Look Who Voters Blame As They Want Government Shut Down

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The vast majority of American voters feel that the reason Washington has once again busted through the debt ceiling is because the federal government is struggling with uncontrolled spending and is okay with a shutdown until both Democrats and Republicans have come up with the budget cuts that are necessary to bring down the debt and get our nation’s finances under control. Sounds like common sense to me, doesn’t it to you? Unfortunately, the left running the country wouldn’t know what common sense is if it smashed into their faces.

Paul Bedard, a columnist for the Washington Examiner, wrote that, “According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, voters also believe that Congress, the White House, and federal agencies are to blame for the problem, not Americans paying too little in taxes.”

“Overall, 56% would support a ‘partial’ shutdown to bring the budget into line, nearly twice the 34% who don’t. And on the blame issue, even more, 66%, believe the debt is high because of ‘politicians’ unwillingness to reduce government spending.’ That was three times higher than the 21% who blamed taxpayers,” Bedard continued.

People are clearly fed up with the mismanagement of their tax dollars by the federal government. This is something that has been going on for a long, long time now. Which is why there are so many individuals who are complacent about the situation, having known no other way. But this is something that should not be. Our leaders need to learn the meaning of the word “budget,” so they can create one that is within our means and then stick to it.

There are so many areas of spending that can be cut, starting with all of the wasteful research projects that basically exist for no other reason than for funneling tax payer dollars from the wallets of hard working Americans into the pockets of politicians looking for a way to get wealthy without producing any sort of meaningful product or service that benefits the citizens of this country. We can move on to the salaries of those serving in Congress from there. Like I said, there is plenty to cut that would significantly reduce spending.

“The government hit the $31.38 trillion debt ceiling last week. Republicans have been pushing for spending cuts, while Democrats are trying to eliminate the cap to allow unlimited spending and borrowing,” Bedard reported. “President Joe Biden has so far refused to engage in negotiations, leaving his administration to take action to stall a government shutdown.”

“The media has played along with the administration in warning of catastrophic impacts if the administration has to start partially shutting down the government. But those warnings have been heard before, and voters apparently aren’t scared by them,” Bedard continued.

Rasmussen discovered that voters are a bit more supportive of a shutdown now than they were four years ago when one seemed to be on the horizon during the Trump administration. After a brief shutdown in February of 2018, 54 percent stated that they supported it.

Members of the GOP were a bit more favorable to a new shutdown, however 41 percent of Democrats asserted that they would prefer that to raising taxes more. When even the Democratic voters in the nation are sick and tired of spiking taxes, you know you’ve gone too far. A majority of Democrats, 52 percent, declared that they agree politicians are the ones to blame for the massive increase in debt.

“Federal workers are also against a shutdown, worried about losing pay. But after past shutdowns, federal workers have received back pay even though they were on furlough, though outside contractors do not get paid for not showing up in the office,” the article concluded.

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    • Agreed Jim. All America has to do is withdraw all of the military bases and personnel it has spent decades posting around the world to defend its interests overseas and bring them all home. Ceding global control to Russia and China is a small price to pay.

  1. We all know all too well the Welfare and Food Stamp department will NEVER be shut down .
    Can anyone imagine the violence and riots if that were to happen ?

    Of course defund the police , the losers dream .

  2. I read about our VP, Harris. who, along with other office holders, gave an oath to defend the laws of our country are ,once in office, advocating violation of the second amendment. Why do idiots vote for these betraying people who says they will defend and suppot the Constitution, but are openly advocating and working to violate the Constitution? Where do they get these empty headed voters?

    • And never forget Camala Harris our Vice potus donates to a fund to post bond for her fellow liberal trash criminals to get out of jail ! Crazy ,isn’t it ?
      Upholding our Constitution doesn’t really mean much to today’s democrat. They’re liars just like their hero 0bama.

    • The people didn’t vote for them! The Kabal installed them. The voter fraud is rampant and until average citizens step up and demand a one day, in person election (make it a National Holiday) with paper ballots all hand counted by local precincts by several members of each party with security cameras smack in the middle watching every move, then we will continue to have “selections”, not “elections”….. and you can kiss the USA good bye! The machines are where they cheat….. and they use mail- in ballot scheming, ballot harvesting, etc. to justify their fraudulent totals. Even tons of Dems were crying about getting rid of the voting machines back in 2018 because they are so easily hacked. Of course, they figured a way to use them to put keep their party in offices everywhere, so now they are silent in this issue. Disgusting!

    • Do you believe they need IDs to stay on food stamps and Welfare ? But to today’s progressive trash it’s an insult to require an ID to vote .

  3. Hi Chopper,!thought I’d pop by and see what you guys were thinking about for his George Santos guy. Typical lying gayboy Democrat huh? Absolutely. What? He’s a Republican? Wow. Just wow.

    • He sure is fake Elon , kinda reminds me of your hero 0bama doesn’t it ? You do KNOW your hero won”Liar of the Year” twice right ? Yeah , a real true blue homocrat libtrash swoon over and over for unknown reasons . It must be the great ability to LiE to your sheep, huh gayboy ?
      As for Santo , he was voted in by the voters just like your hero Ohomo too , remember that’s fact gay boy,which no one can deny .

    • Are you saying that a democrat/socialist has never lied ??????? I thought we were taking about politicians – it’s all lies on both sides

    • He’s saying Santos is his kind of man ..you know ..wink wink ,an 0bama worshipper carrying the rainbow flag with Sam Briton and william lavoie type .
      Apparently CongressMan Santos won his district by whipping a democrat incumbent, this surely upsets the fake Elon and the other progressive trash to no end .


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