Fed Up With Biden… Green Berets Team Up With Massive Plans For Congress

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – It seems the list of everyday Americans who are quickly growing sick and tired of Joe Biden’s total incompetence as a leader has been growing exponentially ever since he stole the office of president from Donald Trump thanks to the efforts of the Democratic Party.

On Memorial Day, a United States Army Special Forces veteran has decided to take some action and do something about the mess we find ourselves in thanks to the horrifically bad policies of the Biden administration.

A report from Fox News has revealed that Green Beret Jason Bacon has officially launched the Green Beret PAC on Monday.

Bacon previously ran for a seat in Congress and stated that this PAC will be geared toward giving a helping hand to other Special Forces and conservative veterans who are currently in the running for a spot in Congress.

“It is no coincidence that we are launching on Memorial Day, less than a year after we witnessed the Biden administration’s failed leadership contribute to the loss of American lives in Afghanistan,” Bacon went on to say in a news release, according to the report from Fox.

“It is imperative that we elect real leaders to Congress with the knowledge and experience to prevent this kind of travesty,” he said.

According to The Western Journal, “Bacon said Biden’s disastrous handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal proved the president is unequipped to make military decisions for the country. In contrast, he said, many of the veterans who are running for Congress have already proven their qualifications on the battlefield.”

“Green Berets have spent years implementing U.S. Foreign Policy on the ground,” Bacon’s statement continued. “They are warrior-diplomats, who have learned foreign languages, understand foreign cultures, and have lived among local populations.”

“They have a breadth of experience that surpasses that of a typical Congressional candidate. We are proud to support these outstanding candidates for Congress,” he added.

The Green Beret PAC then announced that it was endorsing eight Green Beret veterans who are now running as members of the GOP for Congress in the midterm elections.

“In the House, they are Tyler Allcorn in Colorado; Jay Collins and Mike Waltz, an incumbent, in Florida; Christian Castelli and Pat Harrigan in North Carolina; Derrick Anderson in Virginia; and Joe Kent in Washington,” the WJ report revealed.

“In the Senate, Don Buldoc, a retired brigadier general, is running in New Hampshire. The PAC also endorsed Eli Crane, a former Navy SEAL who is running for Congress in Arizona. Christopher Miller, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces colonel and former acting U.S. secretary of defense, was chosen as the chairman of the board for the Green Beret PAC, Fox reported,” WJ stated.

During an interview that was conducted by ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos in August 2021, Biden refused to admit that he could have handled the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan better.

“We’re gonna go back in hindsight and look, but the idea that somehow there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens,” Biden told Stephanopoulos.

“In the same interview, Biden promised to get all American citizens out of Afghanistan. Just 15 days later, he announced the war in Afghanistan was over despite admitting ‘about 100 to 200 Americans remain in Afghanistan with some intention to leave,’ Fox News reported,” the WJ report said.

Out of all the massive mistakes Biden made during the Afghanistan debacle, the breaking of his promise to bring home every single American was the most shocking to the vast majority of veterans.

“What’s really troublesome and almost frightening to know is that we have a commander in chief who does not see the imperative of bringing the Americans home,” retired Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin went on to tell Fox News back in September. “That’s a longstanding ethos, not just of the military, but of America.”

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  1. EVER SINGLE ACCOMPLISHMENT of the demorates has been to destroy the USA ASAP! PLUS they are doing a great job at it! So good, I’m getting tired of always being on the loosing side!!! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAD BETTER WAKE UP AND I MEAN NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is it so hard for people to understand THERE WILL NOT BE A ELECTION. They stole the last election, now that they have the power they will not give it up

  3. About the only ones that aren’t appalled by this disaster in the oval office are those who voted for him. They were the same ones in my time that ran to Canada or spit on servicemen and called us baby killers like the cowards they were. They were always in groups, you know, like these antifa shitheads.

  4. Strategy of the corrupt is revealed in a quote. Did not Obama tell the country that a good economy is not coming back yet President Trump brought common sense and good management back to America and people prospered?
    The truth is revealed in this statement from Biden following the same crooked path of Obama. the tactic is the same for every issue, Just change the content issue and the misleading/lying continues.

    “Pretty much everything this administration has done … is either designed to increase illegal immigration” {Gas prices, inflation, violation of second amendment} “or to pretend like they’re doing something about the problem when in fact they’re not. This will actually do both,” Fahey said of the rule.”

    “. . . pretend like they’re doing something about the problem when in fact they’re not.”

    Every thing this corrupt administration says needs to be accompanied with this clarifying statement.

    • Pelosi and Psaki both slipped and said they were continuing the obama agenda coupled with the statement from Obama himself saying he didn’t want a 3rd term but would like to run the show behind the scenes thru someone with an earpiece. everything that is happening Is what Obama wanted to do but couldn’t till now. Biden, who is severely cognitively impaired, will be left holding the bag and never even new he was a stooge to the globalist agenda. shame on his wife for letting him get abused this bad. ultimately biden, the demonrats, and the billionaire elitist are evil .

  5. The majority of Americans are appalled and disgusted with the fast track of the
    Biden administration and democrats to run our country into the ground, giving criminals and illegals the “right of way ” over citizens. We are fully aware of the criminal families, Clintons, Obamas, Kerry and the Bidens, but the justice department defends and protects these criminals having lost their value of knowing the diference between good and evil.



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