Fox News Fires Remaining Tucker Staffers In ‘Shockingly Callous’ Move

( Exclusive) – Fox News has demonstrated once again that they are being run by a callous group of individuals, as the network gave the boot to the remaining members of former host Tucker Carlson’s staff after they announced their brand new primetime lineup, a report published by the Daily Caller confirmed.

Brianna Lyman, writing for DC, confirmed that Fox fired nine staffers, including some long-standing producers in a move that was described as being “shockingly callous” by a former producer for the company who took an opportunity to sit down and talk with DC about the incident.

“Some of the producers fired have been at Fox for well over a decade,” the producer said during the interview.

“Another former Fox producer told the Daily Caller that staffers on Carlson’s team were repeatedly told following his departure that their jobs were safe, including as recently as last week when two of Carlson’s producers left the network,” Lyman wrote. “The remaining staffers were told they could apply for any jobs throughout the company, the former producer told the Daily Caller, noting that employees who once staffed Bill O’Reilly and Dan Bongino’s show were simply reassigned on other shows after both hosts left the network.”

Staffers had a conversation with the former producer telling the individual that the firings were an “anti-Tucker move to purge any of his remaining stamp he had on the network as Fox begins the new lineup change.”

News of the firings comes as Fox officially announced that host Jesse Watters would be taking over Carlson’s 8 p.m. time slot. Watters got his start doing the Man on the Street segment for Bill O’Reilly’s show.

Host Laura Ingraham will be taking over Watters old spot at 7 p.m. while Greg Gutfeld’s popular show will move to 10 p.m. Sean Hannity will stay at his usual 9 p.m. air time.

Fox first announced its departure with Tucker Carlson out of the blue back in April, just days after it was revealed that Dan Bongino would be leaving the network. Carlson is now doing a program of his own on Twitter, which has Fox up in arms. In fact, the company is so angry over the whole thing they sent a letter to Carlson asking him to stop streaming the videos claiming its a breach of his contract, which is still in effect until January 2025.

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