSantis to get elected as governor a few years ago, which is true. Trump has a lot of pull and sway with the GOP voter base, so when he backs a candidate, people usually support them because they feel whoever he picks will be similar in nature, principle, and style to him.

Trump declared in a post on Truth Social that DeSantis wasn’t fairing well back in 2018 during his gubernatorial race as he was 31 points behind Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. Trump held three fairly big rallies in support of DeSantis and he ended up pulling out a big win.

Thus, Trump feels a little betrayed by DeSantis tossing his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination.

DeSantis has referred to Trump’s attacks as being “juvenile,” going on to add he doesn’t think Americans want that kind of thing happening in the White House, stating that the former president’s conduct is likely why he isn’t president today.

It’s critical to note this is simply the nature of politics. Candidates vying for the same position, regardless of party affiliation, will attack each other. However, you can almost guarantee beneath all of the campaign rhetoric these men value one another and the contribution the other has made to the cause of liberty.

Regardless of who wins the nomination — it seems almost guaranteed it will be Trump or DeSantis, the rest of the field doesn’t even come close to having the level of support these two do — our country will have excellent leadership choices. Both men love this country and will stand up boldly for the principles that our nation was founded upon.

Both are fighters who will strike back at the liberal madness saturating our culture. What more do you need?

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