House Conservative Leader Vows ‘Not Another Dollar’ To Ukraine Until…

( Exclusive) – A very important conservative voice within the House of Representatives is standing up and demanding a shift in our nation’s foreign policy that would see the U.S. stopping all aid to Ukraine until the current administration gets off its laurels and does something to secure America’s southern border. This isn’t just a matter of politics. It’s not about racial discrimination either. No, this is about national security. Keeping terrorists and violent criminals out of the country to keep our citizens safe.

“No more money to secure Ukraine’s border until we secure our own,” Rep. Jim Banks, a Republican from Indiana, stated during a keynote speech delivered at the Indiana Republican Party’s recent 2023 State Dinner.

“In an apparently unprecedented move, Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer announced at the party’s Aug. 10 dinner that Banks is the presumptive nominee for U.S. Senate. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, Banks elaborated on why he framed border security as more important to address than additional support toward arming Ukraine in its war with Russia,” The Daily Signal reported.

“The crisis at the border is the number one issue that every group of Republicans who I speak to across the state of Indiana asks about,” Banks remarked. “Hoosier voters want to know that they’re electing leaders to Congress who are more focused on solving our problems.”

The Indiana Republican thinks this is one of the big reasons that his current campaign for Senator is resonating so much with members of the GOP in his state and across the rest of the nation.

“With me, they know they’re going to get someone who’s focused on solving our own open-border fentanyl epidemic that’s killing a record number of Hoosiers—and is the leading cause of death [in Indiana],” he asserted during his conversation.

The Indiana Republican Party made an official request for the Republican National Committee to provide financial support in the open Senate primary race to replace incumbent GOP member Mike Braun, who is now running for the governorship in Indiana.

“Banks has no major GOP primary opponents, although Eric Benson, John Rust, and Anthony Tibby are also declared candidates. On the Democratic side, Senate candidates in Indiana so far include little-known hopefuls Marc Carmichael, Valerie Lyn McCray, Keith Potts, Marshall Travis, and Aleem Young,” the Daily Signal divulged. “Banks said that placing America’s southern border before Ukraine isn’t just about the dire crisis of illegal immigration, but providing accountability for spending taxpayer dollars.”

Banks continued, “At the moment, there is no inspector general to oversee the U.S. aid to Ukraine.”

”There’s no accountability for the flow of money sent to Ukraine,” the Indiana congressman commented. “With the current administration asking for another supplemental spending bill, we’re talking about well over $100 billion spent on what’s going on in Ukraine.”

And this isn’t just political talk from someone running a Senate campaign. Banks voted against a $1.7 trillion spending package back in December 2022 that would have included a $40 billion supplemental aid package for Ukraine. This is a guy who puts his money where his mouth is.

The Daily Signal pointed out that, “Many Americans have soured on the billions of dollars in financial aid and equipment going to the Ukraine-Russia war. According to a recent CNN poll, a majority of Americans no longer support the massive financial aid packages that have become common in Congress.” With our own economy already in the toilet, it’s not hard to see why so many voters have turned against the idea of sending seemingly endless amounts of money to Ukraine. Something needs to be done to end the economic woes we’re experiencing here at home.

“Either you’re more focused on what’s going on over there, or you’re more focused on what’s going on at home,” he went on to say during the interview with the Daily Signal. “As [voters] watch our country crumble from within, they’re demanding leaders at all levels that focus on that instead of focusing on what’s going on in Ukraine or around the world.”

The Republican congressman revealed that he doesn’t believe Republicans are the only ones getting fed up with the Biden administration’s lack of attention to things happening here at home.

“I think voters at large, not just Republican voters but all voters, are recognizing that America is weaker than it’s ever been in our lifetime,” he opined to The Daily Signal. So what is the resolution for this issue? Banks says it’s to focus inward on “solving the energy crisis, solving the border crisis, solving the onset of the drug crisis, solving the economic issues that we have here at home,” and to start reorienting our attention toward the threats posed by other countries such as China.

“We have to be on the side of America first—in restoring and rebuilding America—[and] then we can be the leaders around the globe that America has traditionally been,” Banks explained. “America can’t lead abroad when we’re so weak at home, and Reagan understood that. Trump understood that.”

Banks then took on the ridiculous argument that to not essentially hand Ukraine a blank check is tantamount to supporting Russia, pointing out he was a big fan of “lethal aid to Ukraine,” when former President Donald Trump was in office because there were accountability measures put in place. He then noted he himself has been sanctioned by Russia.

“I’ve been sanctioned by them for my ‘tough on Russia’ record,” Banks recounted during the conversation. “I stood with President Trump when he reversed the weak policies of the Obama administration to give lethal aid to Ukraine instead of Obama’s only sending humanitarian aid in blankets.”

“It’s clear if we keep our focus on putting their interests first, then the Republican Party is going to have a bigger election in 2024 than I think what most people are predicting today,” he concluded.

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  1. How come today’s lowlife progressive trash suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome folks ?
    Why would they support the criminal Joe Biden and his hero Barry 0bama ?

    • They’re more worried about president Trump’s life of successes obviously. Something they’ll never ,ever experience in their miserable lives .
      Read richard lees post, Reagan and Trump are bad , his hero biden and 0bama can do no wrong . How stupid is that folks ?

  2. How come they aren’t worried about our northern border which is, for the most part, wide open? Most seem to be coming from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, whose government is weak. Funny these are the same country, Reagan and the CIA helped to overthrow their government. How come when the Republicans had control of all of Congress and the White House, they didn’t do a damn thing? They don’t want to do a damn thing to address the problem. It is too valuable Politically because they can blame it on the Democrats. The Republicans are in control of the House and instead of passing a bill to address it, they are more concerned with Hunter Biden and his so-called business dealings. It is Crickets when it comes to Trump and his kids profiting off of the Trumps’ name. What bills have the Republicans passed to benefit our country?

    • How come there isn’t a vaccine for Trump Derangement Syndrome richard lee ?

      How come today’s progressive liberal trash such as yourself refuse to believe these provable criminal acts Hunter and your hero Jo Biden committed ?

      Is it ignorance combined with stupidity, or both ?

      Oh now , it’s Donald Trump’s children, that’s been raised by two parents who actually contributed to society ( something progressives disdain) is NOW similar to Biden’s crimes …Really richard ?


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