Peter Strzok Destroyed After Claiming FBI Had ‘No Choice’ But To ‘Reluctantly’ Investigate Trump

( Exclusive) – Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok, the shameful human being who attempted to help the Democratic Party paint up a false narrative that then-presidential candidate Donald Trump was somehow colluding with Russia in an attempt to sway the election in his favor, recently made the claim that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had “no choice” but to “reluctantly” look into Trump, during an online scuffle that exploded after he made a response to the reporting of New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

Now, to be completely honest, Haberman is most definitely not a conservative. However, in this very surreal moment, we have a reporter actually returning to the roots of true journalism and doing authentic reporting by presenting the facts of what is going on without telling folks what kind of conclusions they should be drawing about the information being set before them.

This is very refreshing.

“The unsealed portions of the Trump search warrant affidavit underscored the degree to which Trump’s lawyers have been unable to fend off so far the ongoing effort by the DOJ to press ahead with an investigation,” she stated in a thread posted on Twitter. “The Trump team and DOJ are speaking fundamentally different languages. To wit, a message sent by Trump through an intermediary to Garland about taking down ‘the heat’ left senior DOJ leadership befuddled,” she added.

“In another example, the Trump team has conveyed that they quickly complied with a request to put a stronger lock on the door to a basement storage area. But the letter from DOJ says nothing about a lock and reads much more like a warning than a request,” Haberman went on to say, surprisingly revealing details most of the mainstream media outlets have conveniently left out, according to a report from BizPacReview.

“The classified documents taken from the White House ‘have not been handled in an appropriate manner or stored in an appropriate location,’ the letter read. ‘Accordingly, we ask that the room at Mar-a-Lago where the documents had been stored be secured and that all of the boxes…’ she stated in a post on Twitter.

“…that were moved from the White House to Mar-a-Lago (along with any other items in that room) be preserved in that room in their current condition until further notice,” Haberman continued.

“During the Aug. 8 search, the F.B.I. found additional documents in that area and also on the floor of a closet in Mr. Trump’s office, people briefed on the matter said,” the New York Times journalist asserted.

Apparently, Haberman presenting the facts of what really went down didn’t sit too well with disgraced former FBI agent Strzok, because he immediately responded to her posts, clearly frustrated.

“Stop it. This is wrong. The unsealed portions of the Trump SW underscore the unprecedented degree the govt repeatedly tried to accommodate the lawless behavior of Trump, extending him courtesies no one else has ever enjoyed. Reluctantly, DOJ had no choice but to investigate,” he bloviated, ripping into the New York Times reporter.

Mike Cernovich, a political commentator, also ruffled Strzok’s feathers and the two of them started sparring on the social media platform.

“The only conviction resulting from FISA related matters was when a high level FBI lawyer pled guilty to fabricating evidence in a warrant application,” Cernovich tweeted.

Strzok replied with one word.

“False,” he said.

Cernovic then retaliated by saying, “It’s absolutely true. Mueller went through everyone’s life with a fine tooth comb. No Russia stuff. Michael Cohen was caught for tax evasion in the medallion scam. Manafort was tax issue. Kevin Clinesmith, your FBI colleague, fabricated evidence in a FISA warrant. Facts.”

It seems Strzok is having a bit of a bad week or something, because he lashed out again saying, “It’s absolutely false. Trump’s DNI declassified conversations with the Russians that his national security advisor plead guilty (twice) to making false statements about. While pardoned, he is – and forever will be – a convicted felon. Facts.”

The tweet is a reference to former Gen. Michael Flynn, who many folks feel was the victim of a setup by former FBI Director James Comey.

Regardless, conservatives were merciless toward Strzok and they let him know all about it.

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    • Timothy Thibault , another corrupt, disgraced former FBI agent has been exposed for the same crimes Strzok committed against all Americans.
      Election Fraud is a crime , stealing elections is also a crime , unless you’re a liberal democRAT that is .

    • For the record, this A-hole has lost every challenge for his termination for being the scumbag he is .
      He should be in prison for his crimes against America!

  1. I watch and listen and it is apparent that the dems are accusing the Republicans of what they are doing. The dems are lawless and with blatant arrogance ignore the law and open our border, attempt to violate the Bill of Rights, use the FBI and other government agencies including the IRS against the American People, use our personal resources (taxes) against us to advance the corrupt agenda. There is no choice for the mid terms. Every and any democrat will vote against the countries best interest and fall in step with the corruption of Pelosi.

    Biden shut down our energy resources making everything increase in price to transportation than pretends to try to work for a solution. He violates the Hide amendment and uses government facilities for his corrupt advancement.

    Then there is the corruption of his son and family members using his position to do the biding of our enemies.

  2. This man or whatever you want to call him is a dangerous democrat/socialist who is on a mission to destroy Americans. I will NEVER trust the fbi or cia ever again because of this man and that pos women he had an affair with. It’s time to de fund the fbi and cia if we don’t they will destroy America.

    • It’s impossible to trust anyone suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, including this scum of a human being Strzok.

  3. Funny thing coming from him. Where was the same treatment of Hillary Clinton when she bleached and took hammer to her devices? What about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Uranium 1. Meanwhile Obummer still claims his tenure in office is scandal free!!!!!!!!!
    We can’t have a two tier justice system. Want to bet the 187,000 IRS agents will go after all Trump associates and supporters, hide and watch. The Republicans better clean house in 2022 or we are all screwed!!!!!!

    • Facts are always denied by today’s progressive liberal filth in our society. How dare you bring up the left’s hero Hussein Obama,the first gay person to become potus ?

      Perfect post my fellow Patriot!

  4. After being fired by the FBI Peter Strzok for obstructing justice and without work for six months , he too made millions misinforming the gullible trash who view CNN.

  5. The pattern is clear . Create a false predicate and see if they can make the mud ball stick. This joke is old, but the dems cannot come up wit a new attack. Not very bright people yet we are just as foolish because we keep them on the payroll wasting our resources and time and the world laughs at them.

  6. And the leftist progressive trash will claim James Comey , Peter Strzok and his whore Lisa Page we’re “ defending liberty “ . These defenders are world class liars with great pensions paid by the Americans they swore an oath to protect.

    They should be prosecuted and serving time in a federal prison..Not on cnn lying thru their teeth . Oh well, that’s today’s progressive liberal trash in our government


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