Hunter Biden’s Stripper Ex-Girlfriend Tells All

( Exclusive) – A former exotic dancer who appears naked in several of the pictures that were found on the now infamous laptop owned by Hunter Biden, referred to him as a “shady dude” in a recent interview where, according to her, the true love of the first son’s life was, at that time, crack cocaine.

Is that not pathetic, tragic, and deplorable all at the same time? Perhaps Hunter wouldn’t have turned out so squirrely had his pops been more concerned about raising his family than his political career.

“Allie Kennedy spoke to the U.K. Daily Mail in an interview published Tuesday, analyzing Hunter Biden as the lost child in his family, and the ‘whipping boy,'” Jack Davis wrote for The Western Journal.

“I truly think that he’s been lost since he was a little boy,” she professed during the conversation. “He’d say that he was the black sheep and he’d always been second to Beau. Beau is the hero, the white knight.”

The former dancer said that due to the “very deep conversations with him,” she came to the conclusion that Hunter Biden is “kind of the whipping boy of the family. I don’t think that the man was ever properly loved by his parents. I think for his father’s approval, he would do anything. I think that’s how he was stupid enough to get tied into that Russia, China, Ukraine business. He just wanted his father’s approval and love.”

That’s not surprising. Most people from affluent families don’t just wake up one day and decide to become drug addicts. It usually happens due to an emptiness in their hearts, wounds left from a parent, and that is likely what happened with Hunter Biden.

“Hunter’s a soft person and when his brother died, I think everything fell apart for him,” she continued. Kennedy then revealed that Hunter had a very scary and dangerous obsession with crack cocaine.

“He would talk about how crack was the greatest drug, more pure than cocaine. He’d say it’s not a poor man’s drug and he’d give me all these crazy facts about crack. He really loves crack. It’s kind of weird. He’d say actually, it’s the purest form. It’s way healthier for you than cocaine. I was like, ‘listen to that sentence Hunter. Stop talking,’” she explained.

The former stripper then divulged that Hallie Biden, widow of Beau Biden, Hunter’s brother, also partook of the drug.

“One night he left me and Hallie at the table together at dinner. She slid next to me and said ‘I know it looks weird. You’re probably judging me. But I never cheated on my husband.’ She wanted to make it very clear to me. I was, like, ‘cheated on your husband or not, this is your brother-in-law. This is so frickin’ weird,'” she continued.

“She told me that they started hooking up kind of like a trauma bond. She was also on crack, she was probably paranoid that I was judging her. That night she was smoking crack and saying ‘I never do this.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know girl, you look like you know what you’re doing to me,’” the former exotic dancer declared.

Kennedy noted that she met Hunter Biden due to him wanting a spray tan in his hotel room.

“He needed a spray tan at like nine o’clock at night. Now we know he was probably cracked out. I show up and it’s three girls in his room. I guess he was living in the hotel at this point. I did the spray tan, he tipped me $500. And then he gave me an extra $300 to do the other girls. I was like, oh my god, I just made $800 in 20 minutes. Of course, I took his card,” she stated during the interview.

While the two shared naked pictures with each other, she says they never engaged in sexual activity until a one-night stand that happened toward the end of their relationship. She also asserted that panic was a typical part of Hunter Biden’s behavior.

“Every time I talked to him he was in some kind of a panic about something that was going to come out in the media,” Kennedy recalled, pointing out the last time she saw him was in April 2019.

“He said he had to take me to dinner and he had to tell me something. He was acting erratic. I knew that he was back on drugs again. He comes to dinner, his daughter was there. He was running in and out, sweating profusely, on his phone the whole time and panicky,” she continued during the interview.

“That conversation was kind of like him saying, ‘this is the last time you’re gonna hear from me because my dad’s gonna be the president.’ He just begged that I didn’t try to go to the media and say bad things about him. Then I never heard from him again,” she remarked.

However, what really bothered her was that their private relationship became a public one after the contents of the laptop came out.

“That was in 2019. And here we are in 2023 and he hasn’t said a damn word. No apologies. Nothing. For him to not even try to protect me a little bit, what a scumbag!” she fumed. “After seeing the things I saw on the laptop, I’m like, ‘why did I vouch for you?’ What a shady dude.”

“I had a few guys like Hunter who I would lead on and take tips and shopping from and leave them hanging. I was able to finesse Hunter without sex because I’m beautiful and smart,” Kennedy commented.

Kennedy now works as an esthetician that specializes in spray tans.

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  1. Richard banes and william lavoie could only dream of being with Hunter the hooker banger .
    Unfortunately they prefer the weak wrist-ed gay type like their hero Barry 0bama, the greatest liar known to all.

    Yet, they support the supposedly 81 million Americans that voted for this Vegetable in Chief… really ?

    • But Doc , 81 million Americans supposedly voted for this trash . I guess this is just one part of progressivism, gotta rely on the uneducated, ignorant liberal trash .

  2. The left’s hero Joe Biden has claimed multiple times his son Hunter is the smartest man he knows .
    If he’s this intelligent , why would he leave a trove of incriminating evidence on these abandoned laptops folks ?
    Another question, how could the left’s “real” hero 0bama NOT know this ?
    Will the media ever ask their “God” …?
    It’s a given the TDS afflicted will always defend their heroes. Is that a fair statement folks ?


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