Former WH Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Makes Serious Declaration About Upcoming Elections

( Exclusive) – One of the things we often hear during an election cycle is how important the one we’re currently in is, how historic, and other kinds of rhetoric that is usually designed to motivate folks to get out to the polls and participate in one of the foundational elements of our republic. However, most of the time, it’s just bluster.

That’s all changed now.

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has come out and stated there’s absolutely no doubt that the midterm elections going down in November are the most critical in the history of our nation, says a report from WND. And there’s a lot of reasons to believe he’s right on the money.

Look at how devastated our economy is thanks to the failed policies of Joe Biden and his administration. We have record high gas prices, the cost of food and other goods is so expensive that folks are having a hard time affording basic necessities that just over a year ago were no problem to pick up.

During an interview with Alicia Powe on Red Voice Media, Bannon went on to say that Democrats are attempting to create a huge distraction with the raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, the rounding up of more than 50 of the former president’s closest allies, and by demonizing everyone who is supports the policies of the Trump administration as “domestic terrorists.”

“We can’t let them divert us from our mission,” he stated during the interview.

He continued on, saying that what we need to do now is “very simple.”

“We have to bring everything to bear to destroy the Democratic Party at the ballot box on the 8th of November,” he remarked, explaining the steps conservatives need to take. “And that is our mission. There is no substitute for victory.”

It’s odd, but every time we have critically important elections, it’s hard to get enough Republicans in the country to rally together at the polls to cast a ballot and effect real change in the country. We as conservatives love to complain about the nation going to hell in a handbasket, but how many of us actually lift a finger to actually do anything?

Not many of us.

We can’t afford to be so lazy this time around, folks. It’s time to stop complaining from the comfort of our couches and get in the game. There’s not a single politician alive that can help fix this nation. It’s up to the people of the United States to stand up and take action. It’s a team effort. All of those diehard conservatives running for office right now can’t represent our interests in the government unless we put them there. Get to the polls this November. Show the Democrats we are united together in the cause of liberty. No more excuses.

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  1. The 2020 Corrupted and Fraudulent Presidential Election MUST be Overturned!!! The Process of Securing the Integrity of all Future Elections Can Only Be Achieved by doing so!!!! There Seems to be More then Enough Factual Information to Overturn the 2020 Election!!! This MUST Be Done to Preserve Our Honest Right to Vote, But to Save America!!!!

  2. Yeah, this election is that important but consider the whole problem. Biden was put in place because he’s an incompetent boob at the end of his usefulness. Those responsible for this disaster are behind the scenes and make Biden do exactly what they want.
    Those that we elect to represent us are basically just as criminal as Biden. They lie their ass off to get our vote and then commit to their own agenda usually resulting in an incredible increase in their bank accounts. They are not there to make our country better but help the democrat communists tear it down. This is the tyrannical government our founding fathers warned about and even gave us instruction of what to do about it. Unfortunately, our founding fathers didn’t envision just how greedy and corrupt people would become. Neither did they think that those responsible for teaching our children would become just as corrupt as the government and implement their dumbing down America plan.
    No, the only thing stopping them is the thought of having we the people remind them who they really are and why they’re where they are.

    • The founding fathers only had two genders to address , now with today’s screwballs (progressive trash) in our society, who in the hell knows how many genders there really are ?

  3. A red wave would be a disaster for the country. It is a slippery slope from one party domination to a one party authoritarian banana republic.

    • You are misguided and obviously listening to ‘left’ propaganda. We are living RIGHT NOW, TODAY in a time of Biden’s banana republic led by a useless, worthless, failed moron. The democrats are what you call a ‘one party domination’. These failed stooges of socialism/communism were lost, dumbfounded when Trump fixed the economy. Your ‘authoritarian’ banana republic, made up of an unbelievable mix of incompetent freaks, has been here from the beginning of dopey Biden and his unqualified weirdos. He needs impeached, thrown out of office. Never in history has a more stupid, liar, dimwit fool ever been in charge.

    • The disaster is in our Whitehouse, you know the Vegetable in Chief Joe Biden , your hero .Only the left will claim a loser a winner. There’s your disaster!

    • SIR, I really dont think you have a clue as to what is happening in our country at present.We sir are in very serious trouble and if the present administration along with those that support them remain in power and control we as a nation are finished. Have you sir taken a look or stopped to think about the destruction that has occurred in our nation since Biden and his cronies have taken control? Inflation is at a 40 yr high, Our southern border is wide open in spite of what the present administration says, Our energy independence has been destroyed, Drugs are pouring across our Southern Border, Crime is out of control across the nation especially by those cities and states controlled by Democrats, Supply chain issues that is one of the greatest factors to our present inflation, And the only solution this administration has is to raise interest rates and spend bilions and billions more taxpayer dollars.. This present administration and our present congress DONT HAVE A CLUE how to fix any of the disaster they have created
      Sir you talked about a BANANA REPUBLIC, What do you think we have now?
      We have to get this country back on track and its obvious the Democrats are not interested nor do they have the policies to do so their only desire is POWER and CONTROL, They simply dont get it THEY WORK FOR US AND WE DONT BOW TO THEM, Its time for change and the Democrat party at present is not up to the task.

  4. We hear it every election cycle that this election is more important than before, Well this time its absolutely true, If we want to stop the RADICAL SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS we have to get out the vote and remove them from office. They are absolutely destroying our country with their insane incompetent irresponsible policies. There is no doubt that JOE BIDEN is simply NOT UP TO THE JOB and its time to stop him and limit the damage he is doing to our country.
    We are faced with record high inflation record high fuel prices record high crime all across the country a wide open border that has seen more than 2 million illegals crossing our borders, Drugs coming across our borders, Foreign policy relations a complete disaster loss of respect around the world and an administration that created a total disaster leaving AFGHNISTAN, We as a nation can not survive with this kind of leadership from the Oval Office and the Halls Of Congress, THEY MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE. Time is not on our nations side two more years of this incompetence and Socialist policies and the damage may not be repairable.


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